Simplify Your Life By Buying 4 Way Pill Cutter In 2021

Simplify Your Life By Buying 4 Way Pill Cutter In 2020

Are you struggling to take the headache out of the 4 way pill cutter? We are here to help you in this regard at our level best. 

Splitting pills is a common practice that people adopt whenever it is not possible to find a medication with a low dosage. Some people save money as higher dose medicines are expensive to buy. So, they prefer to buy an inexpensive 1/4 pill cutter to divide the pill into equal portions. 

But, you just can’t divide pills the haphazard way. This is quite important to divide pills in an equal percentage as wrong measurements can bring some serious health issues. In addition, if you take the dose of medicine less or greater than the prescribed amount then there are countless negative effects on health.

The pharmacist also prefers the same technique of cutting pill in half or four to save inventory space. Thus, it is a decent financial change, if you restore pills after splitting it into multiple portions. Manual splitting can also end into a crush or break the pills. 

It is quite trendy to use “Do it yourself” techniques but it is important to have the right multiple shape pill cutter for this purpose. Avoid the usage of scissors, cutters, and knives for this purpose. This is because they are not designed for cutting pills in quarters or half. Secondly, it can bring accidental injuries to you as well. 

pill cutter with replaceable blade is a perfect gadget for this task. This well-designed tiny device will help you in cutting a pill in half or quarters in perfect measurement. A quick accurate handy method that is available at a reasonable price. What else do you expect it to be? Go through the best pill cutter reviews and find our top 7 4 way pill cutter available in the market.

Top Seven 4 Way Pill Cutter:

ImageNameCheck Price
Equal Split Aluminum Pill Splitter
Check Price
Apex Steel Blade Pill Splitter
Check Price
Ezy Pill Grinder And Crusher
Check Price
Allex Pill Splitter Scissor
Check Price
John Bee Pill Splitter
Check Price
Apex Retracting Blade Pill Cutter
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ACU-Life Pill Splitter
Check Price

1. Equal Split Aluminum Pill Splitter

Equal Split Aluminum Pill Splitter


Key Features:

  • This best pill cutter for small round pills offers a clean and equal cut.
  • Its opposing double blades accurately control the cutting point.
  • It is available in pocket size.
  • The medically approved aluminum is used in its manufacturing.
  • It can work for all sizes of pills.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It is an expensive high quality pill cutter.

Equal Split Aluminum Pill Splitter can split tablets of all sizes and shapes. Its modern design with double blades splits the tablets into two perfect halves. A smart quick and best way to cut a pill in half. The blades are made from very fine aerospace (grade) aluminum so that the blades would not dull over time.

In order to use this pill cutter for small round pills, just put the pill in the center and spin the translucent blue lid over to close, and then press to split. Keep in mind that if you don’t put the pill in the center then it may result in 2 halves of different sizes or sometimes the pill may be crushed. For some larger pills that don’t fit in the mechanism, you can use this pill splitter rite aid without closing the lid.

According to the company, for poor eyesight, neuropathy or dexterity patients, it is difficult to use this multi shape pill cutter because pills are placed in the center by the eye.


2. Apex Steel Blade Pill Splitter

Apex Steel Blade Pill Splitter


Key Features:

  • Its V shape design offers accurate cutting.
  • The blades remain sharp for a longer period.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Pills of all sizes can be cut by this pill splitter.
  • It does not split special shaped pills.
  • It is the best way to cut pills at a reasonable price.
  • A double beveled stainless steel blades

Apex steel blade pill splitter is also used for all sizes and its use is very easy even for a beginner. Its unique V-shaped design firmly grips pills and then does the accurate cutting. It’s double beveled stainless steel blade remains sharp for a longer period and would not crush the pills into powder.

Moreover, this apex ultra pill splitter is easy to use. You just need to place the pill on the cutting platform and then firmly close the lid. For the best result make sure that the blades are not blunt. Before using this pill splitter amazon makes sure that this is not suitable for some special shapes like football shaped pills. This 4 way pill cutter allows you to see the pill as it is designed with opaque plastic.


3. Ezy Pill Grinder And Crusher

Ezy Pill Grinder And Crusher


Key Features:

  • It is the multipurpose best pill cutter for small pills.
  • This splitter is heavier than many other crushers.
  • It also includes a built-in pill storage box.
  • This crusher can also be used as a drinking cup.
  • The blade is composed of high quality stainless steel.
  • It best way to split a pill in easy to dissolve in water size.
  • It is available at an affordable price.

If you are searching for that 4 way pill cutter that crushes the pill is a size that gets dissolved in the water easier than purchase this Ezy Pill Grinder and Crusher. 

According to the company, this 4 way pill splitter works on all sizes of tablets, pills, and medications. You just need to pill on the cutter and then firmly close the lid. Its flexible arms grip the pills for accurate cutting. Above all, the blade is composed of stainless steel that stays sharp for a longer period.

Unlike many other lighter pill splitters, this pill cutters for small pills is a little bit heavier, because it also has a pill storage box and a drink cup.


4. Allex Pill Splitter Scissor

Allex Pill Splitter Scissor


Key Features:

  • It can split the larger diameter pills of 0.47 inches.
  • This 4 way pill cutter is not suitable for a shaky hand person.
  • It is the best splitter brand in Japan.
  • It is designed with medically approved stainless steel.
  • The material is resistant to rust so you can also wash with water.
  • This pill splitter rite aid cut the pill very precisely.
  • This is not suitable for very small pills.

If you want something new rather than a traditional pill cutter that cuts in quarters, then purchase this Allex Pill Splitter Scissor. Keep this in mind that regular scissors used in the home for cutting are not recommended for splitting tablets.

Allex Pill Splitter scissor is composed of medically approved stainless steel that cut the pills precisely and accurately without crushing the tablet in powder. This best pill splitter for oval pills scissors is easy to use. In order to split the pill, just put the tablet in the curved slot and press the handles. According to the company, it can split the tablet of any size including the pills having 0.47 inches of diameter.

This pill splitter amazon scissor is dangerous in use for those with shaky hands since in such case blade may injure the hands as blades are very sharp. However, it will not hold the parts of the pills after splitting so you have to catch the parts before they fall.


5. John Bee Pill Splitter

John Bee Pill Splitter


Key Features:

  • It has a built-in storing compartment for 8 pills.
  • You can use it attached with a keychain.
  • This high quality pill cutter is easy to use.
  • It has no blade guard.
  • This splitter can cut a long pill of 0.8 inches.
  • The lid is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Its special V shape slot can grip pill of any size.
  • pill splitter for tiny pills to large size pills.

If you are looking for something new and multi shape pill cutter like the Apex Pill Splitter, then purchase John Bee pill splitter. It has a special V-shaped design that cut tablets of length up to 0.8 inches very accurately. 

This pill cutter rite aid also has a small compartment for storing 8 pills. You can use this unique 4 way pill cutter with a keychain holder. It is waterproof so you need to worry about the pills got damaged if it has fallen in the water.

In addition, a new unique feature of this rite aid pill cutter is that other than half, you can also cut the pills into quarters and eighths. The blades are very sharp that easily cut the pill in your desired size. But you have taken care of hands as there is no blade guard, otherwise ultra-sharp blade may injure your hand.


6. Apex Retracting Blade Pill Cutter

Apex Retracting Blade Pill Cutter


Key Features:

  • It has a special blade guard.
  • It is ergonomically designed that fits in the palm easily.
  • This best pill cutter for quarters is available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • It has a contoured design for comfort.
  • Optical grade polycarbonate material is used in the designing of its transparent body.
  • The best way to cut pills in half, quarter, and eighths.
  • This 4 way pill cutter works for all sizes pills and tablets.

Like many other pill cutters, it also has a V-shaped design but the new feature is its blade guard. This apex ultra pill splitter is also very stylish and lightweight with a transparent body. The transparent body is composed of premium quality polycarbonate.

Like many other 4 way pill cutter, its triangular cutting slot firmly grips the pill up to 0.8 inches diameter. The blade is composed of double-beveled stainless steel that stays sharp for a longer period. 

According to the company, other than blade guard, the design of this pill cutter for small pills is ergonomically set so that it comes easily in the palm and you can use it easily without any pain in the palm.  Moreover, cutting a pill in half, quarter or eighths other than half than you gave to choose a different style.


7. ACU-Life Pill Splitter

ACU-Life Pill Splitter


Key Features:

  • This multiple shape pill cutter can cut the pill in various sizes.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • This is safe to use even for the beginner.
  • It has 2 compartments for storing tablets.
  • The blade is compos of premium quality stainless steel.
  • Its blade remains sharp for a longer period.
  • It is easy to clean and wash with water. 

In the list of the best pill-splitter, Acu-life Pill splitter is also famous for its unique plastic tablet storage box. It is simply the best way to split a pillAccording to the company, this tablet splitter is designed in such a way that it can handle tablets or pills of all sizes and cut them in half without any difficulty.

Furthermore, this ACU-Life Pill Splitter has a very simple design. Regardless of its simple box design, it has three major components. One is the pill storing box where you can place the cut pills.

This best pill splitter for small pills has a triangular guide that firmly holds the pill and the lid is supported with a stainless steel blade. When you press the lid, the blade will split the pill accurately in halves. But it is very important to align the pill properly before you close the lid.  The overall material of this 4 way pill cutter is sturdy plastic, lightweight and easy to wash.

Know-How to Buy 4 Way Pill Cutter in 2021 

Choosing a right pill cutter is very important because it’s a matter of your health and safety. Take into consideration the following aspects before investing your money. 

Prices of 4 Way Pill Cutter in 2021 

Numerous brands/companies are introducing the 4 way Pill Cutter in the market. That’s why the prices have changed a lot in 2021. Price is also a primary concern of many users so take into consideration the latest prices of recommended cutters by clicking on them. 

Ease of Use

Some 4 way pill cutters are very complicated to use. These gadgets cause inconvenience. Prefer a cutter that is simple and easy to operate. 


Make sure that the 4 way pill cutter is safe. You should read the safety measures to avoid any problems. These cutters come with fast blades that may cut your finger. In addition, precision and efficacy are characteristics of good 4 way pill cutters that need to be checked. 


In conclusion, here we write the top seven best 4 way pill cutter available in the market. We know the importance of cutting pills in quarters and a half. A small negligence can make your health affected adversely. Thus, buy a 4 way pill cutter to cut pills in equal sizes and dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions :

The best way to cut a pill in half is to use the 1/4 pill cutter. These are the best pill cutter for quarters, half and eight pieces. However, you can buy Equal Split Aluminum Pill Splitter or 3) Ezy Pill Grinder and Crusher for your personal use.
This technique is adopted by people due to the unavailability of lower dose medicines. Thus you should consult your doctor first about adopting this technique to the respective drugs.
According to our best pill cutter reviews, the following are the best 4 way pill cutter.
Equal Split Aluminum Pill Splitter
Apex Steel Blade Pill Splitter
Ezy Pill Grinder and Crusher
Allex Pill Splitter Scissor
John Bee Pill Splitter

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