Experience Pure Audio Bliss: The Best 4-Channel Amps for Sound Quality

Best 4 Channel AMP For Sound Quality - {Top 12} In 2020

Do you want a crystal clear sound of music coming out from your car sound system? If yes, then you should buy the best 4 channel amp for sound quality.

 Having a high quality sound system along with proper volume adjustment is something great to have. You can achieve a perfect sound quality from the front and back speakers by purchasing 4 channel car amp. Now the questions arise what is the best car amplifier 4 channel?  The surest way to upgrade your sound system for best lows, mids, and highs notes. Your vehicle sound system is not able to produce the sound thumping or crisp notes. Therefore, you can have proper bass thumping and crispy sound by investing your money for 4 channel amplifier for car.

 Best 4 channel car amplifier is available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and power yield. You can find the small amp for car speakers ranging from 1 to 6 channels. However, 4 channel car audio amplifier is frequently adopted sue to four speakers in cars. So, these 4 channel speaker amp can be used for 4 speakers for front and back or 2 speakers and one subwoofer. 

Types Of 4 Channel Amp Car Audio:

The first important thing to talk about these 4 channel audio amplifier is their classes or bias. Amplifiers have 4 basic classes: Class A, Class B, Class AB, and Class D. Let’s go through these classes first

  • Class A:

The huge amplifiers due to massive heat sinks installation that is why having low efficiency. Moreover, the transistors of amplifiers are always in “on condition” that makes current always flowing through these components. They generate a lot of heat while on the other hand provide high quality and clear sound. 

  • Class B:

These are highly efficient amps that produce less heat by letting the transistors off. These are compact 4 channel amp as compare to class A amps.

  • Class AB:

This class is the hybrid of both A and B biasing. The main feature of these hybrid models is that it’s current flows through always from the circuits. The number of current decreases when there is no signal. 

  • Class D:

Lastly, we talk about class D, as it is a compact and quick to install box both on the front and back of your car dashboard. 

These amps are more powerful as compare to other classes. These amplifiers can be used to lower the distortion in other applications.

 Some important features to consider while buying the best 4 channel amp for sound quality ‎:

  1. Must consider the impudence and watts per channel as it refers to the total amount of power that speakers push.
  2. The size of the best 4 channel amp for sound quality should be according to the place you want to adjust them. So, count the dimensions first and then buy. If you have a large space then buy a large amplifier for better quality sound.
  3. You should buy a compatible smallest 4 channel amp with your car stereo.
  4. The brand and company behind the best 4 channel amp for door speakers


Top 12 Best 4 Channel AMP For Sound Quality Product Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
Alpine Car Amplifier (MRV-F300)
Check Price
Rockford Fosgate 4 Channel Amplifier (P600X4)
Check Price
Rockford Prime Amplifier (R300X4)
Check Price
Hifonics Car Amplifier (ZRX616.4)
Check Price
Pioneer 4 channel Digital Series Amplifier (GM-D1004)
Check Price
Kenwood Digital 4 Channel Amplifier (KAC-M3004)
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Planet Audio 4 Channel Amplifier (AC800.4)
Check Price
Alpine Power Pack 4 Channel Amplifier (KTP-445U)
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MTX Thunder Series Amplifier (75.4)
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Infinity 4 Channel Reference Series Amplifier (REF-704A)
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Planet Audio 4 Channel Amplifier (AC1200.4)
Check Price
Hifonics Zeus Car Amplifier (ZRX1016.4)
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1. Alpine Car Amplifier (MRV-F300)

Alpine Car Amplifier (MRV-F300)


Key Features:

  • It has a compact profile good 4 channel amp.
  • This amp kit is very expensive.
  • It has the S/N ratio of 98/81 dB which not good.
  • It has the highest crossover range of 50 to 400HZ.

In the list of top rated best 4 channel amp for sound quality, Alpine is at the top of the list. This brand is making top-quality different audio equipment for many couples of years. In this best car amplifier 4 channel, the company has put its best structure to deliver great sound quality for the rear acoustic and the front door speakers.

Moreover, this mini 4 channel amp has a crossover frequency range of 50 to 400 Hz. The lower sound will be directed to woofer or subwoofer other than amps on our list. This amp by Alpine has a new feature of THD. Due to this advance feature, the small 4 channel amp will get as low as 0.03 percent and this will depend on configuration. Normally it requires 1 percent for running a 4 channel configuration.

According to the company, the heat and power consumption problems are solved by this alpine amp. It has a D class circuit with a compact profile. This best compact 4 channel car amplifier produces the background sound of 81 dB.


2. Rockford Fosgate 4 Channel Amplifier (P600X4)

Rockford Fosgate 4 Channel Amplifier (P600X4)


Key Features:

  • It is quick and easy to setup
  • It can accept both high and low input signals.
  • Have a good signal to noise (S/N) ratio of 105/85 CEA DB.
  • It is an expensive amplifier smallest car audio amplifier

Rockford Fosgate is a brand name that produces several great gears for automotive industries. Although, Alpine or Kenwood is more demanding brand companies in the market as compare to the Rockford Fosgate. But, this best 4 channel amp for sound quality by Rockford has extra ordinary performance and works for a wide range of hardware.

This model is a 4 channel amplifier for car that is suitable for a 4 way full range system or 3 way system. It produces 150 watts at 2 ohms impedance in all four channels. This multi-channel versatile amplifier empowers any audio system settings. It doesn’t require the signal converter as it can accept both low and high input signals. Moreover, the company offers a warranty of 1 year to repair any damaged parts or maintenance. 


3. Rockford Prime Amplifier (R300X4)

Rockford Prime Amplifier (R300X4)


Key Features:

  • It has features of both class A/B bias.
  • This best compact 4 channel car amplifier has 2 and 4 channel mode.
  • It has high distortion than class A.
  • This smallest 4 channel amp accepts high level RCA input.
  • It is designed with cast aluminum material. 

Choosing the right 4 channel amplifier for car is a difficult job. When you visit the market, you will find a large number of compact 4 channel amp of different brands, but you have to choose according to your needs. The R300X4 by Rockford Fosgate is a class A/B amp. This amplifier is more effective than class A but produces fewer distortion than class B amplifiers. If you are searching for a best 4 channel car amplifier that can be set as an example for both class A/B, then use this Rockford R300X4 model. 

The back side of this 4 channel car audio amplifier is equipped with different connectors like REM, GND, and B+ connector. The back side also contains the front and rare speaker level connectors. The top side only has control. Other than control, the top side also contains the 2/4 station mode selector. 

This 4 channel speaker amp offers a more crisp tone at any volume level. The frequency response rate of this amplifier is 20 to 20000Hz. It has a harmonic distortion of 1%. R300X4 has a maximum power of 600W with RMS power of 300W.


4. Hifonics Car Amplifier (ZRX616.4)

Hifonics Car Amplifier (ZRX616.4)


Key Features:

  • It has a frequency response rate of 10 to 45000 Hz.
  • It has dual 2 and 4 channel modes.
  • This best 4 channel amp for sound quality will heat up when played for a long time.
  • It has a variable bass boost.
  • It is designed with special safety features.

If you are searching for the smallest 4 channel car amp that has the properties of both Class A/B then no other option is better for you other than Hifonics Car Amplifier. This 600 watt 4 channel amp is an inexpensive 4 channel amp that is equipped with hybrid AB technology. ZRX616.4 is more suitable for those who want to enjoy maximum raw power at a cheap price.

Moreover, it is a medium size amplifier that is designed within a metal case with a total measurement of 12.6*2.4*10. The top side of this amp only has a company logo and laser-etched Zeus inscription. Some other main features include Low level RCA and PWM MOSFET power supply. According to the company, this 600 watt 4 channel amp is designed with some special safety features like thermal protection, overload, and short circuit protection.


5. Pioneer 4 channel Digital Series Amplifier (GM-D1004)

Pioneer 4 channel Digital Series Amplifier (GM-D1004)


Key Features:

  • It is rated at 2ohm.
  • It has a maximum power of 400W.
  • This best 4 channel amp for sound quality offers harmonic distortion of less than 1 kHz.
  • The frequency response rate of 10 to 40000 Hz.
  • This is not suitable for power hungry speakers.

If you are facing a problem with your class D amplifier which is too big, then Pioneer is always with you for your problem. Its model GM-D1004 is an inexpensive FD amplifier with 4 channels. The maximum output of this small amplifier is 400 watts.

According to the company, this 400 watt amp 4 channel is designed in a steel black housing with the company logo on the top side. The housing used is made with brushed metal. The total measurement of this mini 4 channel amplifier is 7-1/8*2-1/2*1-1/2.

Above all, this 400 watt amp 4 channel comes with a lot of installation options with the ability to bridge channels. It has a low and high pass crossover of 80Hz. Other important features include bass boost and MOSFET output selection.


6. Kenwood Digital 4 Channel Amplifier (KAC-M3004)

Kenwood Digital 4 Channel Amplifier (KAC-M3004)


Key Features:

  • It can be rated at 2ohm and 4ohm.
  • smallest 4 channel amplifier offers very low distortion even at maximum volume.
  • It has a powerful high and low pass filters.
  • This is not good for warmer sound lovers.
  • It offers clear sound quality.

The list for the best 4 channel amp for sound quality is incomplete without Kenwood. Kenwood is a very famous audio appliance making brand. Its products are widely used in almost every corner of the world.

This 4 channel amp (KAC-M3004) is categorized as a class D amp. Unlike other amps in the same category, it offers a maximum power of 600 Watts. This class D amp is the best amplifier for powerful setups as it offers all standard connectivity features.

Due to its smaller dimensions, it can be installed anywhere even beneath the dashboard of the car. The total dimensions are 7.5*4*1.75. Like many other car amplifier 4 channel, it also has a company name and logo on the top side with a model number. A small LED power indicator is also designed on its top side.


7. Planet Audio 4 Channel Amplifier (AC800.4)

Planet Audio 4 Channel Amplifier (AC800.4)


Key Features:

  • It has a switchable input.
  • It got heated at high gain.
  • The company offers 6 years warranty.
  • This best 4 channel amp for sound quality is bridgeable.
  • It is a full range 4 channel amplifier.

Planet Audio 4 channel amplifier offers a lot of power at a very reasonable price.  This 800 watt 4 channel amp is categorized in class-AB amplifiers which can deliver maximum power of 800 watts. It is a very compact amplifier with dimensions are 10*10*2/4.  Other than the power indicator LED, it has a company logon name and model on the top side.

It has a variable bass boost of 0 to 18dB. Some other important features include MOSFET transistors, low and high-level inputs, and short circuit and overheat protection. This mini car amplifier 4 channel offers at the low and medium sound quality. 


8. Alpine Power Pack 4 Channel Amplifier (KTP-445U)

Alpine Power Pack 4 Channel Amplifier (KTP-445U)


Key Features:

  • This small 4 channel car amp is lightweight and compact.
  • It has configurable inputs.
  • This amp can work as both 2 and 4 channel.
  • It is the best money saving amplifier.
  • It has adjustable high-low pass filters.
  • Best 4 channel amp for mids and highs

Alpine power pack 4 channel amplifier is a power superman class D amplifier. A very important feature of this smallest 4 channel car amp is that it can be connected with any other brand and head units. This amp work in both 2 and 4 channel modes.

As it is very compact sized so it can be easily installed anywhere inside or outside the glove compartment. Some important features of this model to mention here includes adjustable high and low-pass filters, configurable inputs, and minimum THD. The speaker input level goes from 0.5V-10V and RCA inputs range from 0.2V-4V.


9. MTX Thunder Series Amplifier (75.4)

MTX Thunder Series Amplifier (75.4)


Key Features:

  • This is a versatile best 4 channel amp for sound quality.
  • It has an excellent THD rating.
  • It works best only with MTX subwoofers.
  • This is the best compact class AB small 4 channel amp.
  • It comes with the smallest Foot print design.

If you are searching for a good 400 watt amp 4 channel for your full range audio setup, then purchase the MTX thunder Series amplifier. This amp is categorized in class AB. MTX 75.4 is the most sold model of the thunder series. 

MTX 75.4 Thunder series is the smallest 4 channel amplifier in current production. Like many other amps, it also has an elegant housing, power indicator and company logo on the top side. Its dimensions are 6-5/16”*12-5/8”*2-1/4”.

Due to its surface mount design, this mini 4 channel amp is resistant to vibration even when driving on uneven terrain. The high-pass filter can be adjusted at any value from 10-200Hz.  This model offers an option to bridge any 2 channels for 200W x2 at 4ohm. 


10. Infinity 4 Channel Reference Series Amplifier (REF-704A)

Infinity 4 Channel Reference Series Amplifier (REF-704A)


Key Features:

  • It has adjustable crossovers and bass settings
  • S/N ratio is quite good
  • A budget friendly small amp for car speakers
  • A worth buying infinity 4 channel amp

The infinity REF-704A conveys a powerful and fairly cheap 4 channel amp that sounds unbelievable at the same time.

According to the company, this best class AB amplifier is designed in the standard size with different bridgeable channels. This smallest car audio amplifier offers a total maximum power of 1000W with RMS rating at 400W. It has signal to noise (S/N) ratio of 86dB at 4ohm. This class AB amp offers 3 options:

  • 100W x4 at 2ohm.
  • 70W x4 at 4ohm.
  • 200W x2 into 3ohm

All the above mentioned 3 options have a THD rating of less than 1%. Besides all, this best 4 channel amp for door speakers has an adjustable bass boost and crossovers.


11. Planet Audio 4 Channel Amplifier (AC1200.4)

Planet Audio 4 Channel Amplifier (AC1200.4)


Key Features:

  • A highly efficient Class A/B MOSFET compact 4 channel amp 
  • It can take both high and low input levels.
  • Fixed crossovers for high pass and variable low pass crossovers. 
  • A warranty of 6 years by Platinum

This is a class A/B best 4 channel car amplifier that allows you to have a piece of clear and loud music. This is an efficient sound amplifier as it uses MOSFET transistors in its manufacturing. This AC1200.4 model decreases the distortion of the signals and produces an improved sound signal. Its linear circuitry can produce a powerful generated output. The impedance is quite low as 2 ohms that enable it to produce more power and more volume. Above all, it is compatible with almost all types of head units. 


12. Hifonics Zeus Car Amplifier (ZRX1016.4)

Hifonics Zeus Car Amplifier (ZRX1016.4)


Key Features:

  • It comes up with MOSFET technology that enables it to produce distortion free music.
  • It has rust resistant and well coated connections.
  • Aluminum reduces the heat sinks produced by the amplifier. 
  • This best 4 channel amp for sound quality has no issues like system overload or short circuit.

A unique featuring class A/B 4 channel amp car audio. It provides you an exceptional 1000 watts power to each channel and heat dissipation. Above all, it has a durable military grade circuit that produces a great sound quality. The less heat builds, power efficiency and quality sound make it worth buying the best 4 channel amp for the money.


Music lovers and car enthusiasts will never make a compromise on the sound quality of their woofers and speakers. You can boast in front of your friend and cousin while showing extra ordinary and exceptional performance of your best 4 channel amp for mids and highs. It’s a young generation trend to drive fast with loud music on wide roads. Make sure to have the right gear to enjoy your long drives with your partner and friends.

In conclusion, we provide a list of the top 12 best 4 channel amp for sound quality available in the market. These small 4 channel car amp are shortlisted on the basis of customer’s feedback, market analysis, sales reports, and general surveys. All the brand names used in this 4 channel car amplifier reviews are top rated and trusted. These brands will never disappoint your expectations. You can easily order these best budget 4 channel amp from a trusted online market place name as amazon.