Top 6 Best Backpacking Fishing Pole In 2021 {Review & Buying Guide}

If you love to go for adventure backpacking trips, then you must know how crucial it is to carry
the right gear at the right time. When it’s come to pack your bag for a trip, every single space in
your bag is calculated. You have to place your clothing, personal items, equipment, gear kits and
food items in a single waterproof bag.

Food is mostly a minus item in your backpacking list as adventure is all about hunt and eat.
Foodstuff is mostly heavy and smelly. People consider their trip incomplete without “Fishing”.
Smart people buy hunting equipment and fishing rods that take less space in bags. As
backpacking interest is increasing day by day in people, more companies are launching their
packable fishing gears.

A considerable thing is that we are talking about the collapsible fishing pole for backpacking
tours. Here we write a helping review to figure out one of the best backpacking fishing pole. Trout fishing rod and reels can save your bag space for backpacking fishing trips.

Top 6 Best Backpacking Fishing Pole In 2021


NameCheck Price
Triumph Portable Revolving Rods By St Croix – A Best Backpacking Fishing Pole EquipmentCheck Price
Travel Fishing poles- Okuma NOMAD - Best Collapsible Fishing RodCheck Price
Jekosen Portable Fishing RodsCheck Price
Okuma Spinning Travel Kit Vs-605-20 Voyager - Best Spinning Rod For TroutCheck Price
Sougayilang Travel Fishing Rod Combo - Best Traveling Fishing RodCheck Price
12' Tenkara Spinner Fishing PoleCheck Price

1. Triumph Portable Revolving Rods By St Croix – A Best Backpacking Fishing Pole Equipment

Triumph Portable Revolving Rods By St Croix – A Best Backpacking Fishing Pole Equipment


Fishing sound excited to everyone. One can travel miles to have an exciting backpacking fishing
trip at water pounds, rivers, and lakes. ST. Croix designed as an “engineered equipment” an
ultra-light rods and reels for fishing. An exceptional 6.6” long length best backpacking
fishing pole in terms of suitability, performance, and worth.

Triumph Best Portable fishing pole is an expensive product. Its high-quality features and
specifications justify its price. Once you are going to purchase, it will be with you forever and
ever. The good news for you is that the product comes up with a warranty of five years that
assures you its long-lasting feature. Its exceptional construction formulation makes it to stand out
in other spinning rods for trout fishing.

This product can break down into four pieces for compact packing. Don’t worry, it’s not sodifficult to make it out. St Croix provides a detail guide information booklet. Its logical locking
design is quite tranquil to work.

The reason of this product to stand as a best backpacking fishing pole is its extra fast spinning
capability. Once your fish got stuck, roll it fast to get your hands on it. Triumph Portable is an
extra fast model by St Croix.


  •  Extraordinary quality as compared to other backpack fishing rod models.
  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Complete instruction guide
  •  Extra fast flex
  •  Avoid Corrosion
  •  Light Weight and Long-lasting
  •  Highly resistant to wear and tear
  •  Shock Absorbent handles
  •  Soft Nylon Case for protection


  •  An expensive travel fishing pole, but its extraordinary features value out your money.


2.  Travel Fishing poles- Okuma NOMAD – Best Collapsible Fishing Rod

Travel Fishing poles- Okuma NOMAD - Best Collapsible Fishing Rod


Okuma fishing tackle is leading as a good company in the market. Its Okuma Nomad is
recommended by our guide as a second-best backpacking fishing pole. If you are seeking for
best ultra-light spinning rod for trout then this is a right product for you. The product is
enclosed in a waterproof bag for secure transport. The packable fishing rod can be broken down
into three pieces to place it easily in your carrier. The collapsible fly rod is made up of stainless
steel to avoid corrosion.

The packable fishing rod is build up with quality materials and care for fishing trips. The
Okuma fishing pole is easy to make and break. Its comes up with two tips one is softer and can
bend near the handle. The other tip is a little bit hard to bend.

The handles of the fishing pole are composed of EVA foam, which is designed to hold it with
full grip. The overall use of this fishing pole is comfortable and speedy. One should buy this
Okuma NOMAD fishing pole due to its ease and portable properties.


  •  Stainless Steel Rod Collapsible in 3 parts
  •  Comes up with two tips
  •  Ease to carry, Lightweight and Durable


  •  High cost is the only drawback of this best trout fishing rod and reel. Although, price is not
    a big problem, but other companies are offering the same features at reasonable prices.


3. Jekosen Portable Fishing Rods

Jekosen Portable Fishing Rods


We can title the JEKOSEN Portable Fisting rode as a “best budget fishing rod”. Its price is
round about 2 times lesser as compared to the two products mentioned above

The spinner fishing pole is made up of carbon fiber which assures that the fishing pole is strong
enough to stand. This is not a reliable product as it is medium in strength and power. The reeling
is very smooth and easy to rotate. The reeling surface is composed of ceramic friction-free

A soft padded protection wrap around the handles that makes its shock absorbent. One
remarkable quality of this best backpacking fishing pole is how its mange its sensitivity at such
an economical price.


  •  Medium Stability Strength
  •  Affordable price
  •  Avoid Corrosion
  •  Handles are easy to hold
  •  Easy and quick to roll it up
  •  Light in weight & Durable
  •  Good for backpacking trips


  • Little bit stiff and less flexible
  • Design of the outer case is along with the reel.


The product comes up with a warranty of 12 months. If your amazon fishing tackle get damage
then you can claim it to repair.


4. Okuma Spinning Travel Kit Vs-605-20 Voyager – Best Spinning Rod For Trout

Okuma Spinning Travel Kit Vs-605-20 Voyager - Best Spinning Rod For Trout


Those spinning rods for trout fishing are adopted by the people whom functionality control is
convenient. Here Okuma provides another remarkable ultra-light trout rod along with
backpacking fishing kit. If you don’t have basic fishing accessories then this kit is well suited
for you.

The collapsible fly rod can break down into five parts. The overall length of this compact
fishing pole for backpacking is 6-foot. The kit is compact enough to accommodate all the five
pieces of Okuma Spinning Travel Kit VS-605-20.

One may think that it will hard to compose five parts of ultralight rod and reel combos. Let me
clear, it is not like that. The linkage point is clear and quick to lock. You can read the
instructional guide to fix it up. It’s a quick and easy process. No, doubt practice makes a man


  •  Breakable into five pieces
  •  Small and compact Packable fishing pole
  •  The reel is changeable too right and left
  •  Affordable best backpacking fishing pole
  •  Some essentials fishing gears in kit
  •  Nylon comfortable carrier bag
  •  Shock absorbent
  •  A strap to hang on the shoulder


  • Sometimes noisy reel, hard to operate.
  •  Its locking system gets noisy with time


The Okuma Spinning Travel Kit have a smart box to place fishing gadget in one place. It is easy
to place in your luggage bag. The reeling has the option to place the reel both on the left and
right sides. The product is best recommended for the left-handed people as well.


5. Sougayilang Travel Fishing Rod Combo – Best Traveling Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Travel Fishing Rod Combo - Best Traveling Fishing Rod


An exciting “Sougayilang Travel Fishing Rod Combo” that comes up with reels to attach with a
fishing pole and 7-foot long telescopic fishing pole. The spinning rods for trout fishing are
composed of carbon fiber. The Sougayilang Travel Fishing Rod Combo is not breakable or
collapsible due to its strong carbon fiber formation.

The ultralight rod and reel combo is not breakable into multiple parts. It is simply breakable into
a handle and a nice fishing pole. You don’t need to spend time over break and make procedure.
Its reeling work quite fast and smooth. The reeling surface is made up of ceramics material. Some                               fishing accessories like fishing lines, lures are added in it.

The ultra-light fishing combo is recommended for the fresher’s. Since the product is expensive so you can completely understand a high-quality manufacturing material on this collapsible fishing pole for
backpacking. The Sougayilang Travel Fishing Rod Combo has a warranty of one year. You can
claim its warranty to rectify the problem. The overall bag of this fishing pole is very smart and
compact for the travelers.


  •  Ultra-light fishing combo with essential accessories
  •  A carrier bag, lures, fishing lines, and others
  •  High-quality carbon fiber fishing poles
  •  Easy to carry and transport
  •  One year warranty to claim
  •  Corrosion-free reels and pole
  •  Hard and strength to withstand for long


  •  Some rods may be defective but it’s not a big problem as the product have one year
  •  Highly expensive but the quality is satisfactory as well.


6. 12′ Tenkara Spinner Fishing Pole

12' Tenkara Spinner Fishing Pole


DRAGON Tail Shadow fire 365 is a 12 feet long rod. It can be broken down into eight parts. The
12’ Tenkara lack in reel feature. You can line it up to capture a trout. If you don’t want to miss
your single chance to catch a trout then this fishing gadget is perfectly suited for you.

Most of the people who have a hobby to do fishing recommend this best backpacking fishing pole product
due to its high quality and extra-long length. If you are a good fisher then you can avail of this
fishing pole for its maximum benefit usage.

The handle of the best travel spinning rod is comfortable and double padded. A stronghold is
important to place on handle for good fishing. The accessories included are foam line holder with
three flies and tube. These accessories are optional if you want to get hands-on them then you
have to pay 15 dollar extras otherwise you can enjoy with your fishing rode only.

The product can be broken down into eight multiple pieces. It is a quick lock and hook process to
make it out. It take 2- 3 minutes to compose it. Spend a minute to enjoy this amazing fishing
tool. If you think so much about timing you gone a miss some exciting features of 12′
Tenkara spinner fishing pole.


  •  Easy to make and break
  •  You can buy fishing rode with accessories with a small investment
  •  Mid-Range price
  • Flexible, portable and compact


  • No Cons

You must learn the specific Tenkara style fishing to avail this cool fishing pole.

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Backpacking Fishing Rods in 2021

Durability and Functionality

You must know how to choose the best backpacking fishing rods because choice makes the difference. Diverse range of backpacking poles is available for experts, novices and fishermen. Reliability, durability and functionality should be your top priorities when you are looking for these gadgets. 


Traditional fishing poles can turn the fishing experience cumbersome due to extra weight. Nowadays, some stunning backpacking fishing poles such as reel combos, telescopes & rods are perfect for making the fishing trip memorable. These tools are easy to use and lightweight that fit easily in packs. 

Rod’s Resistance to Bending 

Rod’s resistance to bending determines its quality. It’s pertinent to understand that a lure is used with a rod and its weight and size also matter a lot. 

Rod Power

Rod works effectively when rod power is combined with correct rod action. Lure is used with a rod and power is term applied to comprehend its weight and size. Take into consideration what type of fish you’re fishing, what sort of lure you’re materializing, and what strategy of fishing you’re going to apply. 

Medium Rod, a Good Choice for Beginners 

A medium rod is a perfect choice for beginners. If your target is the bank or shore of a river for fishing then medium rod should be your top priority. 

Rod Action 

Under the pressure, rod is bound to bend and this situation is called rod action in fishing. Three types of Rod Action:- 

  • Slow Action
  • Medium Action 
  • Fast Action 

Rod Length 

Rod length is a very important factor that should be checked at priority:- 

Longer Rods (Advantages) 
  • Faster 
  • Longer Casts 
  • Can be handled over blockage 
  • Difficult to adjust in pack 
  • Heavy Weight 
Shorter Rods (Advantages) 
  • Easy to adjust in pack 
  • Easy to carry in forest 
  • Lighter weight 
  • Less reach 


Doing Homework and reading information buying guide of travel fishing rods before spending
your money is effective. Although you can others best traveling fishing rod of various models
and companies. If you want to purchase quality, stability, reliable and portable product then
follow our buyer guide. We provide you top six best backpacking fishing pole available on
amazon. Click here to read about more stuff.

Frequently Ask Questions

The answer is both are perfect to buy. Collapsible fishing pole for backpacking are appearing to be more flexible and perfect for fishing as per market research. As their lock and release technology is quick and fast.
The kit is beneficial for the fresher’s as it comes up with some essential tools. It’s include a case, tackle box, fishing lures and lines that are useful for the starters otherwise if you are an expert then don’t bother about the kit.
Triumph Portable Revolving Rods are industrialized in “Mexico”. The manufacturing features of Triumph are comparable to the premier series which is made in the United States of America.
The exact length of the rod within its nylon outer case, is 24”, as the case is made up of nylon which can be folded easily, better say its length is 22”.
Yes, Triumph Portable Revolving Rods by St Croix comes up with a five-year warranty. The warranty duration varies depending upon the model. The replacement terms are simple as they resolve issues related to any damage to best backpacking fishing pole and reels.
The best backpacking fishing pole is quite strong to handle 8 to 10 pounds weight of fish. The handles are comfortable with the Triumph travel spinning rod to have a tight grip on the fishing pole.