Best Full Face Respirator For Chemicals, Gas, Smoke, And Dust Protection

Best Full Face Respirator

The primary factor in buying a half or best full face respirator masks is to protect yourself. The respiratory system interacts directly with air; therefore, we can inhale most of the poisonous or harmful gases with it. Especially the laborers that work in the chemical factories and manufacturing industries. So, the protection and safety of those people who work nationwide in chemical fumes and poison gases are important to cover their faces with the respirators.

Most of the company owners provide their employees with 3m full face piece respirator to fulfill the safety standards of NIOSH and OSHA for safety measures. The use of these full face respirator 3m is not limited. These full and half respirator for chemical fumes are used by the mining industries, police departments, chemical industries, and others. 

Moreover, the reason you should use full face safety mask is that they cover your entire face without causing any sort of problem to your vision and also provide shock resistance to the lens.  They lock around your face safely and provide the replaceable air purifying filters and cartridges. 

The full face air respirator ensures the protection of the user from the dust, chemical fumes, poisonous particles, and others. In addition, there is a great variety regarding full face filter mask and half face masks as well. But, this great variety lead customers into confusion from which brand they should buy full face cartridge respirator

Thus, we know that you want to choose a premium full face respirator amazon; therefore, here we shortlist the top 7 best half and full face protective masks to value out your money. Here are our top 7 best full face respirator to buy from Amazon.

Top 7 Best Full Face Respirator Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
3M Reusable Full Face Respirator
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SAS Safety Full Face Respirator
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Honeywell Full Face Silicon Respirator
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Ailive Full Face Respirator
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Nasum Half Face Reusable Cover
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3M Rugged Half Face Reusable Mask
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Joeais Full Face Respirator
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1. 3M Reusable Full Face Respirator3M Reusable Full Face Respirator


Key Features:

  • Top rated 3M full face respirator filters.
  • You have to purchase the cartridges separately. 
  • You can have clear audio communication.
  • It is best to use for commercial and professional use.
  • The smooth surface is helpful for easy cleaning.
  • This 3M full face paint respirator provides a wide field of view.
  • The cool flow valve provides dry and clean air.
  • Lightweight and well balanced 3M full mask respirator.
  • Not for home or consumer use.
  • It meets the requirements of Z87+ for high impact.

3M is a very famous company for the manufacturing of different medically tested face masks. The company designed both half face and full face 3M respirator. The best feature of this 3M full face piece respirator is that it is easily available at a very reasonable price.

Moreover, it has some new features that you will not find in an ordinary full face respirator 3M. It has a cool flow valve that helps to deliver dry and cool air while working. In addition, it offers an optimal viewing range for any job because of the super wide lens. 

Furthermore, the company also provides a complete manual for how to use these 3M full face masks. It has adjustable straps and is available in several sizes to choose according to your face shape. According to many users, this 3M full face respirators provide superior comfort while on the job.

In addition, some customers say that although it is a very comfortable 3M full face respirator mask but still it is a major drawback that it doesn’t come with respirator cartridges.


2. SAS Safety Full Face RespiratorSAS Safety Full Face Respirator


Key Features:

  • It has a nose cup that prevents fogging.
  • This best full face respirator is approved by NIOSH.
  • It provides a wider field viewing area.
  • The silicone skirt provides extreme durability.
  • The company provides 3 years limited warranty.
  • It can use as a full face paint mask.
  • More than 75% of customer ratings are 5 stars.
  • It has a replaceable 5 point head strap.
  • The lens has a special anti-scratch coating.
  • The respirator weighs only 2.5 pounds.
  • If you are searching for a NIOSH approved full face mask filter, then SAS Safety has solved your problem. 

This is because this full face dust masks and respirators are not only NIOSH approved but also very comfortable in use even for long working hours. This protective mask for chemical fumes has a nose cup that prevents fogging. It comes with a 5 point head strap that fits perfectly. According to the company, this cheap full face gas mask is a durable pick with a silicone skirt for perfect comfort. Moreover, it is provided with special large lenses that offer a wide viewing field for better visibility. The lens is replaceable and is composed of polycarbonate. In addition, the lens is coated with a special anti-scratch film.

According to the company, these full face chemical mask are carefully designed and tested by experienced workers before launching in the market. 



3. Honeywell Full Face Silicon RespiratorHoneywell Full Face Silicon Respirator


Key Features:

  • These safety masks for chemicals provide optimal breathing comfortably.
  • It is suitable for any type of working environment.
  • It provides a 200 degrees wider field view.
  • This respirator full face mask has a 5 point head strap that fits easily.
  • It has a speech diaphragm that enhances audio communication.
  • It weighs only 15 ounces.
  • These full face protective masks are available in medium and large sizes.
  • You have to purchase the filters separately. 
  • NIOSH Certified.
  • This respirator is compatible with north filters and cartridges.

Honeywell is also a very famous brand for the manufacturing of medically approved full face breathing mask. This face mask provides maximum protection to the face and eye with maximum comfort and performance. 

According to the company, it has a dual flange silicone seal that provides a high quality fitting characteristics.  The lens used in this respirator for chemical fumes is composed of polycarbonate and hard coated with a special film that makes it resistant to scratches. This lens provides a wider field view of 200 degrees.

Moreover, this safety mask for chemicals efficiently protects the eyes from the irritating gases and other tiny flying particles. It is approved by ANSI standards for penetration resistance and high impact. Other than ANSI standards, it is also approved by NIOSH. The company does not provide the Filters and cartridges, so you have to purchase these accessories separately.


4. Ailive Full Face RespiratorAilive Full Face Respirator


Key Features:

  • It has a harness type of 4 point full face shield respirator.
  • It can use in any working environment.
  • This full face mask comes with thermoplastic elastomer and silicon.
  • Full face respirator cheap includes 2 replaceable filters.
  • The company also provides a 1 year warranty.
  • It provides extra protection to the eyes.
  • It blocks 98% of harmful tiny pollen particles in the air.
  • This full face chemical respirator has a 100% 5 star rating. 
  • Best mask for painting

The main thing which we consider in the full face shield respirator is the material. Thus, this Mask is composed of high quality soft silica gel that is unscented. The filter box of this full face mask filter contains a sufficient amount of activated carbon.

According to the company, this professional chemical face mask respirator has a dual filtration system that efficiently blocks 98% of gases, organic fumes, dust, and other tiny pollen particles in the air. This full face air respirator efficiently keeps the harmful gases away from you.

Moreover, the company says that this is the best well balanced, and lightweight full face filter mask that is designed according to NIOSH standards to give the end user maximum durability and comfort. The lens provides a wider field of view. In addition, it is composed of premium quality polycarbonate.

 In addition, it can be used in any working environment like chemicals, metal, paint, glasses, welding, and grinding. 


5. Nasum Half Face Reusable CoverNasum Half Face Reusable Cover


Key Features:

  • It is the best mask for spray and painting projects.
  • It is a maintenance free half face mask.
  • This best half face respirator works for 40 hours of light solvent.
  • It works for 8 hours of heavy and concentrated solvent.
  • These safety masks for chemicals use food grade silicone. 
  • It fits easily on any face shape because of flexible face cover.
  • The headband is adjustable.
  • It can be used by both men and women.
  • It is the best respirator for outdoor work.
  • The company provides 2 pairs of filters.

In the list of face reusable masks, Nasum is a very famous company that designs high quality half face reusable masks. 

The protective mask for chemical fumes can use for different jobs like the spray paint job, medical for oxygen, chemical industry, etc. These mask for toxic fumes allow you to continue your job without any problem of breathing and other over complications.

According to the company, this half face mask for toxic fumes is tested and approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). For the purpose of maximum protection, the company has designed this respirator for gas fumes with two cartridges. In addition, it can withstand 40 hours of filtering with diluted paint light and solvents. You can also use it through concentrated solvent filtering up to 8 hours before spending the cartridge.

Moreover, some important features of this half face safety mask for chemicals include lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to work with, and requires no maintenance.


6. 3M Rugged Half Face Reusable Mask3M Rugged Half Face Reusable Mask


Key Features:

  • The loosening of straps is quite difficult.
  • It comes with a secure seal.
  • It is the best lightweight face mask for chemical fumes.
  • This best respirator mask for smoke is compatible for welding and grinding projects.
  • It has a quick latch mechanism.
  • You will feel easy breathing with the help of a cool flow valve.
  • Its use is limited to occupational and industrial.
  • It retains its shape in high temperature environments.
  • It is the best one touch drop down face mask.
  • The mask used resilient silicone material.

3M is a well-known brand for the manufacturing of personal protective equipment. This Rugged Half face Reusable mask is another best-selling personal protective equipment. The main feature of this best respirator for chemicals is its quick latch mechanism that is integrated into this reusable mask.

Furthermore, this mechanism helps put off your mask from your face without taking off the straps on the head. This is also helpful for easy breathing even if you are wearing this respirator. It has a special cool flow valve that is helpful in the reduction of a significant amount of heat and moisture, thus making it easy to breathe. This safety masks for chemicals has a low-profile construction.

According to the company, this half face mask for chemicals is the best option for a wider field. This reusable mask is incompatible with welding and grinding shields. Because of the complete resilient face seal composed of silicone, it is a very durable and comfortable respiratory mask.

Although it is a lightweight best half face respirator, still its strength is enough to withstand extreme conditions and can be used for a longer period of time.


7. Joeais Full Face RespiratorJoeais Full Face Respirator


Key Features:

  • It is the best full face respirator with a thermoplastic elastomer.
  • It is available in 1 size.
  • This full face respirators for sale provides extra protection to eyes while doing a painting job.
  • It is a lightweight and well balanced full face cover.
  • The filter cartridge is replaceable.
  • It can be used in all types of working environments.
  • The full face spray paint respirator has easy to adjust the head band.
  • It has an extra-large exhalation valve.
  • The mask fits very close to the skin.
  • The flow valve reduces moisture and heat.

Another widely used full face respirator cheap is designed by Joeais. The mask is composed of premium quality thermoplastic elastomer and silicone material.

According to the company, this full facepiece respirator is actually a gas mask but can be used for other tasks. It has a big exhalation valve that efficiently blocks the toxic gases with the help of a filter cartridge. It also ensures smooth breathing even wearing this mask for a longer time period. 

Moreover, the new thing in this full face chemical respirator is that it fits perfectly so that no harmful gas can enter the mask. Your hair and head are also protected by its mesh headband. Other than the exhalation valve, it has a flow valve to reduce the moisture and heat so that the user can breathe comfortably and feel no fatigue.

Above all, this full face chemical mask has removable filter boxes that can be replaced when the filter box stops working.

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Full Face Respirator – A Complete Buying Guide

Here we shortlist some important and key features that are common in every full-face respirator.  These features play a significant role in the performance of these respirator masks for chemicals.  However, these features should be in every best respirator for chemicals.


There should be proper straps on the bottom and top parts to secure the 3m full face respirators well fitted. These straps allow you to adjust the mask size according to your face size.  Therefore, look for a face mask for chemical fumes that have sturdy and durable straps. In addition, make sure that the best full face respirator is easy to unlock as well.

Material Type:

As we are going to wear those 3m full face masks for our 8 to 10 hours job duty. Thus, it is important that it should compose good material that doesn’t cause any sort of irritation or sensitivity. Silicone is one of the human skin friendly materials to use for manufacturing the best full face mask. In addition, the silicone is a durable and sturdy material. Invest your money on 3m respirator full face for professional use. 

Outbreath Valve:

A valve that drags breath out of the mask is very vital. If you lack this feature, then the breath air is going to accommodate inside the mask and cause fogging on the lens of the gas mask full face. You can’t clear the lens again and again during a technical task. Thus, this may result in severe accidents.  

However, a 3m full face mask respirator with an exhalation valve can reduce this problem. This valve will allow all the breath to escape from the vent. Hence, get rid of the problem of fogging on the lens.

Large Lens:

The lens should be large and clear so that you can perform well while wearing a full face breathing mask. However, the lens size varies from company to company and model to model. 

Look for a large size lens to have a greater and better view. This will bring zero problems to the visibility of the worker with n95 full face respirator

The Size of the Mask:

You can find masks in four sizes that small, medium, large, and one size fits for all. We suggest that if you are unsure about your face measurement, then go for the last option “One size that fits for all respirator mask full face.” On the other hand, if you know your head size then go according to your measurements,


Ideally, it is better to go for a brand that has to acquire certifications like OSHA and NIOSH certified masks. Thus, certifications ensure the quality and safety of this full face spray paint respirator

Ease of Cleaning:

Another important factor to consider while buying a respirator for gas fumes is to look for the mode of cleaning it adopts.  Well, it is important to keep your chemical face mask respirator clean throughout.  Hence, look for the disassembled features to clean the mask in any easy way. 

Brands To Trust For Best Full Face Respirator

As the market competition is quite high for these respirators, Here we provide the top three trusted and top rated brands to buy reliable and extraordinary best respirator mask for smoke and other harmful gases.

1. 3M Personal Protective Equipment:



It is one of the most demanding top rated brand full face respirator amazon. The famous models of this brand are 3m full face respirator 6900, 3m 6800 respirator cartridges and 3m full face respirator 6700. Above all, the customer feedback about the performance of these best full face respirator is quite satisfactory.

2. SAS Safety – Durable Security Products:

SAS Safety Corp.


SAS Safety is a one of the leading brand in the market for its amazing products regarding safety and security of workers. In addition, you can buy a full face safety mask, Moon suit protection, safety from sun, SAS Half mask respiratory, face safety shields and others. 

3. Honeywell – Silicone Best Full Face Mask



Honeywell has attained the market due to its comfort and ease of use. The reason for this luxury is the silicone material used in its manufacturing. Furthermore, some market best-selling models by these brands are Honeywell s8500 bionic face shield, Honeywell th6320 remove face plate, Honeywell bionic polycarbonate face shield and Honeywell full face respirator.


In conclusion, this is a very time consuming and troubling job when you visit the market to purchase a premium quality half or full face respirator mask. This is because the competition in brands in the market is quite high. These masks are essential for safety and protection purposes. However, their use is not limited to one department as they are widely used in the police department, mining industries, manufacturing units, and others.

After reading this article, you have complete knowledge about the different designs and styles of the best full face respirator. This article will help you to purchase the right respirator that lets you breathe comfortably. I hope that our full face respirator reviews will give you a brilliant opportunity to purchase that mask that suits you according to your working environment