Best Iron Filter for Well Water | Buyers Guide and Reviewing {2023}

iron filter for well water

Even though humankind has evolved and a lot of places have efficient methods of obtaining water, a lot of people still rely on well water for day-to-day life. A little bit of iron is good for health. it stimulates the red blood cells, but excessive amounts have proven to be harmful. A lot of the wells have water that has been contaminated by iron. the metallic taste, and the very subtle brown color in your water are indicative of you having iron in your well water.  This is particularly a major problem because not only is this iron harmful to your health, but it will also require extra maintenance services. Overload of iron can result in harming your pancreas or liver and it might also lead to clogged pipelines and plumbing issues. Therefore, To solve all of these problems, you need the best iron filter for well water.

We are here to help you with that. At the end of the day, who does not like a cup of tea made with clean iron-free water? If you want to make tea using an electric kettle, you should visit the article about The Best Small Electric Water Kettle

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Iron Removal System for Well Water

A buyer’s guide to taking you through the excruciating process of choosing iron filtration for well water is a must. To ease up your stress about choosing the right filter, we bring to you a list of elements that you should take care of. 

The water quality in your well

To choose the right type of whole house filter for iron, you should know where your water stands. Different iron filters deal with different types of irons. You cannot expect one to work for the other as they are not suited for that. Three types of distinct iron are found in well waters. The first one is ferrous iron,  and this does not lead to discoloration of water. The second type is ferric iron which will make your water dirty and red. Thirdly we have organic irons that will give a very subtle yellow or brown color to your water.  

Finding out how much iron contaminates your water is a crucial step as an iron removal filter for home is designed to filter out a specific PPM level. Anything above 0.33 PPM is harmful to your health and should be dealt with instantly. Other than iron, you should also look out for other contaminants like manganese or hydrogen sulfide.  To learn more about testing the water quality of your well, click here


Filter capacity:

This is another important factor to weigh in.  This will indicate how much water is given out on a minute-to-minute base by well water iron filter systems. This means the flow rate can either match your needs exactly or be more than that. Some of these are capable of having a flow rate suitable for three bedrooms, whereas others work well with four-six too. 


The best iron filter for well water that you buy will need to be installed at the point of entry of the home, which is where the water enters the house. If you are looking for outside installation, some filters can also be installed between the house and the well but you will be needing experts on a project for this. The installation itself is a very easy process that takes about two to three hours and helps from a plumber. You can take on the risk of installing it yourself but it involves the cutting up of the water pipe, and as an amateur, you might cut it the wrong way. 


The maintenance part of an iron filtration system for well water is a must. It will have to be carried out after almost every six months, but this will depend on the type of filter you opt for. The best whole house water filter for well water with iron has a variety of stages of filtration and they all have to be replaced after a certain given period. Failure to do so will result in either water blockage or iron being introduced into your stream of water again. 

In case you opt for a filter for iron in the water that uses the oxidization method, it can last up to 10 years but the media will need to be replaced after 5 years. Maintenance is particularly important if you have high contents of contaminants.  Well, a water filtration system for an iron-like water softener requires salt as fuel to keep things running smoothly. A lack of salt will not allow the ion exchange to take place, thereby stopping the softening of water. The salt levels should remain at least three and a half inches above the water level. Look out for worms too. Sometimes, you might even require a water softener for your filter. To learn more about this, you can read articles about the best water softener resins.

6 iron Water Filter Systems Worth Your Money

ImageName Check Price
Durawater Air Injection Iron Eater FilterCheck Price
iSPRING Whole House Water Filter CartridgeCheck Price
HOME MASTER Whole House Three-Stage Water Filtration SystemCheck Price
PRO + AQUA Whole House Filter System for Well WaterCheck Price
iSPRINGS’s Whole House Water Filter SystemCheck Price
Well Water Whole House Filtration System Dual StageCheck Price

1. Durawater Air Injection Iron Eater Filter

Durawater Air Injection Iron Eater Filter


If you are looking for ways to filter to remove iron from water that runs in your pipes, DURA should be your choice. This exemplary filter works to eradicate contaminants like manganese and other harmful minerals, especially iron. This is an air injection Oxidizing filter which means that during operation it manages to keep an air pocket at the top of the tank. Iron and sulfur are oxidized as the water flows through the air holes. At this time, the water is also infused with dissolved oxygen. The filter media bed subsequently removes the iron and sulfur. This iron in a water filter is a single tank system which makes it safe effective and efficient for small areas. With the power to remove 12 PPM of iron, 2 ppm of magnesium, and 10 PPM of hydrogen sulfide, you will not regret spending money on this water filter to remove iron. 

Another factor that contributes to this being the best water filter for iron is that it has been equipped with a FLECK 5600SXT air injection control head. this means that the system is back washed daily which results in a clean media that has flushed everything in the drain. Backwashing the filter media daily will eliminate deposited iron and refresh the regeneration process by creating a new air pocket in the system. A unique piston has been deployed in the control valve that stimulates the entire process in a single tank which results in a low maintenance iron remover for well water. 

Being very pocket friendly, it can be easily installed without any prior plumbing knowledge.  Easier installation is also ensured by the media that has already been put inside the tank. This results in less hassle. The digital valve keeps you updated and makes this worth a buy! 


  • Can remove iron and other minerals 
  • Has a digital system 
  • Not very expensive 
  • Easy installation 


2. iSPRING Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

iSPRING Whole House Water Filter Cartridge


Here you have our second-best pick of the season for a whole house water filter for iron removal. Equipped with the most durable parts, this company specializes in water filtration systems. It reduces down iron and manganese to 0.01 PPM, making it efficient for your house. The catalytic out media is not used during the process of iron elimination which means this can last up to three times more than the standard filter. It has a filtration capacity of 50k gallons of iron-infused water. The higher linear velocities as compared to standard media make this more efficient because this makes the flow rates higher and the pressure drops lower. 

The intensity of the feed water will range from 20 to 100 PSI with a gallon per minute flow rate of 8. Accompanied by the GPM, The pressure can drop to as low as 5 PSI. A healthy lifestyle is promoted as this water quality is improved and the iron is removed from the water. No harsh temperatures can hinder the working of this whole house iron filter for well water. Made to withstand pH range, it can work well from 5.8 to 8.6 range. This means it has working conditions in an acidic and alkaline environment both. It can also tolerate temperatures ranging from 40 to 113 Fahrenheit, making it durable. The filter does not need changing until 12 months, after which you will be requiring maintenance. It also has excellent customer service that will listen to and solve all your problems regarding iron in well water. 


  • It is sturdy and durable 
  • Has an excellent GPM rate 
  • can work through all working conditions


3. HOME MASTER Whole House Three-Stage Water Filtration System

HOME MASTER Whole House Three-Stage Water Filtration System


Our third pick of the day is HOME MASTER which has proven to be the best iron removal system. This particle model -HMF3SDGFEC- has been divided into three stages for optimum filtration from iron in well water. This system has 1-inch ports that help optimize the water pressure for the best results i.e up to 15 gallons per minute. It can purify a maximum of 100k water before it needs to be changed and replaced. This means that it can work a year for a family of 3-4 with ease. 

The first stage filter encompasses a multi gradient depth designer filter that has 4 layers of microns. The layers are 25, 10, 5, and 1. The second stage of filtration focuses solely on getting rid of iron in water up to 3 PPM, which promises safe cleaning water to use. The third stage will effectively remove all the chemicals through the use of a coconut shell carbon filter that has been activated for radial flow. This means elements like manganese and hydrogen sulfide are also removed, thereby removing the metallic taste and the pungent smell. 

What makes this whole house water filter iron removal even better is that before installation, it will provide free services to come to your house and check if this filter system works well with your water and outlets or not. The filters are huge which means they can work for a long time and require very less maintenance. hence, resulting in a cost-effective and time-saving model. This iron removal filter for home can manage to clean out the total dissolved solids of 2000 PPM, which is better than a lot of other filter companies. However, it cannot be used for waters that have really low pH levels and are acidic. 


  • Durable 
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Can handle up to a total dissolved solid of 2000 PPM
  • has a good flow rate 


4. PRO + AQUA Whole House Filter System for Well Water

PRO + AQUA Whole House Filter System for Well Water


Specifically designed to give you healthy water, AQUA has managed to live up to expectations when it comes to this best iron filter for well water. It will fix the orange-red subtle color that is accompanied by iron and will stop the excessive iron from building up as residue and clogging the pipes. The pungent smell from sulfide and sulfur will also go, making your water odorless and protected from the slime build these both cause. It will get rid of all 13 elements that can be found in your well water including iron, copper, lead, rust, uranium, and manganese. All these harmful substances will be eliminated to give you fresh well water. 

The valve in this best water filter for well water with iron is digitalized and easy to set up and read. All of the parts have been made with professional-grade material, making this durable and strong. It comes with three connection features – no bypass, bypass with 1-inch male fittings, bypass with 1-inch female ports- to give a variety of options that can fit your potential outlets for installation. This water filter to remove iron also has a quick-connect drain port for ease of draining and the metal clips and large handle grip ensure quick and efficient installation.  This well water filtration system for iron will be worth your money. 


  • Ease of installation 
  • Will remove 13 different types of elements 


5. iSPRINGS’s Whole House Water Filter System

iSPRINGS’s Whole House Water Filter System


This is one of the best well water filters for iron. Equipped with a three-stage filtering process, this filter will exceed all your expectations. The first stage has a polypropylene sediment filter that can filter up to 5 microns, making it higher capacity. The second stage is equipped with a carbon filter with a coconut shell so it becomes more durable and has a long life span. These can easily provide water to a family of four people for a whole year as they both come with a filter capacity of 100k gallons. Both these water filters that remove iron will help you get rid of iron and manganese and many other heavy-duty metals like these, along with chlorine taste, color, and an odor that makes the water horrible to drink. The third filter is the sediment filter that will efficiently remove sand particles, dust particles, dirt, and rust.

This iron remover for well water has a higher flow rate of 15 GPM and minimum working pressure of 25 PSI. The maximum working pressure can raise to 80 PSI, which makes it suitable for working under all conditions. The installation is process is very easy as there are 1-inch inlets and outlets on this filter system. It produces no water wastage and the draining of the remaining water is very easy. This all will make this filter for iron in the water worth buying. 


  • DIY iron filter for well water because the installation is a breeze 
  • Has three stages of filtration 
  • Makes the water clean from odor and taste


6. Well Water Whole House Filtration System Dual Stage

Well Water Whole House Filtration System Dual Stage


This best whole house water filter for well water with iron is yet another alternative for faucets and well water to remove contaminants. A dual-stage filter system on the infilters unit may screen out grains and other contaminants. Filtration to the Industrial Standard reduces sand, grit, and debris in the groundwater. Heavy metals and tiny pieces can also be removed in this best iron filter for well water. This sort also resonated with me because it is ideal for boosting the freshwater odor and flavor. This equipment is also capable of extracting hazardous substances from groundwater.

Being one of the best whole house iron filters for well water, it is additionally built with a long-lasting shell for long-term operation and effectiveness. It’s also designed for professional use, so it can withstand a lot of damage. You may use it to lengthen the life of your heating systems, washers, and other devices. We would also suggest this device because of its two-stage filtration system, which can filter pollutants down to 30 microns.

It’s incredibly simple to replace the washable screen is what makes it competent at its task. You may rely on it to function as a comprehensive whole house filter for iron as well. When it came to set up, this whole house iron water filter, which includes filters, a screw, a bracket, and a relief button, is everybody’s favorite. This filter has a one-inch input and output, making it a high-flow device. You may rely on it to provide the high water flow rate that a medium-sized home requires. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Reduces the fine particle contamination as well 
  • Has a high flow rate 



In conclusion, we have given you a comprehensive buying guide, along with a detailed discussion of the well water filters for iron that you can buy. Our top choice is DURA because of its qualities like low cost, low maintenance, and the oxidization technique. Being an air injection system, it will last for a long time. Getting your hands on the DURA filter will be the best thing. However, all of our other water filters that remove iron are also great picks! Hope this read helped you out.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a water filter last?

The longevity of a water filter depends on several factors like the brand you are buying from and the quality of your water. Higher contamination in water means that the filter will be used to a much higher intensity, which means it might not last as long as you want. 

Is iron a danger to the human body?

When you talk about the human body, it is very obvious that iron is a vital component co side rung our cells are made up of iron. However, iron beyond ascertains limit will become hazardous. At a standard dose of 200–250 mg/kg of body mass, iron is deadly, causing hemorrhagic destruction and peeling of the gastric mucosa.

 When a large amount of iron is ingested, it is retained in the heart, liver, pancreatic region, and organs like the spleen, where it can harm organs. Iron ions and microorganisms may have more severe physiological repercussions. When ingested, the latter generates an environment that can contain additional germs, raising the risk of sickness.

Will the iron harm our hair and skin? 

It might make your scalp drier and itchier and the blond color might get tinted into brown. There might be premature wrinkle formation which will make you look old. If you want more information on how iron in water will impact your skin and hair, read the linked article.