Best RV Awning Lights – {Top 12} In 2023

Best RV Awning Lights - {Top 12} In 2020

This post was most recently updated on April 2nd, 2023

People enjoy going away from home on recreational trips and camping tours. The use of recreational vehicles or RVs is a trend nowadays for long-distance traveling fun. But, people complain about their boring evening as it lacks proper lighting. Thus, here we make you aware of some exciting best RV awning lights available in the market. 

These beautiful led camper awning lights provide you a lighting area along with a relaxing atmosphere for your recreational vehicle. You can enjoy dinner with your partner or can relax on a beach chair in the open air at evening timings as well. The decorative lights for campers use for both indoor and outdoor places. Apart from RV’s you can decorate your home, party decors, or other decoration purposes.

Following Are The Features To Make Sure While Buying Best Rv Awning Lights


Types / Design:  Must consider the correct type of RV camper awning lights. If you want to do a party with your friends during the camping tour then you must buy some lanterns style string lights for the camper. On the other hand, if you want to save energy then buy solar RV awning lights. In addition, you should buy RV led porch light for multi-purpose utilization.

  • Color:

it is important to consider the color of the RV-led light strips. As the light color determines the heat and lightning strength. 

  • Bulb Voltage:

The most common bulb voltage is 12 volt RV outdoor led lights. However, mostly the voltage of bulbs camper led awning lights lies between 10 to 30 volts.

  • Trustable Brand And Price:

The awning led light kit should be from a trusted brand at reasonable prices. 

  • Lasting Power:

Check the number of hours or power life mention on the box of the party lights for campers. Although this feature will indicate how long it will run on.

We provide a list of the top 12 best RV awning lights available in the market. These led lights for camper awning have been shortlisted on the basis of customer reviews, feedbacks, surveys, and market analysis. 

Top 12 Best Rv Awning Lights (Buying Guide 2020)

ImageNameCheck Price
RecPro LED RV Awning Light
Check Price
Camco Festive Party Glow Lights (42655)
Check Price
Coleman 10 Lanterns LED Lights
Check Price
Polymer Products LLC White Globe Set
Check Price
Leisure LED Utility Light Exterior Porch
Check Price
Dream Lightning Waterproof RV Lights
Check Price
Super Night Strip Waterproof Light
Check Price
Boogey Lights RV Awning Light
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Vaterra Rope Clear Light (A30-0600)
Check Price
Camco Awning Decorative Globe Light (42751)
Check Price
RecPro Blue LED Awning Light
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Mictuning RV Porch LED light
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1. RecPro LED RV Awning Light

RecPro LED RV Awning Light


Key Features:

  • These 12 volts led strip lights for RV are available in 4 sizes of 12, 16, 20, and 25 inches.
  • It emits a very powerful light of 1500 lumen.
  • It can be controlled by a remote control switch.
  • The material is fiberglass which may break.
  • These lights can works for 2 years at full intensity.
  • The company also provides a mounting stand made of polycarbonate.

Recreational Vehicles are gaining popularity nowadays, especially the actors, are using RV in their daily life. Here we are introducing some stunning lights for RV. RecPro LED RV awning lights consume very fewer units of electricity. This led awning light strip can also be operated by battery.

The intensity of this led strip lighting for RV is 1500 lumens. The company also provides a 4 inches mounting channel made of polycarbonate that makes it easy to install these lights. According to many users, these led strip lights for RVs are very powerful as they light up the surrounding area like a regular porch light. This RV LED light use for dinners within the camp because of its jazzy color.

Moreover, you can control these best RV awning lights with a remote control switch but you have purchased this separately as the company will not provide this switch in the pack. However, this remote switch will be helpful to operate these lights from anywhere within the range.

In addition, these RV lights can be used in nights for camping, hiking, and a campfire.


2. Camco Festive Party Glow Lights (42655)

Camco Festive Party Glow Lights (42655)


Key Features:

  • Interesting design concept best RV awning lights.
  • You can use it for both indoor and outdoor decors.
  • Have protection feature from overheat
  • Have immense great brightness at night time.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • It consumes 120 volts of power.
  • It comes up with 10 lights and 8 inches stand.

If you are searching RV awning lights exterior that is attractive and exclusive in its design then I suggest you buy Camco Festive Party Glow Lights. Apart from attractive design, these awning lights for camper have many other interesting features that you would prefer for light.

One great feature about this RV awning string light is its uses 120 volts of power to enlighten the hangings. These lights are protected from sudden circuit breakage or overheat issues. So, you will not face any kind of issue regarding burning or damage of these lights for camper awning. In addition, it also includes two additional bulbs and a fuse just in case you need to change it.

The interesting feature about adding an LED light strip to your RV is its attractive shape hangings like beer bottles and trailers. You can also buy some other interesting shapes like stars, dice, trailers, and mugs. RV awning-led light installation is quite easy and simple. You need to buy a Camco’s awning light hanger and hook up these hangings on the front or back of your RV camper. Kids enjoy these lightning hangings at nighttime. Moreover, it also helps them to differentiate their camper from others. Anyhow, these best RV awning lights can be used for indoor decors as well.


3. Coleman 10 Lanterns LED Lights

Coleman 10 Lanterns LED Lights


Key Features:

  • Best RV awning lights with lanterns design concept.
  • It is a lightweight and portable RV camping acessory.
  • Battery-operated decors to save your money. On the other hand, you have to change the batteries frequently.
  • A trustable brand Coleman launched this RV camper awning lights
  • Battery last for 20 hours. Thus, proper battery usage can make it last a while.

Here we come up with an interesting design concept for RV outdoor led lights. An immense design of ten little lanterns hooks up to a string. Some people like bright and cool camper-led awning lights while some prefer decent and unique lights. So, if you are searching for some exclusively decent design then these Victorian-style lanterns are best to buy. 

You don’t need any power source to light up these set camper awning string lights. All you need is three AA batteries to place in it. Here again, comes the people’s choice as some people prefer to buy 12 volt led strip lights for RV as some people may consider it a problem to change the batteries. However, if you want to save your money and power source then you must buy these batteries operated RV-led light strips. This is because you don’t need to let them power on all day better to use the battery for these little hangings.

If you like the design concept of these lanterns then you should buy it. As it is launched by a top-rated and trusted brand known as Coleman. This brand is launching different reliable and portable outdoor decors for over 100 years. Therefore, it is the perfect brand to trust and buy. Moreover, it also provides a warranty for broken and damaged parts.


4. Polymer Products LLC White Globe Set

Polymer Products LLC White Globe Set


Key Features:

  • Available as a pack of 6 white globe light sets or 10 lights with patriotic colors. 
  • It uses 60-watt bulbs. 
  • The power cord is long enough up to 20 feet
  • Waterproof and shock absorbent lights for camper awnings
  • Best RV awning lights with stainless steel hooks.

White globe lights usually use at parties have a great appearance on their own. Have you ever think this design concept is available as decorative lights for campers.  Yes, Polymer Products LLC White Globe Set is a great pack of ten white globes within a string. Apart from string lights for campers, you can also use these lights as a party décor to throw a relaxing light.

Another interesting feature about Polymer Products LLC White Globe Set is its ability to withstand weather variations. Its waterproof covering doesn’t let it damage in snow and rain. Moreover, its shockproof properties don’t let it break down due to sudden accidental drops or hits.

In addition, the RV awning globe lights installation is quite simple. You don’t even need to buy the hangers as they have already hooks to hang. These hooks are made up of stainless steel therefore, they didn’t get rust when wet.


5. Leisure LED Utility Light Exterior Porch

Leisure LED Utility Light Exterior Porch


Key Features:

  • It provides bright 280 lumens light.
  • 60,000 led bulb life
  • Orange covering to produce colored light
  • Beam follows a pattern of 120 degree
  • You cannot use them as party lights for campers

If you are looking for some practical design RV exterior light fixtures then Leisure LED Utility Light Exterior Porch is perfect to buy. This design is identical to a car light. You may like this design because it comes up with a bright light to shine on the front of your RV during nighttime. The size of these RV porch light led is quite small. Thus, using multiple led RV porch lights will help you attain your desire brightness.

Moreover, it requires 11 to 18 volts and 280 Lumens to operate this RV porch light led. It is composed of environmentally friendly materials and technology. These 12 volts led RV porch lights can withstand voltage fluctuations. Therefore, it doesn’t short circuit easily and lasts for long.

In addition, the light beam pattern is 120 degrees along with the color temperature of 6000 to 6500k. The life of these LED bulbs is up to 60,000 hours which is more than the standard bulbs. In other words, it lasts for a long time. 


6. Dream Lightning Waterproof RV Lights

Dream Lightning Waterproof RV Lights


Key Features:

  • It is available in a set of 6, 12, 24 and 60 LEDs.
  • This LED also acts as an insects repellent,
  • The LEDs emit strong cool light.
  • These lights are small in length.
  • It has a special black aluminum sink function.
  • LED lights for RV 12 volt lights

If you are searching for a multipurpose then purchase Dream Lightning waterproof RV lights. These lights can be used in different vehicles other than RV like trucks, cars, and even water boats.

The most interesting feature of this RV awning led lights for sale is it makes you safe from bugs and mosquitoes. This is because of its brightness and high heat which bugs, mosquitoes, and other flying insects can’t bear, remain away from you. If you install these best RV awning lights inside the home then it will also act as an insect’s repellent.

Above all, these lights look very stylish as they are designed at some angle. This special design is used to increase efficiency due to a 40-degree downward illumination.


7. Super Night Strip Waterproof Light

Super Night Strip Waterproof Light


Key Features:

  • It is IP65 waterproof approved led strip lights for camper awning. 
  • Along the full length, the cutting point is mentioned by the company on the strip.
  • It delivers a stable output voltage.
  • The power cord is composed of corrosion-resistant high-quality copper.
  • These best RV awning lights can be operated with a fully functional 44 keys remote control.

A waterproof RV awning light strip is very useful and needs less care. Here we are adding Super Night Strip Waterproof Light that looks very stylish. These RV-led light strips are easy to carry anywhere as they roll up easily. The waterproof lights are easy to mount or install on any surface because of their self-adhesive back. You don’t need to worry about any electric explosion due to water because these lights are waterproof and you can safely use them on lawns even during heavy rain.

Moreover, the interesting feature of these 12 volts led strip lights on amazon is its 44 keys remote control. This is the first RV light that has so many remote functions. According to the company, all keys are functional and are tested for their quality. This remote control offers you some special functions like you can control the brightness of the light. You can also change the color of the light from available white, green, yellow, blue, and red. This remote control looks like a TV remote.


8. Boogey Lights RV Awning Light

Boogey Lights RV Awning Light


Key Features:

  • It is available as the16 inches led awning light strip.
  • It can be controlled via remote control.
  • These lights can display 7 colors (White, Light Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, and orange)
  • These are expensive LEDs lights for camper awning
  • You can change the color and brightness of LED with remote control.

Boogey awning lights are built for parties. Like many other mentioned RV awning-led lights for sale, these are also available in multi-color. You can change LEDs’ color with a company-provided remote control. Other than the color change, you can also control the brightness of the lights with the remote control. The color range available is orange, white, blue, red, and purple.

According to the company, these LEDs are much brighter than the previously multicolor LED light. These LED lights glow like a shining light at night and make it useful to be at outdoor parties.

Unlike many other multicolor LEDs, the colors provided by this brand are graceful and elegant.


9. Vaterra Rope Clear Light (A30-0600)

Vaterra Rope Clear Light (A30-0600)


Key Features:

  • This RV led rope lights are very easy to install.
  • It is composed of durable plastic
  • The maximum length of 1 track is 3 feet.
  • All LEDs emit cool white light.

Another very useful best light for RV canopy is Vaterra Rope Clear Light. The led rope lights for campers are attached with a strong string that prevents them from falling. Many other lights which are attached with sticky tapes sometimes fallen. This rope will keep them in place even RV is running on an uneven road.

In addition, one of the best features of these RV awning rope lights is that the track is resistant to UV. This means you no need to worry about using these LEDs in hot sunlight especially in summer. Furthermore, the white light from LEDs fits any RV. The utility track is attached to LEDs in such a nice way that no one can notice unless they have a close look.


10. Camco Awning Decorative Globe Light (42751)

Camco Awning Decorative Globe Light (42751)


Key Features:

  • Globes are available in different colors.
  • The light is too bright for some users.
  • It is easy to install in the RV canopy.
  • The best RV awning lights are made from UV stabilizes polycarbonate material.

Camco Awning lights are top-rated because of their performance and quality. The RV awning globe lights are available in the set of 10 globes attached with a white wire. Unlike other led camper awning lights, these lights are firmly attached to the place.

Furthermore, these awning lights for the camper are available in the set of 10 Bronze globes which are easy to install. Many RV owners like these lights because these lights can be installed outdoor and at different party events. In addition, these lights are durable and made with coiled cords. This cord can be extended to 30 feet.


11. RecPro Blue LED Awning Light

RecPro Blue LED Awning Light


Key Features:

  • These best RV awning lights are available in 12 and 16 inches long strips.
  • It has advance energy efficient technology.
  • The intensity of light is 1500 lumen.
  • The company also provides polycarbonate installation channels.

According to customer reviews, RecPro is the most trusted brand for RV camper-led awning lights. These lights have some unique features that every RV owner wants. 

Easy installation takes less time and this is the main feature of RecPro RV lights. The company also provides a unique mounted stand with which you can install in a few minutes. The brightness intensity of these best RV awning lights is equal to 1500 lumen which is more than enough for the RV awning.

Moreover, RecPro blue LED lights are operated with 12V DC which is a power supply of mobile home chargers. These lights have advance energy-efficient technology.


12. Mictuning RV Porch LED light

Mictuning RV Porch LED light


Key Features:

  • A pack of 2 porch light suitable for your campers, RV’s or trailer. 
  • It can withstand a voltage range of 11 to 18 volts.
  • Quick and easy to install RV exterior light fixtures
  • Available in two colors white and amber

You can lighten your all area around the RV by using this RV-led porch light. The Mictuning RV Porch LED light is available in both white and amber colors. You can choose the one which appeals to you more. 

The led RV porch light comes up with a handy button to switch it on and off. Therefore, it doesn’t require you to go inside the RV to turn it off. The most exciting feature of this carefree led awning light is that it emits no radiations, low power, and a fast cooling effect. It has a wide throwing angle of the light beam and 280 lumens flux. 

Furthermore, the installation of these 12 volts led RV porch lights is quite simple. It has clear polarity mentioned as positive and negative. It provides crews and nuts for better installation.

Protective Measures 

It is pertinent for a person, who invests money to buy awning lights, to know how to keep them safe. Keep on reading the protective measure so you may make awning lights functional for years to come. 

How Do You Store and Clean Awning Lights 

Cleaning and storing awning lights doesn’t require rocket science. Take a dry cloth, dip it in soapy water, squeeze extra water and begin to clean awning lights. Remember, the usage of harsh chemicals may damage lights. Use clean & dry cloth to soak water particles hanging on awning lights. Once the job is done, roll awning lights & keep them in a box. 

How to Prevent LED Strips from Falling Off 

Every package of awning lights has mounting clips. These are designed to prevent LED strips from falling off. If you want to make it long by attaching numerous strings then you may have to buy extra pieces of mounting clips. 


In conclusion, I would like to mention the reason why should you buy the best RV awning lights. The following are some advantages that you get from RV-led strip lights.

  1. Valuable party decors to add colors, lights, and style.
  2. Make your RV easy to find when you come back from hiking.
  3. LED lights consume a small amount of electricity
  4. A cost effective way to lighten your camper
  5. Easy RV awning led light installation on the front railing.

Yes, you can get all these benefits by spending a small amount on lights for camper awnings. Buy these beautifully designed and colored decors for your recreational vehicles. All top mentioned RV exterior light fixtures are reliable and last long. You must value your money by buying these best RV awning lights.