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Best Wet Dry Vac under $100

A wet and dry vacuum is an incredible instrument that can help with numerous assignments in your housekeeping procedure. At the point when you are prepared to purchase a less expensive best wet dry vacuum under $100, then Vacmaster VBV1210 Wet Dry Vac is highly recommended due to its affordable value and it is the strongest wet dry vacuum.

From colossal activities to minor crises, the wet-dry vac handles jobs that different vacuums find troublesome. It has an engine separate from the wind stream to shield the machine safe from shorting out like different vacuums when it gets wet.

The uniqueness of the Best Wet Dry Vac under $100 is its capacity to perform and stay indestructible when taking care of the diverse condition of materials in different amounts, regardless of whether it is a heap of sawdust or an overflowed storm cellar.

ImageName Check Price
Makita XLC02RB1WCheck Price
Vacmaster 5 GallonCheck Price
DeWalt 9 CaddyCheck Price
Vacmaster 12 GallonCheck Price
Vacmaster Professional Check Price
Vacmaster 6 GallonCheck Price
Vacmaster 4 GallonCheck Price
Stanley SL18115 Wet/Dry Wet Dry Vacuum Steel TankCheck Price
Vacmaster 2.5 GallonCheck Price
Shop-Vac 1.5 GallonCheck Price
Vacmaster wet dry vac vbv 1210Check Price
Craftsmen CMXEVBE17595 16 GallonCheck Price

Best wet dry vac under $100, a buying guide

What is a wet-dry vac utilized for?

To the vast majority, when the wet-dry vacuum rings a bell, the main thing that strikes a chord is development and other exceptional occupations. However, a great deal of clients has discovered it to likewise be very convenient around the house.

So far, you must possess a vacuum cleaner for pets or a pool vacuum; but the wet-dry vac can replace it. They can be utilized to tidy up spilled fluids or concentrate water from floor coverings and too get bigger garbage with no harm. Better than the ordinary vacuum can, they are likewise utilized for open air tidy up or vehicle cleaning.

How does a good wet-dry vac look like?

As tough as the machine sounds, not all are incredible; some Best Wet Dry Vac under $100 rundown fundamentally out-perform others dependent on quality. A decent wet dry vac is planned with a proportion of superb force, convenience, and flexibility, to withstand brutal circumstances and make your life simpler.

Best Wet Dry Vac under 100$

Without busting your financial limit, you can get a wet dry vac under $100 to tidy up your home, worksite, and vehicle. Presently, with the portrayal of the vacuum just as its capacity to deal with both flotsam and jetsam and fluid, you may figure, it will include spending huge amounts of cash, but not every time.

The market is loaded up with accessible alternatives that can without much of a stretch handle the majority of the performance.

One of the plus points of the Best Wet Dry Vac under $100 is the adaptability and how you change its functioning with only one touch catch during house cleaning— for example, changing modes from cleaning dust to fluids or the other way around.

Important points to remember while purchasing a wet dry vac

Starting with certain nuts and bolts, the PHP on the wet-dry vac implies top torque, which is utilized to depict the strength yield of the motor not when it’s being used, and the tank limit is the genuine tank volume, not the space accessible while utilizing it.

When choosing a vacuum, one of the numerous characteristics you have to consider is the size and development. The wet-dry vac arrives in a variety of sizes, some even up to 20 gallons, yet the size does not matter with regards to versatility. Huge ones can be difficult to carry and manage. The development likewise decides the strength and weight; steel vacs are solid but quite heavier than plastic models.

Top rated wet dry vac in a $100 limit

The proficiency, use, and basic components to place into thought while choosing a wet-dry vac under a $100 limit have been referenced. Here is a list given below of some of the best wet dry vacs available easily for sale.


1. Makita XLC02RB1W

Makita XLC02RB1W


The Makita XLC02RB1W Lithium-particle cordless vacuum runs on an incredible 18V engine. It is smaller and an amazing answer for quick and powerful cleaning of the home and work destinations.

The smaller size of just 18.75 creeps long makes this adaptable apparatus helpful as a hand vac, or with the floor spout expansions for tidying up floors, rugs and difficult to arrive at places. The whole pack of this vac accompanies a quick charging 18-volt smaller Lithium-particle battery and a Fast Ideal Charger to give the client all the more working time, instead of charging.

To improve the device’s exhibition and broaden the battery life, Makita made an inherent system called the Star Security PC Controls, which permits the gadget and battery to trade information progressively. Star protection development monitors the state of the battery during use to secure it against overheating, over-releasing, and over-burdening. It is the best wet dry vac for auto detailing.


  • Quick charging
  • Solid suction
  • Good with other Makita batteries with worked in Star Insurance system
  • Star Security PC Control


2. Vacmaster 5 GallonVacmaster 5 Gallon


Vacmaster VW510 is similar for each other model in its class. It is a divider mount framework, perfect for home, cellars or worksites. It tends to be handily separated from the divider for versatile cleaning.

The Vacmaster Peak HP 5 wet dry vac has a double turbo modern engine that guarantees a long life, calm activity and most extreme inventory of suction. It includes a Wi-Fi remote control on/off switch on its handle to spare you the pressure and time of waling to the vacuum.

Upon buying it, you get the apparatuses for mounting it and other requirements for vacuuming. A portion of the additional items incorporate augmentation wands, round residue brush, hole device, combo floor spout with brush, vehicle spout, air/commotion diffuser, launder able cartridge channel, froth sleeve, and extra caddy and remote control handle. Different pieces of this machine incorporate a 10 feet flex hose, 11 feet standard hose, a 20-foot string, and locally available capacity for all accessories and connections.


  • Light and versatile
  • Effectively separates from the divider
  • Effective string wrap when not being used
  • Spares space with divider mount
  • Long hose and force line
  • Amazing suction
  • Remote switch on the handle


3. DeWalt 9 Caddy

DeWalt 9 Caddy


DeWalt has made an objective towards proficient clients with another line of wet dry vac models, beginning with DeWalt DXV09P. It accompanies a hose distance across of 1-7/8, length of 7 feet, and a 10 feet power string wrap to help with arriving at the tidy up point.

With a canister size of 9 Gallons, pushing five pinnacle strength which is the ideal measure of suction required for generally tidy up function, conveying 90 cubic feet for each moment and 70 creeps of water lift; the construct quality here is a stage up over the rest.

The DeWalt 9 Gallon wet dry vac is solid and perfect for huge pickups. It has an advantageous handle for simple pick-ups and ultra-solid swiveling casters for smooth motion toward any path.  For simplicity of suction, the unit includes an implicit blower sufficiently port to blow sawdust and flotsam and jetsam from any workshop. The coordinated stockpiling sack helpfully connected to the posterior of the vac, you can conveniently sort out your extras.


  • Extraordinary form quality
  • Four casters for simple development
  • Remarkable hose and string the executives
  • Perfect for huge pickups


4. Vacmaster 12 Gallon

Vacmaster 12 Gallon


With five pull, Vacmaster VBV1210 is a dependable wet dry vac with ground-breaking suction. The benefit of the enormous limit tank offered by this unit decreases the outings to the profound sink to exhaust it while working. It is an adaptable 2 out of 1 device that can work extraordinary as a wet-dry vac and can likewise be changed over to an independent leaf blower with one press.

Alongside the wet-dry vacuum remembers for board adornment stockpiling, a rough 12-gallon polypropylene tank, extra-enormous channel for quick exhausting and a few different extras that are helpful for most vacuuming and blowing applications.

The Vacmaster 12 gallon is ideal for a wide range of cleaning activities, regardless of whether it is clearing a stopped up sink, vacuuming the vehicle’s upholstery or brushing sawdust off your workbench. It very well may be collected in minutes and be effortlessly moved between modes with a flick on the discharge catch to either create an incredible suction or serious blowing. It is the best compact wet dry vacuum.


  • Ground-breaking suction
  • Huge storage
  • Huge string and separable wire
  • Great as an independent blower
  • Accompanies diffuser or commotion reducer


5. Vacmaster Professional

Vacmaster Professional


The Vacmaster Professional 5 Gallon is the most powerful wet-dry vac, controlled by a 5 Pinnacle Torque and intended to handle the hardest tidy up ventures in homes, carports, places of work, or around the shop.

It offers locally available capacity for hose, embellishments and force ropes, for legitimate association, and to dispose of unneeded issues. The 7 ft. a hose just as the 18 ft. Force lines license the client to arrive at further separations without unplugging the unit.


  • Light and convenient polypropylene tank
  • Incorporated hose stockpiling
  • Long force rope with capacity
  • Ground-breaking suction


6. Vacmaster 6 Gallon

Vacmaster 6 Gallon


Vacmaster VQ607SFD is a 6 Gallon wet dry vac made from stainless steel to be ultra-lightweight, versatile and incredible. It has an expert look and is sufficiently tough to fulfill the need for cleaning occupations in homes, carports, and workplaces.

It has enough force at the spout end with enough accomplices to make the unit adaptable for cleaning employments. The pack accompanies the wet-dry vac, substitution channels, air control or control handle, two augmentation wands, dust sack, cartridge channel, reusable froth sleeve, hole apparatus, round residue brush, multi-surface floor spout, and a 2-in-1 utility spout.


  • Lightweight and truly versatile
  • Great suction
  • Extremely affordable


7. Vacmaster 4 GallonVacmaster 4 Gallon


Vacmaster 4 Gallon is an amazing floor vacuum with a 2-organize mechanical engine to keep it quiet, durable and give more incredible suction than other ordinary wet dry vacs. It is lightweight, convenient, and simple to use with great highlights like programmed line rewind, installed accessory stockpiling, triple filtration, and an enormous residue seal on/off switch.

At five pinnacle Pull engine, the Vacmaster 4 Gallon is able to play out the normal assignments. The durable unit has a decent long rope to reach across huge room and wheels moves to improve the portability and make it simple to move.

It contains three filters, one alongside a sack, mid channel and HEPA at the base of the machine.

Fixed from the upper piece of the engine as far as possible of the container, the suction is especially solid and reasonable for vehicle cleaning. It is the best wet dry vac for car detailing. The machine accompanies all the important parts you acquire for various assignments, including three augmentation wands, 2-in-1 utility spout, fissure instruments, and residue brush.


  • Extra-long and retractable force rope
  • Convenient, lightweight and simple to move
  • Solid suction
  • High wet and cleaning execution


9. Stanley SL18115 Wet/Dry Wet Dry Vacuum Steel Tank

Stanley SL18115 Wet/Dry Wet Dry Vacuum Steel Tank


Fueled by an amazing engine, Stanley SL18115 5-Gallon wet dry vac has great functioning and gives greatest suction capacity to uncompromising assignments. It is compatible for both soggy and dry dirt.

It is planned with incredible wet and dry vac with tough handle for easy movement, and a broad water-safe on/off switch for brisk and safe access. For ease, the Stanley SL18115 has a worked in power line wrap and the capacity to give unrivaled execution in any condition. And it is the strongest wet dry vacuum.

With a convenient 5 Gallon steel compartment, four pinnacle Pull and wind stream of 85 Cubic feet for every moment Stanley SL18115 makes short work of the intense employments and spares you time and exertion.

Depleting in the wake of getting fluid is made simple with the implicit tank. The unit accompanies a 5-foot hose, two expansion wands, gulper spout, hole spout, froth channel, floor brush, material pack with a cinch ring, and a residue sack. Another mentionable component is the back blower port and the adornment stockpiling swiveling casters to keep the things sorted out and give simplicity of development toward any path.


  • Lightweight and versatile steel tank
  • Simple to dump out and clean after
  • Advantageous handle
  • Ground-breaking suction


9. Vacmaster 2.5 GallonVacmaster 2.5 Gallon


Accompanying a 2 Pinnacle HP engine, the Vacmaster VP205 is valuable for little undertakings at home, workplaces or worksites. It is unimaginably versatile and helpful to be moved starting with one spot then onto the next without issues of overweight. A unit is a 2-in-1 device that can likewise work as a blower to clean undesirable flotsam and jetsam or swell beds and pool toys. It has a 2.5-gallon polypropylene tank to hold both fluid and trustworthy pickups.

Indeed, even with the little estimated tank, there is no compelling reason to fear flood; it has an inbuilt Auto Stopped when the tank is full. A portion of the highlights incorporate a 8 feet line with string wrap, 4 feet hose, 2-in-1 utility spout, cleft device, reusable material channel, and froth sleeve channel. The machine additionally accompanies installed embellishment stockpiling to set up all the required connections.


  • 8 feet string with line wrap
  • Versatile, lightweight and simple to convey
  • 2-in-1 usefulness
  • High wet and cleaning execution


10. Shop-Vac 1.5 GallonShop-Vac 1.5 Gallon


At 2.0 pinnacle Torque with calm activity, the Shop-Vac 5895100 wet dry vac can deal with most little errands. It is a compact wet dry vac having a tank size of just 1.5 Gallons. To forestall flood during wet pickups, a programmed coast shut-off turns off the motor when the tank is filled.

The Shop-Vac wet dry vac created in Switzerland can be utilized for various applications, including shops and homes. There are a top and side tank handle with double wheel hooded casters for simple portability.

To meet most clients’ prerequisites, the 18 feet power rope lessens the need to move to various positions while vacuuming. It accompanies a divider mount section store the machine off the beaten path.

The pack incorporates 7 feet and 1.25 distance across fit hose, two expansion wands, hole apparatus, double surface floor spout, gulper spout, froth sleeve, round brush, assortment channel sack, and divider mount section.


  • 18 feet wire
  • Convenient, lightweight and simple to convey
  • High wet and cleaning execution
  • Wheel hooded casters for simple portability


11. Vacmaster wet dry vac vbv 1210

Vacmaster wet dry vac vbv 1210


The vacmaster vbv 1210 has dual functioning that permits you to change it activity to wet or dry according to your need. It has great power and is controlled by only one button click. Its size is perfect for carrying out cleaning activities at home or the workplace.

Having a 5 peak engine, it cleans everything smoothly, regardless what type of dirt you are cleaning; solids or liquids. This vacuum can be separated and be used as a blower as well. Its air speed is 210MPH, which allows it to do heavy duty cleaning.


  • Easy movement because of the wheels
  • High blowing speed
  • Dual cleaning


12. Craftsmen CMXEVBE17595 16 Gallon

Craftsmen CMXEVBE17595 16 Gallon


The craftsmen 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac, is the perfect answer for handling huge cleanup extends in the carport or on the place of work that need the most force. Enormous scope remodels, assembles, or floods are a simple assignment for this huge shop wet dry vacuum.

This wet dry vac incorporates a vehicle spout, utility spout and wet spout. Additionally included is a huge 2-1/2 in. breadth hose with included Double Flex that opposes wrinkles and pounding. On-board hose stockpiling in addition to extra and force rope coordinators help wipe out unneeded problem and diminish in general extra room. It is the best wet and dry shop vac.


  • Versatile, lightweight and simple to convey
  • 2-in-1 usefulness
  • High wet and cleaning execution


Regardless of their sizes, the wet-dry vacuums are valued long haul ventures that offer most extreme execution when managing getting both fluid and dry materials from surfaces. For whatever length of time that you settle on the correct decision of vacuum cleaner fitting your motivation, you would understand their handiness in houses, workplaces, worksites, carports, workshops, and furthermore for tidying up vehicle insides.

Some significant variables, purchasers neglect to consider while getting the force apparatus are to what extent the force line is, the heaviness of the tank they can convey, how strong the hose is, their spending limit and the point of utilization.

The best pick ought to be anything but difficult to set up, store and work, give great suction capacity to get together with practically any assignment, get hammered and keep working, and anybody of the wet-dry vacs from our audit would not be an off-base decision of you have nailed your financial limit to $100.

Be that as it may, in the wake of experiencing the subtleties of a few models, we have picked Vacmaster VBV1210 as our best pick for its capacity to do the exceptionally fundamental required employment, which is conveying amazing suction.

Vacmaster 12 Gallon is successful, conveys a dependable cleaning execution, helpful with great worth, an outright can anticipate the cost and can be an answer for tidying up each kind of wreckage around the home on a day by day base.


1. Do you take out the filter for wet vac?

while using a wet dry vac, for dry surfaces, make sure that the filter has been correctly placed. As the filter avoids the dust particles to blow out during cleaning. When it comes to clean the wet surfaces, make sure to remove the filter.

2. Which is the most powerful wet dry vacuum?

The craftsmen XSP 12006 is the most powerful wet dry vacuum.

3. What size of wet dry vac do I need?

The size of the vac depends upon what kind of activities you want. The sizes of heavy cleaning vac and compact vacuums differ from each other.