Bodybuilding Meal Prep Containers {Top 12} – Buying Guide 2023

Bodybuilding Meal Prep Containers {Top 12} – Buying Guide 2020

The purpose of writing on bodybuilding meal prep containers is to make you acknowledged the best fitness meal prep bags available in the market. Mostly, intense hunger carvings affect our strict diet plan. You may rush to eat some high calories junk food to satisfy your appetite. Bodybuilders need to maintain their diet plan.

Therefore, they keep their meal prepare in meal planning lunch box. Whenever it’s time to eat,
they easily open their portion control meal prep to enjoy lunch. The entire meal prep process
can be broken down into three basic steps. Firstly, you need to buy essential elements and recipes for your diet plan. Secondly, Cook and prepare your food following the steps of your recipe.

After that, you need the best meal prep lunch box to store it properly. Although, the usage of
meal prep freezer containers is not limited to fitness enthusiasts. The working women and house wives also use good meal prep containers to store food. Kids often demand yummy lunches in odd cooking timings.

Mostly females prefer to keep food ready in freezer safe meal prep containers. So, that they can serve food to their kids without worries. Disposable meal prep containers help you to keep your food ready for the time when it is difficult to cook.

However, the main thing we need for food storage purposes is the best containers for freezer
meals. Here we write a buying guide reviews on bodybuilding meal prep containers based on
market survey and customer reviews. This buying guide will make you aware of the extensive
features, specifications, performance, Pros & Cons of top 12 bodybuilding meal prep


ImageNameCheck Price
Glasslock 18-piece Oven Safe Meal Prep Containers
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Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment
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Best Overall 3-compartment Food Meal Boxes
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Ez Prepa Bpa – Free Plastic Container With Compartments
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Freshware 3-compartment Meal With Lid Boxes
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Prep Natural Bpa Free Glass Containers
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Sturdy Glass 3-compartment Meal Boxes
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Best Disposable Meal Container Boxes By Enther
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Fitpacker Disposable 2-compartment Meal Boxes
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Fitpacker Lunch Bento Boxes
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Evolutionize Insulated Meal Prep Container
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Isolator Fitness Isobag Meal Prep Lunch Boxes
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1. Glasslock 18-piece Oven Safe Meal Prep Containers

Glasslock 18-piece Oven Safe Meal Prep Containers


An 18 piece Glass Made food container set – consisting of 9 food boxes and 9 lids. These 9 oven safe meal prep containers are leak proof, durable and freezer friendly. The best thing to
consider about these glass containers for meal prep is its composition material. The lunch box
for meal prep is not composed of plastic. Instead, it uses a mixture of limestone, soda ash, silica,  and other natural elements. Therefore, the Glasslock lunch box for meal prep are safe and BPA free.

The containers are highly durable and don’t smell like other plastic meal prep containers. The
main consideration with these best glass lunch containers is to handle them with extra care.
Although, the product is stable enough to bear small droppings still care is better. The waste of
this product will not harm the environment as it is recyclable as well. Suggested as one of the
best bodybuilding meal prep containers as per our market survey.


  •  Multipurpose usage: One can use to freeze, bake or microwave.
  •  Easy to wash
  •  Order proof food containers
  •  As 9 Containers come up in different sizes. One can enjoy a smaller to a heavy meal.


  •  Need the Care to handle as the glass is breakable
  •  Avoid using lids in oven.


2. Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment

Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment


Are you seeking for food container with compartments? Yes, people mostly give priority
to the food container with compartments. The ease of use with these divides is amazing. Glass
meal presents glass lunch containers with compartments in three sizes along with three
dividers. Although the product is available both with dividers and without dividers. The choice is yours.

Moreover, the prominent features of these glass meal prep containers with dividers is its nontoxic and harmless constitution material. This is compose of pure and high quality glass. The use of plastic boxes is also fine but when it comes to glass it is excellent. Glass has the properties to store in the freezer, use in the microwave oven, no smell issues and many others. People mostly recommends these glass meal prep container with dividers.


  •  You will not face issues like smell or stains
  •  Compose of high quality Glass
  •  You can use these bodybuilding meal prep containers to freeze foods.
  •  Lids of the glass lunch box with compartments are composed of BPA-free material


  •  The snap locking becomes hard over the time of period.


3. Best Overall 3-compartment Food Meal Boxes

Best Overall 3-compartment Food Meal Boxes


The most selling lunch box for meal prep is Simple Housewares 3 compartment food storage
containers. This meal box consists of 3 compartments in which you can easily store 3 different
food items.

According to some customer reviews, this meal box can easily be used for 10oz meat, a cup of
beans and veggies. In one meal box, all above mentioned meal products are considered as a
heavy lunch.

The most interesting feature of these lunch boxes for meal prep is its air tight lid closure. It
keeps food items fresh for a long time. The lid is so tight that it is hard to be open by older
people or children.

Lastly, you can get these best food containers for lunches in a pack of either 6, 10 or 30 Boxes.
These compartment food storage containers are known as budget friendly lunch boxes for
meal prep.


  •  Withstand extreme high temperature of -40.
  •  Fitness meal prep bags leak resistant property.
  •  Freezer and Microwave safe containers
  •  No plastic smell after heating in the microwave.
  •  Best containers for freezing individual meals


  •  It can be brittle when frozen for a longer time.
  •  Careful handling used to handle this food prep lunch box.
  •  Lids are not easy to open.


4. Ez Prepa Bpa – Free Plastic Container With Compartments

Ez Prepa Bpa – Free Plastic Container With Compartments


EZ Prepa BPA – Free Plastic Container with Compartments is also considered as one of the
best-selling multi compartment food containers. These meal prep storage containers have less capacity as compared to other meal boxes.

Therefore, these small meal prep containers can store lunch for one or two persons. These
small meal prep containers can carry the perfect amount of meal. This meal prep storage
containers are manufacture by a good quality BFA-free plastic that is non-toxic to use. You can
use these boxes for heating in the microwave without any danger. Besides, the lids are air tight to keep the meal fresh for a longer time.


  •  Safe to use for frozen items.
  •  Meal prep containers microwave safe
  •  Its provide product refund services
  •  Bodybuilding meal prep containers can withstand leaking of liquid.
  •  Can store 32oz portion control meal prep containers.


  •  Better not to place lids in oven.
  •  Long freezing can damage lids
  •  To some extent fragile, may crack if try to force open from the top.
  •  Not suitable for liquid as sides are quite low in height.


5. Freshware 3-compartment Meal With Lid Boxes

Freshware 3-compartment Meal With Lid Boxes


Freshware meal prep 3-compartment containers are considered as cheap meal prep containers available in the market now-a-days. The total capacity of this meal box including all 3 compartments is 24oz. The food containers with dividers are of different capacities, 2
compartments are of 6 ounces and one big compartment of 12 ounces.

Freshware meal prep food containers are lighter in weight. Freshware containers for meal
prep are made entirely from BFA-free and FDA approved plastic material. In contrast to other meal boxes, this meal box gives a unique taste and fragrance to your food. Freshware meal prep boxes are committed to making sure that your meal will stay delicious and fresh anywhere for a longer time. In short, recommended Bodybuilding meal prep containers
for health conscious people.


  •  Lifetime replacement warranty.
  •  FDA approved and BFA free plastic material.
  •  Approved by 21 day fitness experts.
  •  Microwave safe for heating food items.
  •  Easy to carry in the bag


  •  Plastic material is a little bit is thinner.
  •  Not leak proof.
  •  The lid is a little bit tight to open easily.
  •  Thin plastic may warp during heating in the microwave.


6. Prep Natural Bpa Free Glass Containers

Prep Natural Bpa Free Glass Containers


Prep Natural BPA free glass containers are the best choice if your meal preparation time is
commonly dinners at home. The total capacity of this meal box is 25oz. These glass made meal
boxes are not heavy because eco-friendly borosilicate glass is used in the meal box.

Regardless of the smaller size, these ecofriendly meal prep containers fit a decent amount of
food in 3 glass compartments. One important thing is that these glass meal prep containers
with compartments are 100% leak proof and can be easily used for liquid or juices.

This glass lunch box with dividers is easy to use. These fitness meal prep bag with lids allow
you to roast your meals at home and eat fresh and healthy food anytime. The high quality
manufacturing and finishing of the BPA free glass containers make the best choice for picnics,
gym, and office lunches.


  •  Fast shipping via amazon.
  •  Safe for use in oven and microwave.
  •  100% leak proof Bodybuilding meal prep containers.
  •  Refund of money in case not satisfied with the product.
  •  Best for separating cold and hot meal items.
  •  Easy to freeze or warm food items.
  •  Best meal prep containers amazon


  •  Lids are not microwaves friendly
  •  Small containers only suitable for lunch.
  •  The divider doesn’t touch flap. So the mixing of liquids is possible.
  •  A little bit heavier than plastic meal boxes.


7. Sturdy Glass 3-compartment Meal Boxes

Sturdy Glass 3-compartment Meal Boxes



If you are searching for large meal prep containers then meal planning lunch box with 3
compartments by M Micro are best to use. These prep naturals glass containers can store food
of about 35 ounces and weigh about 6 pounds. For instance, you can carry fried potatoes,
chicken steak, and salad in this glass meal box which is enough for lunch.

According to customers’ reviews, glass containers with locking lids are better than plastic meal
containers. Another positive point in favor of best glass food containers is that these can
withstand oven temperature up to 232 degrees Celsius or 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Locking lids of these meal boxes are supported with built in a silicone rubber band to keep meal free from bacterial attack.


  •  Stainless glass material.
  •  It can withstand a high temperature of 450F.
  •  Compartments are deep so less chance of mixing.
  •  It uses heavy duty glass in the manufacturing of BPA free meal prep containers.
  •  Air tight lids.
  •  Leak proof food containers


  •  The little gap between lid flap and divider.
  •  Bodybuilding meal prep containers are not stackable.
  •  The liquid may mix or leak.


8. Best Disposable Meal Container Boxes By Enther

Best Disposable Meal Container Boxes By Enther


Enther Meal Prep containers boxes are the best choice for those who want to use disposable
meal prep containers for different purposes like lunch etc. These meal boxes are available in a pack of 20 boxes and each box has 3 compartments and can store food up to 36 ounces.

The company claims that these boxes are safe for use in the microwave however without lids.
Lids can be wrap in microwave heat. These disposable meal prep containers can withstand the
heat of microwave up to 250F.


  •  Meal prep containers microwave safe
  •  Disposable containers with lid
  •  Money back guaranteed.
  •  Safe for the freezer.
  •  It can be stackable.
  •  High quality disposable material used in manufacturing.


  •  Lid cover is not safe for microwave.
  •  Not easy to clean Bodybuilding meal prep containers.
  •  Greasy material not easily removed even after washing many times.
  •  If lid rubber burnt, it will cause smell in foodstuff.


9. Fitpacker Disposable 2-compartment Meal Boxes
Fitpacker Disposable 2-compartment Meal Boxes


Fitpacker disposable containers with lid is another very commonly used 2 compartment meal
plan lunch box. These meal prep food containers can accommodate only 8 ounces of foodstuff
enough for one person.

There is SureLock seal at the lid which makes these disposable containers with lids leak proof
while traveling. These lids flaps are raised enough that you can put a sandwich on rice. Fitpacker meal plan lunch boxes are made from specially manufactured highest quality and the densest plastic from the USA.


  •  USA manufactures.
  •  Fast shipping amazon food prep containers
  •  Leak proof Bodybuilding meal prep containers. 4. SureLock seal is available at lids.


  •  Not suitable for stacking.
  •  Oily material is not easy to remove even after washing.


10. Fitpacker Lunch Bento Boxes

Fitpacker Lunch Bento Boxes


If you visit the market then you will find many amazon food prep containers that look similar
but they won’t compete Fitpacker lunch boxes in quality. These disposable containers with lids
are made in the USA from FDA approved and BFA free plastic material.

Fitpacker lunch boxes are of single part but this single portion can fit a decent quantity of food
that is enough for one man in lunch. These cheap meal prep containers are fully reusable after
cleaning. There is a SureLock seal in the lid which makes it leak proof. Therefore, perfectly fit
for travel usage.


  •  Safe to heat in the microwave.
  •  Free from toxic and phthalates material.
  •  Money back guarantees if not satisfied with the product.


  •  Don’t fix easily in small shoulder bags.
  •  Design is not attractive.


11. Evolutionize Insulated Meal Prep Container

Evolutionize Insulated Meal Prep Container


If you are looking for a lunch fitness meal prep bag then Evolutionize insulated meal prep
containers are the best choice for you. These large meal prep containers come in a pack of 3
boxes and a larger bag to carry anywhere. Each of the three boxes is separately insulated from
the other.

According to the company, the bags are designed ergonomically fit to your shoulder so that you feel the minimum weight while carrying. The bag has also capacity to accommodate 2 drinking bottles inside pockets. This fitness meal prep bag is made up of thick PEVA lining, YKK
zipper, and EPA foam and thick ultra-strong polyester. Upper or top compartment is best to be
used for nuts, snacks, and other dry food items.


  •  One hidden pocket to keep some secret belongings.
  •  All boxes are separately insulated.
  •  100% customer satisfaction.
  •  The bag is easy to carry.


  •  If not washed properly, a fitness meal prep bag may be smelled.
  •  Not fit for heating in the microwave.
  •  The handling of boxes is difficult.


12. Isolator Fitness Isobag Meal Prep Lunch Boxes

Isolator Fitness Isobag Meal Prep Lunch Boxes


Isolator Fitness lunch boxes are a complete and unique meal management system. These boxes are fully insulated and designed in such a way to keep food fresh for about 12 to 15 hours. A separate company designed bag is also included in the pack. These lunch bags for bodybuilders have 2 way loading, either to load from the top or front side. Both loading openings are closed with high quality YKK zippers.

Furthermore, these microwavable food storage containers are made from BFA free nontoxic
material and perfect to be used for microwave or freezer. The lunch bags for bodybuilders is
supported with an adjustable strap and handle so that you feel convenient to carry.


  •  Easy to handle or carry on the shoulder.
  •  The bag weighs only 5.5 pounds.
  •  Food containers are of different sizes. (12oz. 16oz, 28oz and 38oz)
  •  Leak proof plastic material.


  •  Container quality is very poor.


Why Bodybuilders Need Meal Prep Containers in 2023 

Bodybuilding isn’t only activity of keeping one’s body healthy and attractive but also a fashion in 2023. To achieve the desired targets, bodybuilders have to take into consideration different aspects. Maintaining diet quality as well as quantity stands above all disciplines. That’s why they need meal prep containers. 

Quality of the Product is Key

The market offers a great variety of bodybuilding meal containers. However, invest in quality so containers may remain usable for a great length of time. No doubt, durability isn’t the only factor that one should consider. Keep in mind, meal containers shouldn’t have toxic chemicals and BPA. 

Virgin Polypropylene

Virgin Polypropylene is a type of plastic, is used in the production of products since 1950 to manufacture food containers, office furniture, and lawn ornaments. This type of plastic is free from contaminations and chemicals. Never use the recycled product/container as a few traces may be added to food that you put food in it. Your health is bound to suffer when you intake food stored in such containers. 


It’s a fact that bodybuilders have more muscle power but they should choose lightweight meal prep containers. The obvious advantage of such a container is that a person who carries it feels convenient. 

Space Efficient

While looking at different features of meal prep containers, don’t ignore their space efficiency. You can add/store more meals in it at one time. Sometimes, one may have run out of time and can’t prepare meals time & again, every day. The solution to the problem is to prepare a large quantity of food, freeze it, and intake when needed. 


Bodybuilders have to consume food a lot as well as frequently. The extensive usage of containers may cause damage if it is fragile. Buy a durable dish to avoid any inconvenience. It should have the quality to run for years without losing vitality and color. 



We know that either you are a diet conscious, bodybuilder, housewife, worker, or kid, all
need to carry the best meal prep lunch box with them. An urgent portion control meal prep
for hunger is a common practice in every next home. So, you need to buy a proper food prep
lunch box to store food in the compartment meal prep containers.

This is not possible to cook each time you are hungry. Bodybuilders and diet-conscious cannot
take it easy, as junk food can make their work out completely off. Therefore, we write buying
guide reviews on 12 Bodybuilding meal prep containers.

In conclusion, these best meal prep containers on amazon are recommended by our guide based on market evaluation and customer reviews. It’s important to find out the features and specifications of new trendy market products before buying. I hope our reviews will help you to find the best for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Both glass and plastic disposable boxes for food are available in the market. Although, both products are used commonly. The best glass containers for meal prep are composed of high quality glass. The reason that glass container with locking lid has priority is that food does not get sticky and easy to wash.
We have mentioned the top 12 best available market products. You should buy Glasslock 18-Piece Oven Safe Meal Prep Containers to value out your money. Similarly, you can buy Prep Natural BPA free glass containers another good choice to go
Food containers with dividers allow you to store food in multiple 2 or 3 compartments for future use. You can easily freeze and microwave them
3 compartments will allow you to store your food in three portions easily. Putting fruit, vegetables, bread in one compartment get messy that why we recommend multi-compartment food container.