Bowling Set For Kids – {Top 10} In 2023

Bowling Set For Kids

This post was most recently updated on April 2nd, 2023

All the time, kids want something to do; they can’t sit idle. Their favorite thing to do is play different games, either video games or outdoor games. However, they should play outdoor games that involve more physical activity. One of those games is bowling, which you might have heard about for adults mostly and that too in playing hubs, but there are bowling sets for kids as well. The best part is this bowling set for kids is for home; you can place them in your backyard or somewhere indoor. 

Bowling toys for kids is the perfect engaging game for your kid; it can enhance their social skills. Therefore, it is best if you buy them bowling set for kids. To help you find the best bowling set for children, we did our research on amazon and came up with the most amazing bowling games for kids. So in this article, you will find some bowling sets that you can buy online with their reviews. 

Few Tips For Choosing The Best Bowling Set For Kids:

  •  Design:

The most important thing that you need to take into consideration while buying the bowling pins for kids is their design. It should be compact. Otherwise, they will take up a lot of space. 

  • The Total Number Of Items:

Kids are very sharp, they want the same things as their elders, and they don’t like them if they get something different. Therefore, your kid will want the same bowling as the real one; you need to check the number of items in the bowling game for kids. They are mostly six in number. 

  • Stability:

When you are buying the kids bowling ball set, make sure that the pins are stable. The pins must remain stable; otherwise, it will be no fun to play.

  •  Non-Toxic Element:

Ensure that the pins or the ball of the bowling set for kids do not contain any sort of toxic materials because kids, especially toddlers, like to take everything in the mouth. Thus, to prevent health issues, find a non-toxic bowling set.

Top 10 Bowling Set For Kids Product Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game For Toddler 
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Ibase Toy Kids Bowling Games For Toddlers 
Check Price
Liberty Imports Deluxe Plastic Bowling Ball Set 
Check Price
Champion Sports Kids Plastic Bowling Set 
Check Price
Little Tikes Bowling Game For Children
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Kidoozie Bowling Set 
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What Kids Want Avengers Bowling Set 
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Liberry Bowling Game For Toddlers
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ToyVelt Bowling Set 
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1. Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game For Toddler 


Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game For Toddler 


Key Features:

  • This set consists of 6 monster dresses bowling pins 
  • It is made of a soft and squeezable material
  • It has one small ball that can be gripped easily 
  • Bright in colors 
  • The package includes a storage bag as well 
  • Bowling pins help in kids motor improvement, hand, and eye coordination 

Melissa & Doug’s bowling set is one of the available indoor bowling for kids. It offers soft and squishy monster-looking bowling pins for kids. The pack of six is all brightly colored and small in size. The small-size squeezable plus ball fits perfectly into small palms. The kids can easily throw the ball, knocking the pins out. This bowling set for toddlers has a weighted bottom that keeps it steady and stable. Melissa & Doug products are durable and can be used for years. You can store these goofy characters in the storage that comes in the package. 


2. Ibase Toy Kids Bowling Games For Toddlers 

Ibase Toy Kids Bowling Games For Toddlers 


Key Features:

  • The package has ten bowling pins and two balls
  • The whole set is colorful and attractive for kids
  • It is made of dense polyurethane foam
  • The set is light in weight and easy to pick  

iBase Toy Kids bowling set is the perfect re-imagining bowling set for little children. The complete package includes a 10 pin bowling set with two balls made of foam. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about kids or toddlers hitting them or getting hurt. These bowling pins for toddlers are cute and colorful. They are made of lightweight polyurethane foam; kids can pick them up quickly. iBase bowling set comes with a case for keeping the pins and balls. They offer durable and high-quality bowling for little kids. 


3. Liberty Imports Deluxe Plastic Bowling Ball Set 

Liberty Imports Deluxe Plastic Bowling Ball Set 


Key Features:

  • Large bowling pins made of plastic 
  • The bowling pins are filled with miniature balls
  • Safe to use and remain stable during game
  • Non-toxic and BPA free
  • Made of ABS plastic

Liberty Imports Deluxe offers plastic jumbo-sized bowling sets with six bowling pins and a ball. Although they are large plastic bowling pins, the little hands can handle them easily. Another attractive feature of these bowling pins is that they have miniature balls inside them. These tiny balls clatter when the balls knock the pin down. The ball has indented circles, just like the real bowling balls. 

Moreover, they are safe to use for kids of age four. The sturdy bowling pins are made of safe ABS plastic and are non-toxic. This bowling set for kids is of high quality, and ASTM / CPSC tested. This toy is an excellent exercise for kids to keeping them active.


4. Champion Sports Kids Plastic Bowling Set 

Champion Sports Kids Plastic Bowling Set 


Key Features:

  • The package includes weighted bowling pins
  • It has rubber balls with set up pattern and score sheet
  • Stable 
  • Multi-surface equipment 

Another bowling set that we have for indoor bowling games for kids and adults is by Champion Sports. They manufacture plastic bowling sets for children that include ten classic red-tipped and white body plastic pins and balls made of rubber. The Champion Sports kids bowling set is perfect for training children. 

Furthermore, the bowling pins are heavy, unlike other hollow pins. These pins stand firm until they are knocked down by the ball. The package includes a scorepad and set sheet as well so that the whole family can enjoy playing the game.


5. Little Tikes Bowling Game For Children 

Little Tikes Bowling Game For Children


Key Features:

  • Helps children in learning numbers and colors
  • The pins are transparent and filled with colorful balls
  • Stand firm on carpet 
  • The set comes with six pins and a junior-sized ball

Little Tikes bowling balls for toddlers are famous among the kids. They are different from others; the bowling pins are transparent and filled with colorful balls. The complete package comes with six balls and a ball. The ball and pins are light in weight; therefore, kids can hold them easily and take them anywhere they want. These bowling pins are stable and durable.


6. Kidoozie Bowling Set 

Kidoozie Bowling Set 


Key Features:

  • It has six brightly colored pins and a ball
  • All the pins are made of foam
  • The pins height is almost 7 inches tall
  • Easy to clean

Kidoozie offers free, easy bowling games for kids that are safe for children above age three. It is a six-pin bowling set that is one of the best bowling for kids. All the pins have different colors, just as the kids love. The flat bottom pins are made of foam that is weighty but friendly for children. They are easy to wash and clean. You can wash them with soap and warm water. You can easily store them in a sturdy zippered bag that comes in the package. 


7. What Kids Want Avengers Bowling Set 

What Kids Want Avengers Bowling Set 


Key Features:

  • Safe for kids or three years of age and less
  • Does not contain any toxic material
  • Kids can play them both indoor and outdoor
  • Comes with a stable base
  • Portable

What Kids Want is an avenger bowling toy for toddlers, specially designed for the kids that are Marvel fans. The bowling pins come with different avengers characters of Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawk Eye, and Black Widow. The package has six bowling pins and one ball, with each pin around 7 inches tall. The whole set is made of high-quality plastic. It is free from any toxic material; thus, this bowling for 3 years old is safe. 





Key Features:

  • Six Gigantic bowling pins 
  •  Sand weighted base 
  • Light in weight 
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor fun
  • hand pump also comes in the package for repairing 
  • It is made of high-quality PVC material

Giggle n Go aims to strengthen the connection between parents and their kids with cheap children bowling balls. This bowling set for kids is a large six pieces bowling set. The bowling pins are light in weight, and to make them stable, the pins are filled with sand. They are made of high-grade PVC. These large bowling pins are 27 inches tall while the ball is 24 inches in diameter. The package comes with six inflatable bowling pins, one black ball, and a hand pump for filling the air in the ball or pins. 


9. Liberry Bowling Game For Toddlers

Liberry Bowling Game For Toddlers


Key Features:

  • It is a set made of premium quality plastic 
  • The plastic is durable and easy to clean
  • The bowling pins are larger
  • This ball comes with three comfort-fit holes 
  • The set consists of ten bowling pins, two balls, and a free mesh bag

Liberry offers safe bowling sets for toddlers; it was founded by two mothers finding a way to engage their kids in playing safe. The kid products by Liberry aim to develop skills like teamwork, physical learning, and others. Therefore, this bowling ball set for toddlers is made of high-quality and durable plastic that is safe to use and easy to clean. 

Unlike others, the size of the bowling pins is 9.5 inches, whereas the ball has three comfortable finger fit holes for a secure grip. This bowling set is designed especially for children age one and above. 


10. ToyVelt Bowling Set 

ToyVelt Bowling Set 


Key Features:

  • The set includes ten colorful bowling pins and two balls
  • The balls and pins are made of high-grade foam
  • Durable design and lightweight pins 
  • Promote social skills in kids
  • Comes with a zipper case for your convenience

ToyVelt is colorful bowling set for toddlers. The set consists of soft foam bowling pins and foam balls. The ten attractive balls are 7 inches in size, whereas the high-grade foam ball is three inches in size. It is great for toddlers as the set does not contain any toxic material. The material used to make these bowling pins and balls is skin-safe and hypoallergenic. Therefore it is 100% safe for kids of every age.

Why Do You Need Bowling Sets for Kids? 

If your kids are big enough to pick up a bowling ball, you should get bowling sets for them as it is not only a favorite pastime game but offers a lot of benefits. 

  • Improves Motor Planning

To make the best shot, the player has to take into consideration different factors in mind i.e. holding the ball in a hand, proper position of the opposite leg, use of arms and legs at the same time. The situation needs proper motor planning. The bowling practice improves motor planning skill that leaves a positive impact on their academic career. 

  • Reduce Stress

Kids should be given a stress-free environment where they may prosper and give their best. Bowling is a way of fun and means to wind down stress not only for the young but also for kids. 

  • Foster Family Bonding

It’s a keen desire of parents to foster strong family bonding. Bowling is a sport that may play a very constructive role to keep the family under the same roof and serve the desired purpose. 

  • Builds Confidence

Lack of confidence damages a kid in all walks of life. Parents should do their best to groom their kids’ personalities and confidence. Bowling sports can be very fruitful for kids regarding enhancing their self-esteem. 


We concluded that the bowling game for kids is not only fun, but also it develops a lot of skills in kids. The bowling set helps in developing gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and balance. Therefore, kids should be involved in such activities. However, be careful when choosing the bowling set for kids, as some of them contain toxic materials. We tried our best to find non-toxic and safe bowling sets. Thus, you can choose from them without any worry.