Top 10 Real Bow And Arrow For Kids Buying Guide Reviews – 2023

real bow and arrow for kids

The purpose of writing on Real Bow and Arrow for Kids is to make you aware of the interesting features of newly launched market products.  Children nowadays have a great interest in indoor and outdoor games. From the age of 10 kid’s start to become passionate about games in addition to their studies.

Mostly people adopts outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton, basketball, Golf and baseball. Some indoor games are popular as well; like table tennis, Pictionary and arrow shooting.

Arrow shooting or Archery is an exceptional indoor game. Firstly, arrow shooting includes in Olympics games. Secondly, it’s a safe and fun-loving game for kids. Lastly, it’s important to have the best bow and arrow toy as per your kid’s interest. To play well, it’s important to take proper training and practice. Kids can adopt this indoor game as a hobby.

Bow & arrow sets are different for kids and adults.  However, kids can use starter bow and arrow set design after training. Observe your child that either he wants to adopt archery as a hobby or profession. If your kid is showing interest to play archery at the professional level, then familiarize your child to an archery set for kids to develop the respective skills.

This article on Real bow and arrow for Kids will help you choose the best archery for your kids based on the market evaluation. Select the best bow and arrow toy after reading user reviews on features and specifications of children’s bow and arrow set.

Top 10 Ten Real Bow And Arrow For Kids Are As Follows

ImageNameCheck Price
Knidose 35 Pieces Beginner Bow And Arrow For Kids
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Gobro Brand 6 Arrows Set For Kids
Check Price
Scout Bow Set By Bear Archery
Check Price
Sainsmart Jr. 5 Durable Suction Cup Bow And Arrow
Check Price
2-pack Handmade Wooden Bows And Arrows
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Kids Archery Set By Toysery
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Marky Sparky Bow & Arrow For Youth

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Brave Bow Set By Bear Archery
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Wowok Toy Archery Bow Set
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Wooden Handmade 20 Arrow Set
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1. Knidose 35 Pieces Beginner Bow And Arrow For Kids

Knidose 35 Pieces Beginner Bow And Arrow For Kids


The biggest concern of parents nowadays is to divert their children towards games. Mobile and tablet addiction is very common. So, kids must play some interesting games in the fresh air. If your kid is a starter then don’t worry you should buy Beginner Bow and Arrow for kids.

The best kids bow and arrow set for beginners introduced by Knidose. Archery set for kids consists of 35 pieces made up of Bamboo material. The bow & arrow set consists of 15 dart-shaped arrows, 15 end target point sheets. Along with, 1 face mask, 1 piece of fabric and 2 wrist bands. The purpose of 15 arrows is to avoid wasting time in collecting. Bows and arrows used in Knidose set are compose of high-quality natural bamboos. On the other hand, arrows comes with rubber tips to prevent any injury or accident.

The bow and arrow set game will create a struggle to hit the target sheet in a single shoot. Thus, helpful in creating a sense of motivation towards their goals.


  • Best Suited for Beginners
  • Makeable child to play in the open air
  • Fine Material & Finishing
  • Long-lasting


  • The use of real bow and arrow for kids is recommended after essential training


2. Gobro Brand 6 Arrows Set For Kids

Gobro Brand 6 Arrows Set For Kids


GoBro is another market-leading brand, introduces 6 arrows bow set for beginners, kids, and adults. It comes up with 6 suction cup bow and arrows, 1 target sheet, and 1 fabric quiver. This product is safe to play with kids as well. The composition material of this the arrow bow and arrow set is haram less.

Furthermore, the product comes up with lightning settings. Your kid will be excited to have this practice bow and arrow set. Playing with different lights sounds exciting itself. The bow has 2 sets of small build in LEDs so that kids enjoy playing archery at night time.
GoBro band offers you a money-back warranty. In case you are not satisfied with product claim it.


  • Develop accuracy skills
  • 6 suction cup bow and arrows.
  • Improve eye and hand Coordination
  • Money-Back Warranty
  • Exciting to play with real bow and arrow for kids light settings
  • Target Aiming
  • Light in weight


  • Broke able if deal without developed skills


3. Scout Bow Set By Bear Archery

Scout Bow Set By Bear Archery


Scout Bow Set by Bear Archery is among the top sold real bow and arrow set for adults. This arrow bow set comprises of 2 arrows, and 3 finger gripping rollers. This set also includes 1 armguard and safety glasses for eye protection.

Scout bow set is best for those kids who want to learn archery from ground level. Bow length is 33 inches with 12 to 24 draw length range.Most noteworthy is that this bow set comes in different colors for attracting kids.


  • It comes up in four exciting color options, Green, Orange, Flo Green, and Purple.
  • Safety Glasses, Armguard and sight pin comes in this real bow and arrow set.
  • Recommended for bow and arrow for 4 years old
  • Durable and light in weight
  • Inexpensive child bow and arrow


  • Although, the Scout Bow children bow and arrow set uses for left and right-handed children’s. But it may not found friendly to use with left-handed kids. Therefore, you can buy GoBro Brand 6 Arrows Set for Kids.


4. Sainsmart Jr. 5 Durable Suction Cup Bow And Arrow

Sainsmart Jr. 5 Durable Suction Cup Bow And Arrow


If you are seeking for hunting bow for kids, then SainSmart Jr. 5 Durable Suction Cup Bow and Arrow are recommended for you. This bow set comes with a pack of 5 arrows designed with suction cups for outdoor games. The most important fun for kids is that the bow will illuminate as the cord is pulled. This bow and arrow set is easy to take anywhere with a unique box. ASTM toy US safety standards for safety approves the safety of this bow.


  • 5 arrows long lasting and resilient real bow and arrow for kids
  • Exciting lighting automatic
  • Comes up with a device to sight the target (harmless)
  • Develop athletic skills
  • Keep your kids away from iPad and mobiles.
  • Can use a birthday or charismas gift
  • Safe bow and arrow


  • Expensive starter bow and arrow set.


5.  2-pack Handmade Wooden Bows And Arrows

2-pack Handmade Wooden Bows And Arrows


In the list of best toy bows and arrow for kids, this wooden bow sets in the fifth position. It comes up in 2 packs of beginner bow and arrow set for adults.  In contrast to other bows, this bow and arrow set is composed of wood rather than of plastic.

The bow set consists of 2 handmade arrow boxes with 20 wooden arrows with rubber tips. However, it is strictly suggested not to target arrows on creatures, publics, and other breakable Objects like a mirror.


  •  Exciting indoor or outdoor fun for adults and youth.
  • Durable wood made arrows with safe rubber tips real bow and arrow for kids.
  • Best recommended for gifts


  • The arrows are wooden hard enough to break the mirror and sensitive things. Thus, it needs special care to use these bows and arrows for youth.


6. Kids Archery Set By Toysery

Kids Archery Set By Toysery


The searching market for children’s bow and arrows then Toysery Kids bow and arrow toy sets are the best ones.

Toysery Kids archery set is a pack of 3 arrows is composed of plastic, 1 arrow box, and 1 target sheet. On target sheets, numbers are mentioned to conclude the distance of the arrow from the target center circle.

This archery set is available in different colors to make it even more eye-catching and attracting kids. This archery set is composed of high-quality non-toxic ABS plastic.


  • Compose of high-quality non-toxic material.
  • Safe bow and arrow set for kids
  • Fun-loving gift for indoor and outdoor games
  • Portable & Easy to carry
  • Develop best hands with eyes co-ordination
  • Improve Shooting Skills
  • Recommended bow and arrow kit


  • The bow and arrows are composed of plastic. Thus, less durable as compared to the other wooden bamboo youth bow and arrow set


7. Marky Sparky Bow & Arrow For Youth

Marky Sparky Bow & Arrow For Youth


Faux Bow 3 by Marky Sparky is an interesting hunting Archery Set for youth. If you are finding girl’s bow and arrow then the good news is this set is safe to play both for girls and boys. This bow is designed for outdoor gaming or hunting fun. The bowstring is powerful enough to make the arrow hit the target at a distance of 100 feet.

It is a source of great fun to hit small animals like rats, rabbits, and cats with this bow in the gardens and courtyard. Beginners of both gender (boys and girls) show interest in playing hunting games with this bow. The girl’s bow and arrow set consist of a box with 6 plastic arrows with foam covering at the tip. Thus, making the arrows safe for kids to play with. Faux Bow 3 is completely made of high-quality non-phthalate plastic making the material in-toxic to kid’s skin.


  • Best suited bow and arrow for teens for both boys and girls.
  • Not harmful at all real bow and arrow for kids
  • Arrows tips are made up of foam.
  • Excitement and fun in backyards.
  • Arrows fly with great power and speed


  • This child bow and arrow set not recommended for kids less than 8 years.
  • The arrows are breakable as made up of plastic. But, still, the thickness of arrows makes it reliable.


8. Brave Bow Set By Bear Archery

Brave Bow Set By Bear Archery



Brave Bow design by Bear Archery is also on the list of top-selling kids bows and arrows. Brave bow set looks more strategic children bow and arrow set. The target hitting ratio of this beginner bow and arrow set for adults is very accurate. Bear archery bow is 26 inches in total length provided with 2 safety glasses arrows.

Besides these, a brave bow pack includes a whisker biscuit, armguard, and finger rollers. This bow is best suited for right-handed shooters. This is strongly recommended that only kids of age 10 or older only be allowed to play with Brave Bow by Bear Archery. Use and practice bow and arrow set to be expertise.



  • Best for kids age 5 to 8.
  • Shooting accuracy from distance.
  • The draw weight can be adjustable.
  • Improves your kids shooting skills.


  • Shorter draw length bows and arrows for beginners
  • Finger roller keeps moving along the string.


9. Wowok Toy Archery Bow Set

Wowok Toy Archery Bow Set


Wowok Toy Kids bow Set is a striking set with the arrow box, three cup arrows shot bow and the target sheet. To make the product more interesting for kids, this bow is made of different bright colors. The product comes up with the best kid’s compound bow flexible enough to strike accurately.

Wowok bow set pieces are made from high quality Nontoxic ABS plastic material. This bow set is provided with 3 arrows suction cups and best kid’s compound bow to airstrike flat surfaces and mirrors. This is a fantastic beginner’s bow for shooting practices.


  • Made up of non-toxic and safe plastics.
  • Easily portable to carry anywhere.
  • Best gift for beginners.
  • Encourage beginners to develop their target aim skills.
  • Cheap bow and arrow set


  • Less durable plastics real bow and arrow for kids as compared to others.


10. Wooden Handmade 20 Arrow Set

Wooden Handmade 20 Arrow Set



Another adventurous fun for children’s bow and arrow set is a Wooden Handmade bow with 20 arrows set. This product is similar to 2-Pack Handmade Wooden Bows and Arrows as both are made of high-quality bamboos. The arrows can stick the flat surfaces and windows.

The main constitutional material of this kid’s wooden bow and arrow is natural Bamboo. Therefore, it is quite durable to play an archery game with fun.  Wooden handmade bow set is the best bow arrow for kids of age above 10. Arrows are not recommended to target little animals and people.


  • Very strong, not easily breakable wooden bow and arrow toy.
  • 20 arrows enough for a long time playing.
  • There is a hole in the center of the bow for the better fitting of an arrow.
  • It looks like a professional real bow and arrow for kids.


  • Wooden arrows may cause damage to household items.
  • May cause injury to small animals.

Things to Consider before Buy Bow and Arrow for Your Kids

Kids’ smiles are priceless. That’s why you are thinking of buying a bow and arrow for your kids. That’s a great decision. But, you should take into account certain aspects to make the best choice. 

Is Your Kid Right or Left Eye Archer? 

Bows are designed for right as well as left-handed kids. Know whether your kid pulls the string with the left or right hand so you may get an archery set accordingly. 

Is Your Kid Right or Left Eye Dominant? 

It’s very important to figure out which of your kid’s eyes is dominant while pulling the strings. 

Which Bow and Arrow Set Is Suitable for Your Kids? 

According to experts’ views, age is a major parameter to determine the archery set for your kids. We have collected a diverse range of such sets. Keep in mind the directions for choosing an arrow/bow and buy the set that may fulfill your kid’s needs.


In conclusion, we hope that our real bow and arrow for kid’s reviews will be helpful for you. Before buying anything, it’s important to go through its features, specifications, brand, and customer reviews. To value out your money we provide you top 10 real bows and arrow for kids based on market analysis.

Furthermore, I would like to say that in this age of era where mobile phones, iPad, and laptops are attaining our child’s mind. Better to adopt some cool and interesting indoor and outdoor activities. Apart from entertainment, it will change the overall environment and physical aspect of personality. Entertain your kids with the best children’s bow and arrow set so that they can enjoy their age.

Frequently Asked Question

Top Ten Real Bow And Arrow For Kids Buying Guide Reviews

Stands straight and perpendicular to your target. Keep a soft grip on your bow. Place arrow in the bow. Position your finger just like index finger holding the arrow remaining two the string of the bow. Pull the string at maximum, while targeting your aim with the dominant eye. Then release the arrow.
The usage of bow and arrow for 4 year old child is recommended by experts. The age should be greater than 4, a child should be sensible enough to understand its working.
A child bow and arrow works just like a professional archery set. The basic working mechanism is the same as of spring. Pull the bow, store potential energy in it and when we release its hit the target area with a push.
No, the shorter arrow will have more drag power less penetration. While longer heavier arrows will strike more accurately.