Top 8 Best Recliner for Tall Men to Buy in 2022

recliner for tall man

This post was most recently updated on March 29th, 2022

A recliner is a chair with footrest, adjustable back, and reclining function. Recliners are great for a lot of people, and people with back pain will likely find them more comfortable as compared to couches and standard chairs. Many new parents also find recliners best instead of rocking chairs in nurseries. In short, recliners are just the best way to veg out and get comfy while watching the hottest new Netflix how. So say goodbye to the bulky rocking chairs and put your feet on these popular reclining chairs instead you can’t even tell some of them to recline when they are upright.

If you are looking to buy a recliner and are more than the average man and don’t know where to start, then this tall man recliner reviews will help you choose the best. So read on to learn more;

Best Recliners for Tall Men to Buy in  2022

ImageNameCheck Price
Homelegance Laurelton Recliner
Check Price
Seatcraft Equinox Power Recliner
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Christopher Knight Power Recliner
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Mombo Electric Power Recliner Chair
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Ravenna Home Pull Perth Swivel Glider Recliner
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La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocking Recliner
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Simmons Upholstery 50433BRCheck Price

If you have a big body and find the big lots around me, then the struggle of finding a comfortable seat is all too familiar for you. You purchase a seat only to realize that you either do not fit in the chair or it is uncomfortable. Most reclining men have some sort of limitations, and this can be a huge problem for large men. Fortunately, there are many seating options to go with for bigger men. Even if you are taller than 6’2 or heavier than 250lbs, you will be able to sit conveniently in an oversized, big and tall man recliner chair.

1. Homelegance Laurelton Recliner


Highlighted Features
  • It measures  56″ x 29″ 39″H
  • 100 per cent polyester
  • Easy seat back assembly is required
  • It is a covered dark brown premium textured plush microfiber. 
  • Offers a lever-action recliner mechanism Gliding motion when not recline
  • Oversized arms, seats and backs in soft fabric for extra support and comfort

Homelegance is a brand that is well known for making absolutely fantastic products. As far as the model goes, there are no exceptions; it is a wonder to sit in and feel like heaven on earth. Oversized and overstuffed brim Covered in cloud-like plush material which gives classic looks and is the best chair for tall men. These big daddy recliners do have the smallest seat widths only 18 inches. While it does support up to 300lbs, the seat width may not be convenient if you are more modest. Therefore it is considered the best recliners for tall people with a few extra pounds.

Despite all that the one negative side of this sturdy recliner is that it is made up of microfibers instead of leather. Obviously, most people would consider this an issue and hold out for something that feels more premium. What’s great about this tall man’s recliner is it is a sofa and loveliest seat in the same style available. So if you are a big man, you should easily purchase it without any doubt because it is the best big guy’s wood furnishings.

2. Ashley – Ludden Contemporary Rocker Recliner


Highlighted Features
  • It offers ultra-plush upholstery in a handsomely textured twill and puckered stitching meld comfort gives it a style and makes it big guys wood furnishings.
  • Fully reclined length is 70 inches. It offers plenty of room to sprawl out with this chair measuring 40″ W x 43″ D x 43″ in H.
  • It has a simple install easy-off chair backslides, and in no time your high seat recliner chairs will be ready to enjoy.
  • Frame construction features concerned with glued and stapled and the cushion cores are constructed of low melt fibre covered with high-quality foam.
  • Effortless one-pull reclining motion eases you back.

It is known to make some of our favourite products. They are responsible for making the yandel that turned it one of the best recliner chairs of the year. It is also best for RV’s and heaters in certain instances because of its reputation we always have a respect for this brand. This recliner chair for a tall person is extraordinarily soft and comfortable, but it feels slightly fragile.

You can also use it as a living room chair for tall people. It brings a new element into your living room with this sturdy recliner. With the gentle rocking motion and pillow top armrests, you will be enveloped in total comfort and style. If nothing went wrong with it, the chair is one to be reckoned with.

3. Seatcraft Equinox Power Recliner


Highlighted Features
  • 3″ H x 40″ D x 38″ W, fully reclined 67. 5″ D, Seat Depth 22″, Wall hugger 6″
  • One of the best heavy-duty power recliners
  • Hand-selected leather recliners for tall man from the top 30% quality of hides for the finest touch, look, and durability.
  • Each seat of this tall back recliner chair comes pre-installed with bass shakers that allow you to enjoy the movie theatre experience in your home with convenient features such as; hidden in-arm storage compartments, built-in sound shaker in each chair, cup holder and base or swivel tray table for each seat.
  • It offers to experience the dream-level of comfort like never before it the powered Recline, adjustable power headrest, adjustable powered lumbar support and memory functions all at your fingertips.

No one comes even remotely close to the level of excellence and luxury presented with these recliner chairs for tall men. It is so simple yet so complicated that reviewing it through written words is difficult. In terms of comfort, there is no one getting any more comfortable than this. There is no slightest bit of discomfort, and if you were to get up or leave it would only because you have to. This king recliner chair is extremely comfortable to sit in.

It is a jam-packed feature that you might expect in a first-class airplane sweat. The Equinox has built-in genuine top-grain leather for an elegant touch. The power headrest and lumbar support along with the power recline, make it the best power lift chair for a tall man. Storage, a cupholder and a slide-out table with few charging ports are hardly worth mentioning on this model. It has ambient light and memory seating for different seaters, but it is not a massaging chair.

The design of this heavy-duty rocker recliner seamlessly flows through the interior or exterior in one piece gives it a more premium look. It combined with the high-end leather that makes it one of the most incredible chairs for the century so far, in short, it is the best furniture for a tall person.

4. Christopher Knight Power Recliner


Highlighted Features
  • To provide the best relaxing sitting experience, knights have outfitted our power recliner chairs with super strength plastic legs.
  • The built-in USB port allows the chair to deliver the ability to charge up your device while kicking back at home or the office.
  • This modern electric recliner has hidden compartments. Simply lift the arm to conceal your favourite book, gadgets and more.
  • It offers motor-powered adjustments which are specially designed for elders and disabled in mind. This is a large rocker reliable relaxation solution.
  • Best recliner chair for tall people

It is a sleek, more tailored version of the classic recliner. The leather upholstery gives it a soft and vintage look. The plush back cushions for lumbar and neck support are paired with a firmer seat cushion. It is specially designed with ease in mind for elderly or mobility impaired users. The power recline feature allows the chair to smoothly recline position at the touch of a button, with no need to wrestle with levers. It also has a built-in USB port and a hidden sidearm storage compartment and two cup holders.

The smooth, effortless reclining function and smooth return upright seated position are the best chairs for a tall man and elderly or immobility impaired. This heavy-duty power recliner is stylish and combines the best classic recliner with modern electric recliners with all the desirable amenities. The hidden sidearm storage compartment is the perfect place to hide remotes, snacks, tissues or even your phone. This recliner chair is ideal for the elders and youngsters who enjoy a comfortable recliner with handy cup holders for serious binge-watching enjoyment.

5. Mombo Electric Power Recliner Chair


Highlighted Features
  • It is a powered recliner for tall guys with a reclining chair back with a footrest raised, smooth reclining function for optimal comfort.
  • It has eight vibrating nodes around the chair, and one heating part in the waist area, nine modes and five intensities are available. Both can be turned off in fixed times.
  • The high-quality leather for easy cleaning and still provide superior comfort and aesthetics. You can easily clean it with a dry or damp lint-free cloth. In short the best recliner for tall person.
  • Available in a wide colour range such as black, cream white, dark brown, light brown and red.

This recliner tall man has a power recliner massage heated recliner with faux leather that provides the look of real leather, but the durable and washable quality of faux leather. You can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It also has two cup holders and a handy pocket for storing books, magazines and newspapers. With a push-button power, the operator comes in dark brown, black red or light brown colour, and it is easy to match any decor. The surprise bonus in high seat recliners is the built-in warming and vibration features that offers the heating and vibration of massage chairs. It has five intensities and nine modes that are easy to handle.

This heavy-duty power recliner also comes with easy to assemble in three parts because no tools are needed. Just slip those parts together and connect the cables for power functions and you are ready to reset. The space-saving ergonomic design makes it suitable even for small spaces. It is the best furniture for tall people or for those who want to enjoy a massage with bonus features for warming and vibrations to soothe the users at the end of a long tiring day. You can also use it as a living room chair for tall person or an ideal gift for movie lovers and binge-watchers. It is also the best choice for those individuals who want a recliner but do not want to manoeuvre difficult levers.

6. Ravenna Home Pull Perth Swivel Glider Recliner


Highlighted Features
  • It is a Perth rocker recliner chair with 360-degree swivel functions.
  • 32.3″L x 39.4″W x 40.9″H
  • This tall man recliner review shows that it needs less than 15-minute assembly.
  • High seat recliner chairs with modern gliding and reclining functions
  • 30 days free return policy
  • It is one of the wall hugger swivel recliners with comfortable, clean fabric upholstery, generous cushioning for comfort and more.

Replace your overstuffed recliners with this modern and sophisticated Perth rocker recliner chair which is a glove with beautiful and supple material that provides our house with a modern look. This large rocker and recliner with the gravity activated mechanism’s smooth movement with the side release action plate allow this big boy furniture smooth 360-degrees motion.

The innerspring cushion with heavy gauge steel sinuous spring built provides lasting comfort and strength. The robust frame of solid hardwoods and critical joints reinforced with corner blocks in addition to durable stitching increase the usage span of this tall back recliner chair. This living room chair for tall people will relax your home with its up-to-date modern style. It is one of the most famous tall man recliners with its timeless design, exceptional tailoring and 30 days free return policy.

7. La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocking Recliner


Highlighted Features
  • This lazy boy tall man recliner is assembled in the USA.
  • The right outside arm or the convenient handle allows customized reclining comfort.
  • The three-position locking mechanism of a lazy boy recliner for tall man provides the choice of comfortable position that locks in the place for added safety, support and reliability.
  • The state-of-the-art frame design of this la z boy big man recliner engineered for lasting durability.

La-Z-Boy is one of the most admired brands in manufacturing high-quality furniture and chairs for tall man. It is assembled in the USA and has a durable frame that quickly allows back and total body support. If you are looking for the best recliner after back surgery, this lazy boy tall man recliner is ideal for you. Upholstered in the natural sand fabric gives this a modern and sleek look for your room. Its state-of-the-art ensures you the maximum reliability as well as a great relief for back pain. You can also use this lazy boy wall away recliner.

In addition to these, it has a chairs plush seat with soft padded arms. It has a three-position locking mechanism that allows you to choose a comfortable position every time. Moreover, this la z boy big man recliner engineered to provide the total body and lumbar support in all positions even when you are reclining and rocking. You can recline the backrest without the leg rest that can activate with the side handle easily. These big and tall lazy boy recliners are ready to go with your interior decor smoothly.

8. Simmons Upholstery 50433BR


Highlighted Features
  • It is a big lot of cuddler recliner with Hardwood lumber in all load-bearing areas of frames.
  • This recliner tall man Have sinuous wire springs and high-density foam seat cushions for comfortable seating.
  • Easily removable back for easy to move and positioning function

The faux leather conservatively styled tall man leather recliner would look equally at room or more tailored to the living room. Precise tailoring stitching provides this Simmons big man recliner gives it some added character. The faux leather gives you time to grab a rag or soak them up and wipes down easily with a damp cloth for regular maintenance. Like other Simmons products, it is made from high-quality materials which include hardwood lumber in critical areas to provide stable, reliable support.

This Simmons big man’s fabric rocker recliner comfort is enhanced with the inclusion of beauty res pocketed coils that keep things springy in the seating area containing high-density foam cushioning. It has a strong rocker base made from steel that is hand-assembled to provide attention to detail that a machine cannot give. It is strongly recommended if you want recliners for tall guys that will fit in with the rest of the decor. You can also consider this if you’re going to re-do the entire living room as it comes with other matching items to help you to complete the room.

Factors You Should Consider While Purchasing the Best Recliner for Tall People.

If you have a larger-than-life presence about you, then you need a recliner that comes with all that you are, and for that, we provide you with the best recliner for tall man. But there are certain things you should look for while purchasing recliner chairs for tall people. So let us have a look at these factors;

Weight Capacity

It is best to review the manufacturer’s website or the product manual to find the specified weight capacity recommended. Every recliner’s weight capacity is different from one another, so it is essential to get the right one that can support your total weight. It would be best to go with a recliner that can hold your weight capacity and for any weight gain that you might experience in the future, thus providing maximum comfort. 

Total Length

The recliner’s total length is measured from the bottom of the footrest to the top of the backrest. It is best to go with a recliner that is 6 inches taller than you are. Recliner seat height will allow you to fully stretch your legs and provide you with the maximum comfort when you lie down. As you are a tall person look for the best recliners for tall men because stretching on a recliner helps you relieve tension, especially where you have been sitting for long hours.

Seat Width

If you find a reclining man, look for an appropriate seat width to accommodate your backsides while sitting. It is an important factor that is often overlooked. As a tall person, you should look for a seat whose width can fit your back and hips without you feeling squeezed in. The recliner seats come in different widths so you can find special oversized recliners that are even able to accommodate two people.

Reclining Mechanism

There are two types of reclining man available in the market today. These are

  • modern electric recliners
  • Manual recliners

Power and electric recliners require a nearby outlet. A power lift chair for tall men allows you to recline your seat at the push of a button without the need to use a lever.  If you ensure a manual recliner, check to ensure that the lever is easy to access while on the chair.

Space Available

Always consider the space that you have available in your home or office. If you have a small space, then choose a recliner that fits your available space. Most tall man recliners open up with backward siding out. It means the space is limited, then they can end up hitting the wall. So precaution before making your purchase ensure to measure both the area and the size of the recliner. While taking measurements of the chair, make sure it is fully reclined.


When it comes to comfort, do not compromise. The idea of having a recliner is to provide comfort and relaxing moments. Some models can recline up to 180 degrees allowing you to set the right reclining angle according to your needs. 


Because the moving parts recliner present safety concerns that should not be overlooked. Check to ensure that the chair does not pinch when putting the footrest down. It can be a hurting experience when you find your skin getting caught in the footrest mechanism. Always avoid the recliners that have a big gap between the seat and the extended footrest as they cause the kids and pets to fall through. If there is a gap, then ensure it is covered with material. 


Choose a seat that has the right cover material. It is important because it can increase the durability of your recliner. A suitable material should be easy to clean and highly breathable. The most common materials that you can get are leather and fabric. These are usually heavy-duty rocker recliners that can give a nice look in low maintenance.

Additional Features

It would be best to look for the additional functions and features that offer the recliners as they add value for the money. It includes gliding and rocking that helps in calming you and increase the mobility of your chair. Some recliners offer massager function that soothes sore muscles and helps relieve pressure points and im[prove blood circulation. A power lift chair for tall men helps to raise you so that you are able to get out of your chair comfortably quickly.


It is best to check the manufacturer’s warranty and review the terms and conditions of the warranty. This will cover you if your recliner is malfunctions within the warranty period then you can then get a replacement from the manufacturer. 

Things to Consider While Buying Recliner for Tall Man 

You have decided to buy a recliner. That’s a good choice but before investing money, take into consideration the following aspects to avoid any inconvenience. 


The recliner is bound to wear with time or any technical error may appear with its use. Foregoing in view, prefer a recliner having warranty with terms & conditions. 


Different aspects such as cushion, fabric, type, size and structure play a role in making a recliner comfortable. Check them carefully as money may be wasted if the recliner isn’t comfortable.


Durability should be your priority while buying a recliner because it’s not easy to change it after each six months. The leather-wrapped recliner may remain functional for years to come. 


Size matters the most when you are looking for a recliner. A tall person should determine the posture that he/she prefers while sitting on a recliner. It will help you to choose a perfect adjustable seat. 

Benefits of Recliner Chairs

The demand and popularity of recliner furniture is increasing in 2022, not only because it plays a role in making your home stylish but offers a lot of health benefits. You are also thinking of buying a therapeutic recliner chair to enjoy the health benefits. That’s a great decision.  You will take the pleasure of following advantages with a recliner chair. 

Improve Circulation 

It’s natural when a person stands for a long time, blood rushes downward to his/her legs. Inflammation is the result of this posture. While resting on a recliner, your feet are elevated to equal or above your heart level. This pose improves blood circulation. 

Relieve Stress

We are living in a commercial world where everyone has to work hard. Consequently, stress builds up that affects not only mood but also overall health. Every body part needs proper rest to work properly on upcoming days. Taking a nap on a recliner winds down stress and rejuvenates the body and mind. 

 Reduce Back Pain 

During a hard day, it is our backbone which bears a lot of pressure. The constant over work causes back pain. Lower back pain is a common problem of people who sit on chairs and work eight hours a day for a week. Relaxing on a recliner is the best therapy which reduces back pain to a great extent. 


Although a recliner for a tall person can be confusing to buy, you can relax like a king once you buy the ideal pick. Good tall man recliner reviews would help you in this process.

We hope this article is successful enough to enlighten you about the best recliners for tall people on the market today as well as when you make up your mind before buying one. We hope you enjoyed this best recliner for a tall man buying guides and wished you the best luck on your purchase.