Top 8 Amazon Bestseller Silicone Placemat For Toddlers 

Silicone Placemat For Toddlers

This post was most recently updated on April 2nd, 2023

Kids spill their food more than actually eating it, no matter whatever you try the food will undoubtedly miss its focal point and fall all over the place. Despite being the angry parent and scolding your child, it is better to buy a silicone placemat for toddlers and embrace their playfulness. Similarly, if you hand them some watercolours or crayons or maybe playdough, they will throw it all around. Therefore you will need table mats for babies to save your tables. 

Food mat for babies is the best companion you can recruit to solve your child’s messy eating habits. Because no matter how hard you try, a child has to spill some food on the table and mess around just for fun. Therefore, it is better to go for reusable placemats for toddlers. The silicone placemat for toddlers lets the kids enjoy their food, keep them engaged and most importantly keeps the table clean. 

Therefore, to put the all-time cleaning duty of mothers at rest, we accumulated some of the best placemats for toddlers and reviewed them so that you can easily find the place mat for kids that suits your child the best. 

Why should you use silicone placemat for toddlers?

It is better to use silicone placemat because silicone is a polymer made by man that is formulated by silicon and oxygen. The benefit of using silicone mats is that high-grade food silicone does not react with the food items; thus, it is a safe option to use. You can use it without fretting as it does not produce fumes or chemicals when it comes in contact with food. 

Moreover, it is affordable and extremely durable; it does not wear out with time. You can use the silicone mat again and again. It is not biodegradable, but it is possible to recycle it. Make sure that whenever you buy place mats for kids, they are made of silicone that is 100% food graded. 


Top 8 Best Silicone Placemat For Toddlers Product Reviews

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Ezpz Happy Mat 
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Oogaa Portable Placemat For Baby 
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Skip Hop Silicone Placemat For Toddlers 
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Little Oochoos Disposable Placemats For Baby
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Neat Solutions Table Toppers 
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Wee Me Educational Placemats For Toddlers 
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UpwardBaby Suction Food Catching Placemat 
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E Ecohomeliving Disposable Placemats For Toddlers
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1. Ezpz Happy Mat 


Ezpz Happy Mat 


Key Features:

  • It is made of durable high-grade silicone 
  • Consists of three food compartments on the top of the placemat 
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe 
  • Encourages learning, lifts baby’s mood with a smiley face 
  • Free of toxic materials, BPA and BPS 
  • It is fade-resistant and goes a long way   

Tired of messy bowls and tables, try ezpz happy mat for your kids. It is the best placemat for toddlers as it is not only a table mat but also a plate. This happy mat comes with a smiley-faced three-compartment bowl. A smiley face will lift your baby’s mood, especially those kids who are not very fond of food—thus encouraging such children to eat healthily.  

Besides that, you can also serve different food items in three compartments like fruits in one portion, veggies in the second one and some protein food in the third one. Ezpz happy mat is easy to clean and dishwasher safe table mat for toddler. 


2. Oogaa Portable Placemat For Baby 

Oogaa Portable Placemat For Baby 


Key Features:

  • It is a pliable silicone table mat 
  • It sticks to the surfaces; however, it is portable as well
  • Safe to use in microwave or freezer 
  • Dish-washer and electric sterilizer safe
  • Can be coloured with washable markers 
  • BPA and BPS free
  • The high-grade silicone mat is odourless and taste
  • Does not support the growth of fungi or moulds 

Standing tall against the test of time oogaa placemat is made of 100% food-grade silicone. It is the perfect kid partner during travelling; just roll it, pack it and go wherever you want. Oogaa non slip placemats for toddlers stay on the tabletop without slipping. 

Moreover, this table mat for babies can be coloured with washable markers during the time between starter and main course. Oogaa placemats for kids to colour is dishwasher safe, and the colours easily rinse off. This mat is safe to use in the microwave and freezer. 


3. Skip Hop Silicone Placemat For Toddlers 

Skip Hop Silicone Placemat For Toddlers 


Key Features:

  • Free of BPA, BPS, latex, lead, phthalates and PVC
  • Approved by FDA 
  • Portable placemat that has a built-in loop for folding 
  • It is made of satin touch silicone that is dishwasher safe 
  • Has raised edges to prevent spills from falling out 
  • It comes in bright colours and engraved zoo characters 

Skip hop adorable designs, and bright colours attract kids attention without any doubt. Skip Hop products are equally embraced by parents as well. These cute tiny diner portable placemat are easy to fold and wrap in a loop for easy portability. The inbuilt loop is located on the side of the mat that keeps it intact when folded. 

Apart from that this kids placemats non slip, features raised edges that restricts strains. The food-grade silicone is used to make this mat. It is safe to use, and FDA approved. The Skip Hop placemats come in different colours and animals forming a complete zoo. 


4. Little Oochoos Disposable Placemats For Baby

Little Oochoos Disposable Placemats For Baby


Key Features:

  • Disposable placemats for restaurants 
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use 
  • Free of BPA, latex and Phthalate 
  • The package consists of 60 colourful mats 
  • Sticky placemats for babies 
  • Easy to remove from the table when not in use 
  • Compact in size 

These are the best kids placemats for restaurants as they are designed to engage toddlers on a restaurant table. Little Oochoos placemats come in bright colour and ensure germ-free eating in outdoor places. They are sticky enough to stay in place without ripping off yet are easy to remove from the table as well. 

Moreover, little Oochoos table topper disposable placemats have sticky strips on each side that sticks to the table. These are safe to use and are eco-friendly. Little Oochoos placemats are pre-sterilized and free from BPA, latex, and Phthalate. 


5. Neat Solutions Table Toppers

Neat Solutions Table Toppers 


Key Features:

  • Stick on baby placemat for restaurant 
  • Comes in unique colourful design 
  • They are gender-neutral 
  • Each package contains 60 pieces 
  • Free of BPA and PVC 

Another disposable placemats for kids in our list are by Neat Solutions. You can use Neat Solutions products without any fear because it is PVC and BPA free. These disposable stick on placemats are ideal for dining out as they are easy to use and dispose of after use. The benefit of the placemat is that it keeps the child protected from germs and other sanitary chemicals that are used to clean the table.

These placemats come in unique designs and bright colours, to provide constant entertainment to the children. Therefore, you and your child can both enjoy a meal in their favourite restaurant. Neat solution placemats are disposable mats for under high chair that prevent food from creating a mess on the table. 


6. Wee Me Educational Placemats For Toddlers 

Wee Me Educational Placemats For Toddlers 


Key Features:

  • Portable placemats for babies in restaurant and great for travelling
  • Made of food-grade silicone 
  • Free of BPA, any odour, and toxic materials
  • Learning placemats for toddlers that comes with alphabet designs  
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean 
  • Can be used as potholders and heat pads for table
  • The package also includes a gift 

These are the perfect companions of the kids that spill food around when eating. Wee Me manufactures high-quality silicone table mat that neither stick nor slip. You can use these placemats as potholders, coasters or heat pads on the table. 

Moreover, they are easy to wash with dishwashers and are environmentally friendly. FDA approves these placemats, and food-grade silicone is used to make them. These educational placemats for toddlers promote learning while eating. The alphabetically designed placemats help the mind to grow and enhance the learning ability in a child. You can easily store them as they are easy to fold. 


7. UpwardBaby Suction Food Catching Placemat 

UpwardBaby Suction Food Catching Placemat 


Key Features:

  • Premium quality placemat that is made of 100% silicone 
  • Free of BPA, Lead, Phthalate and other toxic chemicals 
  • Features a suction plate lower than the mat to ensure mess-free mealtime
  • Best companion in restaurants and for travelling 
  • Three times thicker than other placemats 
  • Flexible and easy to wash  

UpwardBaby offers exceptionally safe and high-quality durable placemat for kids that are designed uniquely. The UpwardBaby Suction food catching placemat is convenient to use not only in the home but also for dining out. These baby placemats for restaurants ensure stress-free mealtimes as all the mess is caught up in the two suction compartments of the mat.

Apart from that, UpwardBaby has also taken care of the children’s safety, therefore, all the products are of premium quality and made of 100% silicone. Unlike other placemats, it is durable and three times thicker. However, this travel placemat for baby is flexible and heat resistant. 


8. E Ecohomeliving Disposable Placemats For Toddlers 

E Ecohomeliving Disposable Placemats For Toddlers


Key Features:

  • Travel placemat for baby 
  • Composed of vibrant colours and engaging design 
  • Disposable stick on placemats
  • 20 placemats that come in a resealable package
  • Non-toxic, allergens and chemical-free 
  • Hygienically sealed, BPA free and are of large size  

E ECOHOMELIVING offers disposable table mats for babies that are ideal for use at home and in restaurants. These table topper disposable placemats are hygienically tested, free of toxic chemicals, and comes in amazing bright designs. The company ensured that these placemats are extra sticky so that the babies can’t tear them off or remove them from the table.

Above all, it provides a germ-free eating surface for kids that is free from allergens. These sticky placemats for toddlers are easy to carry around as they come in resealable packs. All the placemats are composed of vibrant colours and jungle themes that will keep the children engaged. 


Buying Guide Of Best Silicone Placemat For Toddlers

  • Kinds Of Place Mat For Kids

Although kids placemats are not very popular among the masses, however, they still come in different types. So let’s have a look at a few kinds of placemats:

  • Silicone Placemat For Toddlers

Silicone placemats are durable kinds of mats that are washable. Some of the silicone placemats come with built-in suction cups to keep the food separate. These placemats stick to the table and do not slip; therefore, if your baby habitually throws plates, it will take time for them to remove the silicone placemat from the table. These are safe to use and catch the food before it falls on the table. 

  • Disposable Table Mats For Babies

You can use and just throw them without getting into the headache of cleaning them. The disposable placemats are more convenient to use when you opt to dine out. They are light in weight, and one pack includes a minimum of 20 disposable mats. However, you can only use them once, unlike reusable silicone placemats.

  • Baby Placemats For Restaurants

These placemats are designed primarily to engage kids in restaurants as they get easily bored and do not enjoy their meal and disturb their parents too. These are mostly colouring or problem-solving table mats that attract the attention of the kid and also enhance their learning. 

Benefits of Using Placemats for Toddlers 

Toddlers are messy and disorganized. Scolding them in their learning process isn’t a wise choice. Parents should choose silicone placemats for toddlers to cover their mistakes. Silicone placemats are beneficial in many ways. Let’s take into consideration a few blessings of this addition. 

  • Protecting the Table

The primary purpose of each placemat is to protect table surfaces. Food spillage not only makes things weird but also damages valuable furniture. Moreover, you don’t need to clean tables for a great time. Just take out a placemat from a table and the table gives the original sparkle. 

  • Stains on Toddler’s Clothes

If silicone placemats aren’t used, the toddler’s pretty & expensive clothes are going to be stained. Food catching placemats are a fine alternative to napkins and bibs to keep toddler’s clothes neat & clean. 

  • Positive Impact on Toddler’s Mood

Silicone placemats are available in vibrant & eye-catching colours that leave very positive impacts on a toddler’s mood. Try to find a placemat having a print of an animal or cartoon character that a toddler loves to see.  


Final Verdict:

Considering all the information that we have provided to you, we hope that you are now informed enough to know the benefits of silicone placemats for toddlers. Therefore, you should buy one without any delay to save yourself from cleaning the floors and tables again and again. 

Keep in mind that children are fascinated by vibrant colours and shapes, thus buy the placemats that will keep them engaged. After all, you can’t control the imagination of children, but you can give a direction to them and save yourself from the mess they can create with food. 



Yes, some safe food-grade kids placemats are made of high-quality silicone and are non-toxic. You can use them at home or restaurants. 
Some silicone placemats are resistant to both heat and cold.