Best Tanning Oil For Tanning Beds Showing 100% Improvement In Tan-Ability

This post was most recently updated on April 2nd, 2023

You should know that lotions for indoor tanning are very different from the typical suntan lotions that have been formulated to be used in beaches, parks or for any other outdoor purpose. A standard suntan lotion can never be used in a tanning bed. Just the indoor tanning lotions can be used.

There are important variations between the tanning indoors and outdoors. In a controlled situation, UVA rays in comparison with most effective tanning oil consist of both Natural rays UVA and UVB in a widely varied climate. Due to these specific conditions in outdoor and indoor tanning, various safety and tanning enhancement strategies should be employed.

Although most regular outdoor tanning lotion in tanning bed contain sunscreen, lotions for indoor tanning are not. Because of many other useful ingredients found in indoor tanning lotions you don’t need SPF protection. Indoor tanning allows your bronze period to set restriction to your exposing skin to UV light. By choosing the correct SPF, you prevent your skin from extreme UV rays. The tanning lotions and oils for indoor are usually developed to increase the effect of UV light usually 5% UVB and 95% UVA which essentially offset the advantages of indoor bed tanning. Standard sun oils and lotions are intended to shield you during lengthy exposure of times.

Tanning oils for tanning beds are made for quicker and more effective indoor tanning sessions giving smoother and reliable tanning. Frequent sun oils and lotions endanger the acrylic material that is inside the tanning beds. The acrylic hoods are fragile and grow when the bulbs heat up while increasing the chance of serious damage to the skin and bed. Furthermore, using standard tanning lotion in a tanning bed produces an acrylic coating that essentially prevents the tanning process and reduces the bronze you get.

This is how the best oil for tanning beds work indoors. Products specially developed for indoor tanning for tanning beds increases and quickens the natural process of body tan. Indoor tanning oils and other skincare products maintain the amount of moisture in the skin allowing expansion of your pores and maximize the ability to expose yourself to UV You’ll get a richer and longer lasting tan by regulating the tanning cycle by illuminating moisturized skin, and skin conditioning. Skin treatment can just be the most critical aspect of the tanning cycle that is sometimes ignored. That’s exactly what makes indoor tanning oils better than any other tanning oils.

Tanning is an evolutionary process that involves different levels and reactions for improving the skin as it is crucial to have the basic nutrients helping to get a healthy skin. The tanning lotions carry natural organic nutrients oil which causes the UV light to magnify, which helps to deepen your tan. Oil for tanning beds contains natural oils, minerals, vitamins, natural extracts, enzymes, and aloe vera gel and oil that gives skin an extra moisture required to maintain a smooth bronze which can last long and prevents you getting an unhealthy skin. Dry skin absorbs UV rays, and you can lose up to 50 percent of your tanning session if you don’t use an indoor tanning lotion.

Eight Best Oil For Tanning Beds Available

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Bali Body Tanning Oil
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Coppertone Dry Oil Tanning Spray
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Hawaiian Tropic Indoor Tanning Lotion
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Panama Jack Amplifier Oil
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Panama Jack Tanning Lotion
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Panama Jack Dark Tanning Oil
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Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil
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1. Bali Body Tanning OilBali Body Tanning Oil


Key Features:

  • Made with natural organic ingredients and nutrients
  • Can also be used as alternative lotion before tanning bed
  • For real healthy and tanning skin
  • For external use only
  • Can be used for any skin

Use of such natural and organic ingredients in mineral oil for tanning for the Bali body makes it highly beneficial for skin use. If you do not immerse yourself thoroughly in the components of that kind of tanning oil, you should presume that the recipe contains all the organic ingredients as the product name means the same. This 110ml tanning oil, made from all the natural and organic ingredients, is capable of working on any type of skin. This best oil to tan with can be used on specific skin tone so do read the manual before using. You can also use this tanning oil for tanning beds before sleeping as a hydrating component in this oil enables to hydrate your skin.


2. Coppertone Dry Oil Tanning SprayCoppertone Dry Oil Tanning Spray


Key Features:

  • Prepared by natural ingredients with pure nutrients
  • Easy to apply as it comes with a push spray button
  • It is an essential product to keep for traveling purpose
  • This comes with Recycle able bottle
  • It is suitable for all skin types

Made with fine ingredients and organic components mineral oil for tanning and essential for any skin tone. Moisturizes the skin as well as makes your skin glowing. Specially prepared by the best oil and lotion makers and designed to give your skin a healthy look. This best oil to tan with comes with a push button that will not only prevent accidental spilling but can also be perfect for travelling or picnics purposes. This best tanning oil for tanning bed will reduce your time in applying it to your body and lets you have a great time while tanning. Acts as an excellent skin moisturizer and can be used indoors. Have minimal SPF specifically designed for UV light.


3. Hawaiian Tropic Indoor Tanning LotionHawaiian Tropic Indoor Tanning Lotion


Key Features:

  • It consists natural ingredients like Vitamin A and E
  • The Fragrance is quite pleasant
  • Organic ingredients used in this.
  • It is suitable for all types of skin
  • The lotion bottles are Recycle-able

This best oil to use for tanning exposes your skin to safe sunscreen while tanning the skin with the moisture. It will shield the skin from the sun’s damaging rays, at the same time. The solution basically soothes the flesh, and the fragrance explicitly conveys you to the tropics. Functioning this most effective tanning oil combines gel and lotion ribbons to give the skin a revitalizing glow. The shea butter is included for hydration of your hands. It also includes aloe vera for providing the effects of cooling. You’ll be shocked to witness the relaxing feeling of skin and the enchanting fragrance of aromatic lotion. The fragrance may relax the mind and give users a great tanning experience with minimum sunburns.


4. Panama Jack Amplifier OilPanama Jack Amplifier Oil


Key Features:

  • It is made with natural ingredients
  • The oil has very mild and pleasant scent
  • It does not clog the pores on your skin
  • The texture of this lotion is non-greasy

It is a most effective tanning oil with a delicate and light recipe that improves the appearance of tanning by applying a glazed glow and amplifying the bronze. The nut extracts and oils send off a lovely tropical scent, ideal for beach holidays. When you are outdoors for extended hours, apply it a few times. Mixed with fruits and nuts oil with extra nourishing skin care. Shows good results when used indoors or in tanning oil for tanning beds. Avoid using it for long term tanning as the results may be harmful and can cause serious infections to the skin. Use as per directions and only on specified skin tones.


5. Panama Jack Tanning LotionPanama Jack tanning lotion


Key Features:

  • Full with nutrients and organic components
  • Plays vital role in protecting your skin from extreme lights
  • Recycle able bottle with easy to detach
  • It comes with SPF 4
  • Nourishes the skin and keeps it glowing

This best oil to use for tanning allows you to moisturize your skin from sunburn. The oil is gluten, oxybenzone, PABA and Paraben free and gives a nourishing effect on your skin. This lotion helps you to moisturize sunburn skin. Elegantly blends fruit & nut extracts in a reef-friendly solution with moisturizing oils and a tropical scent that lets you achieve your full tanning ability. This product has minimal sun protection. This tanning oil for tanning beds does not protect your skin against sunburn. Spending more time in the sun raises your cancer risk and your skin aging early. To minimize this effect, use sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF of 15 or higher and other precautions for sun safety like wearing hats and sunglasses on a regular basis.


6. Panama Jack Sun Tan Oil


Key Features:

  • Made with fruits and nuts components
  • Pleasant fragrance and helps you reach your highest tanning potential
  • SPF 0 Formula and minerals oil used
  • Pump spray button for fast applying
  • Gives nourishing effects to your skin

Made with SPF 0 tan formula and can be used outdoors as well as indoor. The tanning oil for tanning beds should not touch the tanning bed’s poly glass as it may affect the glass. Made with fruits and nuts oil and makes skin healthy and glowing. This best tanning oil for fair skin is only good for the people with no or less sunburn skin. This oil does not protect the skin from sunburn as this may be preferred as tanning oils for tanning beds. The procedure of applying is simple and easy to use as the bottle has a pump spray and can be really good for indoor tanning or tanning bed lotion outside. Avoid long time skin exposures to sunlight or UV rays as it may result in serious infections to your skin.


7. Panama Jack Dark Tanning OilPanama Jack Dark Tanning Oil


Key Features:

  • It comes with pleasant coconut scent
  • Contains Vitamin A, C and E to nourish the skin more deliberately
  • Contains organic and moisturizing ingredients
  • It is made for external use with gluten free components
  • This is good for cool and soothing skin results
  • It comes in recyclable bottle of 236ml

In a reef-friendly blend, delicately mixes fruit and nut extracts with moisturizing oils and a tropical scent that lets you achieve your full tanning ability. This multi-functional Panama Jack sunscreen tanning oil for tanning beds is cruel-free without animal testing and does not contain gluten, parabens, PABA, oxybenzone, or octinoxate, to help obtain a rich, black, luxurious tan. Simple to use bottle with pump spray works at any angle. Using regularly and reapply cold, extended swimming or unnecessary suddenness after toweling. This best tanning oil for fair skin does not protect against sunburn and provides insufficient sun protection.


8. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning OilHawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil


Key Features:

  • It includes natural, organic and moisturizing ingredients
  • This oil includes vitamin A, C and E
  • It has very mild and pleasant fragrance
  • This is 100% Gluten and Oxybenzone free
  • It does not come with high SPF

The best tanning oil for tanning bed from Hawaiian tropic will allow you to moisturize your skin in the sunlight as well as in UV rays. The recipe consists of a special blend of nature’s natural tanning oil.  This initial tanning oil provides outstanding sun protection when you want to enjoy your time outdoors but also want your skin to be healthy. If you routinely use this oil substance it is incredibly easy to miss the unwanted spots on your face. To gain from extensive protection, this sunscreen should be added to your knees, hands, shoulders, calves, and to the tip of your feet. This is a typical tanning lotion conveying a deep, tactile feeling to guard against the UV light.


Buying Guide For Tanning Oil For Tanning Beds


The bronzer state corresponds to the indoor tanning component found in some tanning oil for tanning beds but not in others. “Bronzer” lotion indicates the presence of an indoor tanning product. Although lotions used to be simply “bronzer” or “no bronzer,” you’ll now find a variety of bronzer types, such as: delayed bronzer, instant bronzer, expanded bronzer, natural bronzer and many more. Assume the bronzer number for example 5 bronzers or 100 bronzers.

Accelerator Lotion

The “accelerator” all relate to the same form of lotion. Instead of having an extreme tanning encounter, the intensifier and accelerator lotions ready the skin for UV treatment by giving the skin moisture and nutrients. This helps to preserve and sustain safe skin. And when the skin is warm and stable it responds easier to UV rays.

Hypoallergenic Oils/lotions

Hypoallergenic lotions and perfume-free lotions are limited to the lowest possible level. They are safe of toxins which affect the types of sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic and scent free lotions are great for those who have a delicate skin, or others who dislike the shimmer of other lotions, or those with weird smells.

Natural Oil/Lotion

Although the majority of the tanning oil in tanning bed have impurities, you may be eager to select the one with lesser impurities and more natural ingredients. There are many fake branding oils which will give a fine looking result for some time but it may be not effective for long run use. It is okay to take a long route for natural beauty rather relying on artificial short term based products. The best tanning oil for tanning beds should contain Hemp oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil and Olive oil for healthy results

Hydrating Skin

Will the tanning oil in tanning bed oil leave the skin damp? Hydration of your skin as they work is critical for your tanning products to mitigate damage over time. If they do not hydrate your skin, they can dry out your dermis and reduce the elasticity of your skin. Many products will be more encouraging hydration than others which we will discuss below.

Protection With Sun

For every beauty or health care product, if you are planning to buy any for your next beach getaway, it’s important to consider the risks of using tanning oils. Many oils have a built-in natural SPF and other brands provide an extra sunscreen to help protect the skin when tanning. If it’s something that you are involved in, make sure to find out the ones that contain SPF.

Tanning Oil’s Ability

If you are like other individuals, pick up a tanning oil to speed things. Anyway, who wants to wait for the perfect, sun-kissed skin longer than needed? Many components as well as others won’t promote faster tanning – you will have to find one that helps your body sustain more Uv rays to enable the production of melanin.

Value With Quality

Depending on their ingredients the tanning oil for tanning beds can be costly. Unfortunately, there are many brands that mark their prices without providing more value. You will find common ingredients in a $100 bottle of tanning oil that you can find in a $20 bottle. Study your choices in advance so you don’t waste too much or purchase one that doesn’t function.

How to Select Tanning Oil in 2023

It’s 2023, summer is in full swing and it’s time to enjoy the therapeutic sunrays. You might be looking for the finest suntan oils. If sunbath is your passion, you need extra safety with SPF skincare products. The market is offering a diverse range of products so it’s confusing which kind of tanning oil may be more effective. 

Keep on studying the buying guide and it will be easy to sift out the most productive products/tanning oils. 


Before buying tanning oil, one needs to determine what kind of skin an individual has. Dry skin requires more oil for moisturization. On the other hand, the best tanning lotion is enough for oily skin. Similarly, pale or light skin takes a long time for tanning as such skin burns very speedily. People who have dark skin can use oils having lower Sun Protection Factor (SPF) quantity for better and quicker results. They don’t have a fear of sunburn. 


Always prefer tanning oil which is made of pure ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, E, shea butter, coconut oil, Aloe Vera, and many others. Oils having synthetic ingredients may cause inflammation or other skin damage when exposed to sunlight. 

Sun Protection Factor of Oil

It is very important to consider the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of oil while buying it. It ranges from 0 to 15. A person may buy very expensive bronzing oils but the results are shocking for the user. Bronzing oils offer 0 SPF because they are designed for tan, not skin protection. Before investing your hard-earned money, make sure for what purpose tanning oils are made. Otherwise, skin damage or sunburn may be the result of tanning. 


The Two Most Used Tanning Oil For Tanning Beds Are:


1. Panama Jack Tanning Oils And Lotions

Panama Jack | Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos and ...


Panama Jack offers a full range of tanning oils, lotions, and moisturizers. Their wide range offers the best tanning oils for outdoor tanning, Amplifier tanning oil, suntan oil, tanning lotions, and more indoor tanning more categories. In Reef-Friendly formulations, Panama Jack marine lotions delicately blend antioxidants and moisturizing oils with a tropical scent. They have SPF varying from 4 to 100, they have the right blend for adults as well as for kids, whether they would be looking for moderate or maximum sun protection. Selecting from* Reef-Friendly SPF 4, 8, 15, 30, or 50 lotions in a 6 FL OZ bottle-or choose our wide range of dry-touch formulations UVA / UVB 3 FL OZ travel size. Many people with sensitive skin can prefer these odorless SPF 30 zinc oxide oils which go on clear and come in a customer-friendly 1 FL OZ container.

Wherever the wind takes you, stay healthy with Panama Jack sunscreen. Their lotions and oils have a pleasant smell for soothing the mind as well and this feature enables more people to opt for their tanning oils. Their oils can be applied indoors as well as outdoor tanning lotion in a tanning beds and are best suited for tanning beds. They have a good amount of positive ratings regarding their products, people seem to get used to their product because of their sustainable results. Their products are available across the world or you could simply order the products directly from their website. The oil should be selected from trusted sites and with official logos to avoid getting a fake item. You can opt for Panama Jack oils and lotions for long-term use.

2. Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oils And Lotions

Hawaiian tropic Logos



They strive to give you correct knowledge about the goods. Manufacturers, retailers, and others are supplying what you see here and they didn’t check it.  Their Hawaiian Tropic formula sweats and soothes the skin, while its scent relaxes your mind.  They provide the best quality tanning products with minimum skin irritants. Their ingredients for tanning bed lotion outside are purely organic components and full of nutrients. Their best tanning oils for outdoor tanning are suitable for outdoor as well as indoors but they have more reviews regarding indoor use and have the incredibly highest positive ratings on their official website.

The oils can be used in tanning beds but there is an exception to prevent dark and dangerous tanning lotion contact with the tanning bed poly glass as it would have adverse effects on the glass and also may cause harmful effects to the skin. They have a wide range of different categories of tanning oils and lotions including dry tanning oil, suntan lotion, indoor tanning lotions and oils, and many more products. Their indoor and outdoor tanning lotion are Gluten, Oxybenzone, PABA, octinoxate, and paraben-free. They have a variety of products for every skin tone and are available easily. Their products include SPF 0-50 and are available in a maximum of 250ml bottles which are recyclable and most of them come with a push spray button for rapid application.



The tanning oil for tanning beds containing the best remedies can work best solutions for tanning the skin as well as preventing UV damage. Try using just natural indoor tanning with pure natural ingredients as it would be really good for the skin and carry fewer impurities. So the renowned brands with maximum positive just natural tanning indoor oil reviews can be considered as your most effective tanning oil to use. Search for the trusted brands providing indoor and outdoor tanning lotions worldwide and opt for those brand’s lotions.

Another thing is to strictly avoid using outdoor tanning lotion in tanning beds as the acrylic hoods in the tanning beds are fragile and may give concerning effects on the skin so it is really important to use only indoor tanning oils inside the tanning beds. Restrict long hours’ exposure to your skin in tanning beds or direct sunlight as it also may add infections to your skin. And lastly, buy only from the trusted sources that are offering a money-back guarantee.



No, because a regular lotion carries ingredients that could damage the bed and could not give you the desired results so always use a tanning lotion instead. A dark and dangerous tanning lotion in contact with the tanning bed may harm the poly glass and can cause harm to your skin   
Gently apply enough oil on your palms that you can use it on your body and rub it then rub your palms against your body parts where you want tanning. Cover the eyes and avoid contacting the oil with eyes.  
Tanning is safe if you do it with precautionary measures and rely on more natural tanning oil or lotions. Just keep in mind not to expose your body in sun or UV light for long hours as it may cause damage to the skin and use a SPF 15 or greater tan products
The amount of time you want to spend in the sun will influence the selection process of tanning oil. Some oils remain functional for a great lengths of time in sunlight; others lose vitality quickly. Consequently, time is also a major factor that one should take into consideration while buying tanning oils.