What Are the Essential Tools for the Wood Cutter?

tools for the wood cutter

This post was most recently updated on March 28th, 2023


If you are going to be a professionalF woodcutter or just want to make DIY items, so this article is for you. It will answer your question what are the essential tools for a wood cutter?

Woodcutting is the most creative job one could ever do. This is a little bit tricky to shape an ordinary piece of wood into a meaningful instrument, appliance, or device. Many people are out there, who just make beautiful things from woods just to release stress and check their creative muscles. 

Essential Tools You Need to Have

There are few tools I will describe below, no matter you are a professional or creating a DIY project, they are going to help you.  


The most useful thing in the universe for a woodcutter can be a saw. It is the most common and essential tool to have in your kit. These are going to be the key if it’s about cutting the wood.  If you are cutting the length of the board or filling the rough edges you’re going to need this. There are so many tools in different diversities to make your work as easy as possible. These saws come in different verities; you just need to select one for your usage.

  • Hack saw
  • Coping saw
  • Two-man crosscut saw
  • Bow saw
  • Crosscut saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Japanese saw
  • Rip cut saw
  • Chain saw
  • Circular saw
  • Ax


The second thing can be a hammer.  This weighted head tool is used to mend various things. It can be used to drive nails into the woods.  Hammers are used to breaking or shape metals or other things.  Hammers do come in different shapes and sizes so, you can pick any of your choices. 

  • Claw hammer
  • Ball pein
  • Cross and straight pein
  • Club hammer
  • Sled hammer
  • Soft forced hammer

Woodcutting Stand

This is a thing to ease the work of professionals because it is difficult sometimes to move the heavy woods on the cutter. Generally, woodworkers have to do extra labor to get the accuracy of cutting. For this purpose, you can use a table saw and you can attach supporting stand separately. 

There are various types of supporting woodcutter stands in the market and available online. Go and grab one of your choice and usage. 

The Measuring Tape

A woodcutter means a perfectionist in his work, for this purpose a measuring tape is essential.  This handy tool makes them work with accuracy. 

The Moisture Meter

a good quality moisture meter is a vital thing for any woodworking person to have long-term success. You can find a diverse range of these meters in the stores.  With this accurate and professional, easy-to-use gadget,  many wood products like window furniture, furniture,  kitchen cabinets, ceilings, and other building materials can be measured. 

The Chisel

A variety of chisel should be in the kit of a woodcutter. It is not only used for wood curves but can also be used to clean out the joints. The smallest chisels are best to add minute details to the product.    

The Level

Levels are mostly used in construction but having a level in a wood cutting kit is essential. A level of 48 lengths is good for woodworkers instead of a 6 feet length level.  

The Screwdriver

This is a must-have handy tool for a woodworker. There are handy screwdriver kits in the market out there; having that kit is very beneficial. 

The Nail Set

If you are having hammers and screwdrivers a set of nails is a must. In fact, you should have them in many verities. 

The Sliding Bevel

If you are going to measure a sliding bevel is essential. This is an adjustable handy tool, you can lock it at the place you want it to be. This makes your work easy to mark on multiple angles. 


We hope all the information in this article will be helpful for you.  We know that accuracy, preciseness, and perfection is a main concern for the woodworkers. All these things above will make your work a lot more times easier and less challenging.