Best Light Bulb Security Camera for Indoors and Outdoors – Buying Guide


There are a number of problems in society, but the mother of all problems is a criminal mindset. People with such a mindset are everywhere looking for an opportunity to sneak behind the doors or break into someone’s tight-knit security system. Then here comes a wonderful invention of present times: light bulb security cameras. These tiny cameras are hidden inside bulbs and no one can judge whether these are regular bulbs or ones with security cameras. These best light bulb cameras are easy to install outside the house to navigate any outside threat from inside your house or can be installed inside the house to monitor multiple activities.

These are the best outdoor light bulb cameras because ordinary security systems are easy to hack and approachable by sneaky hackers and thieves while these best light bulb cameras provide extra security leverage by remaining hidden in the smart bulb with the camera.

These smart bulb camera reviews are also so good because these are indistinguishable and thus provide good safety to the users and are very easy to operate

Here’s the buying guide for the best light bulb camera to help you choose a light bulb spy camera that leaves you free of tension anytime anywhere about the security and safety of your sweet home and your dear ones. 


Camera picture quality:

Before you buy the best camera for the house, the first thing you need to keep in mind is its camera picture quality that must be able to capture a good image if not a high-quality image that alone is very important and necessary for the house security.


It is in your best interest if you will install the best night bulb security camera with a solar panel because that will work all day long and at the night too. There is the total assurance of you being able to navigate your home 24/7.

Powerful motion sensor:

It must have powerful sensors to identify and distinguish between a human and any other object or any car passing by the house. In that case the sensors will not buss all the time making false alarms that will alert you for no reason.

Dual audio:

The best light bulb camera should be able to record sound and convey to you but with a new feature of you being able to talk back make these light bulb cameras with audio more useful and interesting where you can talk back and scare away a threat.

360 view:

The smart led bulb 369 cameras give a 360-angle view of house premises by pan and tilt features and they also allow you to fix the range of your desired distance to watch.



These outdoor lights with hidden cameras should be wifi-enabled to let you monitor the security of your house from a distance. For that also need to have a working wifi connection in your house.

Night vision:

The best light bulb camera will give you maximum security at night with its night vision and enable you to monitor movements at a much longer distance from your house.


The light bulb must be waterproof because they have to be installed outside the house so they must be able to endure rough and tough weather. This is a must-keep in mind feature to ensure longer durability of your light bulb for your security camera.

Reviewing and Buying Guide for Best Light Bulb Camera in 2022

ImageName Check Price
Viboos hidden light bulb cameraCheck Price
WOOLINK, wireless wifi light bulb cameraCheck Price
SYMYNELEC 360 Degree Panoramic light bulb cameraCheck Price
Smart Bulb Security CameraCheck Price
Generic Wireless Light Bulb Security CameraCheck Price
Quanmin HD 360° Outdoor light fixtures with the cameraCheck Price

Viboos hidden light bulb camera



The first but epic choice in the best light bulb cameras is the one that is made by VIBOOS. It has many outstanding features so let’s start with its night vision. It can easily detect a threat from up to greater distances. It can easily identify and differentiate between a humanoid or any insect or other living objects due to its smart sensors system thus preventing the constant buzzing of false alarms. It has infrared smart lights with cameras in it that automatically switch on and off whenever there is a darker environment around so that its infrared lights can automatically light up to capture bright and high-definition images even in the pitch dark area. These lights are able to identify the threat and it immediately informs you by buzzing the alarm on your mobile app. That sensor system has five elaborated sensitivity stages that allow you to control it according to your personal preference. Additionally, it also forwards a message to notify. It is wifi enabled. It has a 2MP great quality led camera. It has an SD card slot that enables you to record longer videos in it with an extra 16 Gb card. (that is also added in it)

It can capture the picture through a 360-degree panoramic view. You can easily preset a detection range with this front door light with a camera. This camera is excellent to use at home for the surveillance of a toddler/ baby. You can also monitor your elderly or disabled house member through this. As it will give a live video streaming option through wifi on any mobile device whether it is an android or an iPhone.

Its installation is super easy. Just put it in a light bulb socket and the job is done you are all set to secure your indoor or outdoor premises. The camera with 2mp can zoom in to focus on a distant object. it is waterproof. The features are so attractive and you can buy them promptly as it’s gonna be a great addition to your home.


  • The manufacturers provide excellent end-to-end support in case of any inconvenience in using the app of this light bulb with a hidden camera.
  • The five sensitivity stages in hidden cameras in light bulbs are an outstanding tool to control the sensitivity and prevent false alarms.

WOOLINK, wireless wifi light bulb camera



It has a more attractive and eco-friendly solar panel feature in this best outdoor security camera with lights. This keeps it absolutely wire-free and it remains 100% working 24/7. It’s an outdoor and indoor-fitting wireless light bulb camera and it is also water resistant.  It is the best wifi outdoor security camera that has 2.4 GHz wifi enabled. It has excellent night vision it can control light intensity through its floodlight option. Night vision is infrared technology enables that gives you high-quality images day or night with its auto on and off switch. It has a smart sensor that can easily detect humans and differentiate between humans and any other movements. it stays put and fit in heavy rains and tough weather outside. It has a video encryption option so you can record videos in your own memory or the sd card in it, and in the case of theft or losing your card somewhere, you don’t need to be worried that anyone can copy the videos from this card. You can easily detect any movement in it and for the long memory recordings, it has an SD card slot to let you record and keep it for as long as you want.

It is one of the best outdoor cameras with night vision that gives you clear images at night from a distance too


  • It offers cloud storage in it. You can continue with its paid plan afterward if you like it\.
  • This is the best light bulb for video recordings because it has the best feature of video encryption in it.
  • It’s a budget-friendly choice among all the best light bulb cameras with wifi, the wireless options
  • It had a two-way audio system which is a very useful feature in a light bulb camera for security.

SYMYNELEC 360 Degree Panoramic light bulb camera



If you are looking for a lot of features in the simplest version of the bulb that is capable of hiding its hidden camera from everyone passing by. This is the best security camera with a light that hides away from anyone’s eyes. It has also enabled wifi with 2.4 GHz speed. That stay connected with your android or apple devices where ever you go you can monitor any activity around your house.

This is the best light bulb camera outdoors and indoors as you can easily install it inside your house anywhere it will be your best indoor camera for the elderly. So you can easily watch them when you are away or it can be installed in toddlers’ rooms or to watch your pets while away from home.

 It has the option of capturing images and has a motion sensor in it that records any sneaky movements and alerts through an alarm. This best light bulb camera has an amazing camera image quality and has a night vision capability to capture clear images from 33 feet of distance. It has enabled cloud storage options for longer video recordings. This smart bulb 360 camera reviews are so satisfying because this wifi security camera light bulb offers a 360 panoramic view. That helps to focus on all sides of the area. It is the best light bulb camera with 180-degree left and right movement to cover all areas around. 

 Additionally, it has a remote switch on the mobile to turn the light off or on. 


  • It is the best budget choice among all and many best light bulb cameras. That comes with many similar features that one can see in a pricy camera
  • It is the best security light with a camera that offers you a panoramic 360 view with 180 degrees left and right views too
  • Its design is so simple that an intruder can never guess whether it is a security camera or an ordinary bulb

Smart Bulb Security Camera



This smart bulb 360 security camera is suitable and the best camera for indoor and outdoor usage. This spy hidden camera light bulb can spy on any suspicious activity around the house. 

This wifi security camera light bulb can be easily connected to your mobile and you can monitor your home security anywhere if you have a wifi router in your house. It is also coupled with a 360 rotation panoramic view. So that it’s easy to have look around each corner of the house. This has a high camera 1080 quality that provides FHD quality picture and also has enabled night vision with IR quality. The best light bulb camera also has two-way audio so that if you have to install it indoors to monitor kids or the elderly, you can talk back in case you sense that baby is in danger.

This is also the best indoor camera without a subscription which has an enabled SD card that supports 128 GB storage so you can store it for as long as you want.

This light bulb wifi camera has 2.4 G. it can easily connect to your mobile and allows you to monitor anywhere plus it has a cloud storage option in it that makes it the best spy bulb camera.


  • Its camera has a very good quality it captures high-quality images.
  • The wifi smart camera light bulb is a budget-friendly choice for those who want to monitor indoor and outdoor activities and do not want to spend a lot on the security of the house premises.

Generic Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera



This best light bulb camera is made by Generic that has many efficient and up-to-date features and in addition to that, all the features work properly and never disappointed any customer so far with its wifi enabled system. It can monitor all the time and still, you don’t need to be worried about the full memory as it had an automatic system of removal of old data and overwriting new on it. 

This smart light with a camera has dual audio so you can talk back to anyone who is in front of the camera at the opposite end. Its outdoor lights with the camera are so bright and light up your house area all night. It is completely wireless, and if you install it outside of your home it can work in tough weather as it is water-resistant too. 

Its smart sensor technology can identify humans and prevent false alarms. It offers high-definition night images so picture quality dies not to alter even if it’s pitch dark or foggy, this security light bulb camera continues to do its job with high accuracy. Overall it is a great choice as this smart bulb 360 reviews are also promising.


  • Against slip, configuration offering required pressure for exercises
  • Lightweight
  • Tough

Quanmin HD 360° Outdoor light fixtures with the camera



Last we are going to give you another type of light that’s one of the best outdoor light bulb security systems that can also be used inside your home so it is used both outdoors and indoors.

You can connect this best light bulb camera with your android or apple device and monitor anywhere anytime. Wifi does not support 5g. It has a camera that gives a 360-degree panoramic view. 

This small light bulb allows you to watch videos on your mobile in real-time or it can save videos in it with its SD card option that supports SD cards with up to 128Gb storage. you can also remotely control this bulb so you can switch it off or on anytime from your mobile. It supports both android and apple devices. 


  • Light intensity is so great to secure your house premises from any unwanted invasions.
  • It is wireless and has excellent fixtures quality
  • It is easy to install and lasts longer due to its durable manufacturing material


We have reviewed the six best light bulb cameras and all were different in their distinguished features yet served the same purpose, that is securing your house or indoor activities monitoring to save your loved ones from indoor or outdoor unwanted hazards.

So we have categorized the best according to their efficiency to monitor the ranges they do. So the best 360 outdoor camera is a GENERIC wireless light bulb camera that has all features like wifi, night vision, dual audio, cloud storage, SD card slot, high picture quality, and most of all it allows a 360-degree view to monitor wider and greater areas around the house. It is also easy to install and budget-friendly. It has never disappointed its customers as this little machine works best all the time every day.

The second and the best one is WOOLINK hidden light bulb camera. Its night vision is so great that, that you would not expect a tiny dual-purpose camera to deliver this much high-quality image in the darkness of night. Plus it has a dual audio system. This light bulb with a hidden camera is best in its intended use and it will be the best buy to secure your house. 


Do any night cameras have night vision?

Answer: Yes! And these cameras are also selected on the basis of how far they can focus in the nighttime. There are many best light bulb cameras that are able to capture clear images from longer distances than you expect. This ordinary-looking camera has inbuilt infrared lights which automatically switch on according to the darkness around them and capture clear and bright images. So you can select a camera with your desired night vision range and it will allow you to have a sound sleep with its all-time alert sensors. 

Is it necessary to have wifi at your home to operate these light bulb cameras?

Answer: Yes, you need to have a stable wifi connection as these cameras are connected to your iPhone or Android devices and many of them allow you to operate these cameras through the app installed in them. that’s how you monitor your home security easily from anywhere.

What is the price of a light bulb camera?

Answer: Prices range from as low as 25$ to as high as 100$. It depends on your choice and many people like devices with advanced features so prices rise accordingly. The same is the case with the best light bulb cameras. There any many features that a buyer has in mind that they want to see in a light bulb with security cameras. Some people can prefer the wider angle and rotations in the camera for surveillance of the greater area. Others can prefer a dual audio system. There can be a group of buyers who want the best light bulb with a camera that has 5g enabled. so you can choose according to your choice and decide accordingly.