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Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber

This post was most recently updated on April 2nd, 2023

Regardless of whether your health isn’t what it used to be, you have recently had a crippling medical procedure, or you simply need additional assistance, a reacher and grabber instrument can be incredibly valuable around the house and in a hurry. Pickup and reaching tools can arrive at the high shelves and the low floors effectively, keeping you away from extra ladders or steady twisting and stretching. A Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber, otherwise called a reach and grab tool, is an assistive device that works practically like the human hand. It is a convenient apparatus that individuals who can’t bend, trip over or stretch their arms for some explanation, use to gather objects. It is extraordinarily intended for use by the older, those with wounds, those that are recouping from medical procedures, and those with versatility restrictions.

Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber

There are numerous sorts of pickup reaching tools in the market including the pickup tools for handicapped individuals, the heavy-duty grabber reacher for institutional utilization, and many other purposes. Here are some of the best reacher grabber tools gathered together.

Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber – Product Reviews

ImageName Check Price Price
NAYARD Grabber Reacher ToolCheck Price
RMS 34 Inch Extra Long Reacher Grabber - Foldable Gripper and Reaching Tool with Rotating JawCheck Price
Unger Professional Nifty NabberCheck Price
RMS Mobility Aid Reaching Assist ToolCheck Price
Ettore Grip'n Grab Multi-Purpose Reach ToolCheck Price
RICWINANN Reacher Grabber ToolCheck Price
Pickup Tool Strong Grip GrabberCheck Price
Rirether 32″ Trash PickerCheck Price
Vive Reacher GrabberCheck Price
Vive Suction Cup Reacher GrabberCheck Price
Windspeed Reacher GrabberCheck Price

1. RMS Long Grabber


This 32 inches attractive pickup and reach tool arrives in a bundle of two units. It is made of lightweight aluminum material and has been structured with a strong plastic tip with a magnetic function to help get little items. With a head that moves to a 90° point, this pickup and reaches tool encourages you to reach high places to clear any kind of trash or unwanted objects. It is coordinated with a clasp for joining it to sticks, on a wheelchair, or indifferent spots to keep it close by and in an effective open area. It accompanies a weight rating of 10 lbs. and can hold items that are five or six inches wide. Anything above this won’t be sheltered both for the reacher and your hand. This tool can also be used to pick up trash.


  • Light in weight
  • Ergonomic palm-accommodating handle

2. NAYARD Grabber Reacher Tool

NAYARD Grabber Reacher Tool



This long-handled grabber tool by Nayard is an astounding alternative in the event that you are searching for a device that can pick up any kind of item. This long reach grabber tool is 32 inches long, is structured with a head that pivots 360°, and is foldable which makes it very adaptable, getting objects from hard-to arrive at places. It can likewise pick a wide scope of articles including odd-formed things. Moreover, it has a 3 lbs. level burden limit and 22 lbs. vertical burden limit.

It is made of aluminum and structured with an ergonomic handle that is thick enough open to hold and take care of particularly for individuals with restricted handwork because of joint inflammation, injury, or different causes. It is the best heavy duty reacher grabber.


  • Lightweight and solid
  • Foldable making it simple to store and convenient
  • Has a 360° turning head

3. RMS 34 Inch Extra Long Reacher Grabber – Foldable Gripper and Reaching Tool with Rotating Jaw

RMS 34 Inch Extra Long Reacher Grabber - Foldable Gripper and Reaching Tool with Rotating Jaw



This 32-inch long reach pickup tool by Zhenzhen is made of lightweight aluminum metal while its head and thick ergonomic handle are made of intense and solid ABS plastic. This gives it amazing consumption obstruction properties and makes it perfect for all climate use. It is structured with a 360° pivoting head with a rubber-treated gripper that lets you get objects from any area or course without them slipping and dropping on the ground.

It has likewise been intended to grasp huge, little, and odd molded articles. It is a folding grabber pickup tool that folds to 17 inches. You can shorten its length, overlay it when you have to store and extend it to full length when picking objects from places that are far. It is the best grabber tool for the elderly.


  • Thick ergonomic handle makes it simple to grasp
  • Easy folding
  • Aluminum and ABS plastic materials are without rust, lightweight, and tough

4. Unger Professional Nifty Nabber

Unger Professional Nifty Nabber


In the event that you are searching for a long-handled grabber reacher, this Nifty Nabber by Unger makes a decent alternative. It is 36 inches long and is made of lightweight aluminum so you don’t need to stress over its weight. It accompanies a rubber-treated hold with an inherent magnet to get an assortment of items including little metal articles.

This long-handled reacher grabber won’t just hold your items solidly, yet it will likewise not harm them at all. It is planned with an enormous, agreeable and simple press hold making it among the most straightforward to utilize and a famous choice for the older and the individuals who are fragile. Toward the finish of the aluminum pole, is a gap for suspending it from a snare during capacity. It is the best heavy duty reacher grabber and the best grabber tool for the elderly.


  • Longer than common rods
  • It has a built-in magnet on the hold that stretches out its utilization to pick metallic items
  • Agreeable ergonomic hold
  • Solid sturdy shaft

5. RMS Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool

RMS Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool



This metal grabber apparatus by Imperial Media Arrangements is an extraordinary resource on the off chance that you are searching for something oversimplified yet useful. It includes a 26 inches aluminum shaft, a head that turns 90°, and an agreeable ergonomic single-handed grip handle. The trigger of the handle is likewise a delicate grasp making it perhaps the least demanding grabber to utilize.

The pickup and reaching tool is fixed with elastic on the two jaws to secure your things just as give a firm non-slip grasp when getting objects. The tip of the gripper accompanies a remarkable finger-like plan making it simple to gather little things. This reacher grabber accompanies four shading alternatives. It is the best heavy duty reacher grabber.


  • The design structure at the tip of the gripper makes it simple to gather small things
  • Among the best ergonomic handles with elastic coating on the jaw and trigger

6. Ettore Grip’n Grab Multi-Purpose Reach Tool

Ettore Grip'n Grab Multi-Purpose Reach Tool


Ettore’s Grib’n Snatch reacher grabber is thirty-two inches long. Made of lightweight rust-verification aluminum, this pickup extension grabber is reasonable to utilize both indoor and open air. Its head is made of strong plastic with an elastic coating on its jaw for making sure about articles up to 5 lbs. immovably. Alongside a fingertip structure at its tip, this instrument will get little articles without any problem. It includes an agreeable grasp handle that is equipped with a rubber-treated single-handed grip and trigger for simple and happy dealing. It is the best tool to pick up trash.


  • Pivoting rubber treated grasp head
  • Fingertip plan at the tip for picking small things

7. RICWINANN Reacher Grabber Tool

RICWINANN Reacher Grabber Tool


Enine’s pickup tool claw device arrives in a pack of two aluminum units. Every grabber estimates 32 inches long and can fold up to 17 inches for simple stockpiling. They are known to be a solid ABS plastic gripper with a u-formed structure and a rubber-treated jaw to grasp objects, 3 to 4 lbs. in weight. The gripper pivots 360° to four settings making it a flexible piece coming to. It is the best heavy duty reacher grabber.

One of its noteworthy highlights is the ergonomic gun trigger handle. It is enormous enough with certain components of elastic making it simple to hold. The trigger, then again, is made of plastic with a molded structure to give your fingers decent taking care of time. It is the best pick-up trash tool.


  • Ergonomic handle with a solid grip
  • Two pieces in a single bundle
  • Foldable plan
  • 360° pivoting grasp

8. Pickup Tool Strong Grip Grabber

Pickup Tool Strong Grip Grabber


This 35-inch reacher is an incredible alternative on the off chance that you are searching for a heavy duty grabber reacher for carrying out different activities around the home, yard, carport, in the emergency clinic, and in different settings. This heavy duty trash grabber is planned with anodized aluminum and hardened steel metal to ensure quality and an ergonomic handle for ideal security during dealing.

Its gripper turns 360° and is fitted with heavy duty suction cups with a locking capacity that lets your article stay solidly set up until discharge. This is the best heavy duty reaching tool for the elderly despite everything having some vitality to go out and volunteer their administrations. Moreover, is the best hand grabber for disabled individuals.


  • Wide gripper mouth
  • Has a long and tough shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Suction cups and bolting capacity to guarantee that an item remains set up before discharge
  • Ergonomic handle

9. Rirether 32″ Trash Picker

Rirether 32″ Trash Picker


Everything is at reach with this grabber, regardless of whether you are too short to even think about reaching the highest point, have movement issues and need help arriving at things or have an awful back that makes it almost inconceivable for you to twist. It is the most suitable tool to reach high places.

You can fundamentally utilize it for anything whether food items, garments, or picking litter in your backyard. The handle is ergonomically made for both solace and usefulness. The handle has a protected hold and is thicker for convenience. This is the best heavy duty reacher grabber.

The little magnet and hook situated on the elastic jaw are for picking little lightweight articles. The magnet gets little metallic articles while the wide jaw is for getting greater items, for example, boxes, jars among others.

On the jaw is a worked-in snare for balancing garments in higher storage rooms just as hanging little items like keys. The jaw can turn 360 degrees for simplicity and accommodation. This claw to pick up stuff is produced using extremely top-notch aluminum combination material to promise you sturdiness. Also, it is durable though being light in weight.


  • Magnetic function and hook for picking little things
  • Revolving gripper for greatest accommodation
  • Made of solid aluminum
  • Foldable for better stockpiling
  • Lightweight to usability
  • Wide jaw to pick greater articles

10. Vive Reacher Grabber

Vive Reacher Grabber



Get an expanded reach of 32 inches with this Vive Reacher Grabber. This claw for picking things up is amazing for helping you all through your home, regardless of whether you need something from a high rack or a thing you dropped low on the floor.

This reacher grabber heavy duty has been reformed this year with an inner system that is built from a sautered steel cable. Its quality can pick as much as five pounds without a moment’s delay, and the outer frame is rust-free and beneficial for the outdoors.

With this heavy-duty outdoor use reacher grabber, you get a simple to utilize grabber that makes certain to reach and clutch nearly anything you need. In the event that you don’t want additional features, yet need an excellent item, we suggest this reaching tool for disabled individuals who will be unable to reach or bow down just as they used to.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to utilize
  • Solace grasp and trigger
  • Full range revolving
  • Strong
  • Reasonable for outdoors

11. Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber


This variant of Vive’s grabber uses solid suction cups on the pincher so you can get elusive or glass objects easily.

Actually, the suction cups even assist you with doing things like changing lights bulbs. Perform day-by-day undertakings without hopping on a high stepping stool or bowing down excessively low.

The jaws close tight enough to pick up little things like coins and pills. This reach tool pick-up grabber includes a solace hold handle that fits effectively and pleasantly in your hand. The trigger hold is additionally planned so it very well may be hung up effectively for an additional advantage with capacity. Both lightweight and sturdy, you can utilize this long-reach pick-up gripper both inside and outside.

This heavy-duty pick-up tool is the best grabber tool for the elderly who live alone and need assistance returning dishes or bringing them down. The suction cups guarantee a consistent grasp so nothing gets broken, and you’ll have the option to arrive at high and low organizers that you’d in any case need a stepping stool or further help to get to.


  • Lightweight
  • Solid materials
  • Suction cups for additional hold
  • Ideal for high or low spots
  • Simple to utilize
  • Agreeable to hold

12. Windspeed Reacher Grabber

Windspeed Reacher Grabber


A folding grabber pick-up tool is an extraordinary alternative for somebody who doesn’t have a great deal of room or just appreciates accommodation, regardless of whether they are in a hurry. The Windspeed Reacher Grabber folds to a half portion of its size, making it simple to take care of in little spaces and in packs.

This pick-up and reaching tool are one of a kind structure is intended to be more exact and simpler to oversee than different grabbers. The pincher highlights suction cups, making them increasingly secure to get tricky things like glass or metal.

The great quality of this heavy duty reacher grabber is that it is long-lasting, expanded use stays consistent, and sturdy. There is a lock switch on the handle, which means you can likewise secure things in the grabber without proceeding to hold down the handle trigger, an additional advantage for elders who may have powerless hands or joint inflammation.

We suggest this item for dynamic seniors who might want a simple method to get or lift things paying little mind to where they are. It can likewise be an extraordinary alternative in case you’re still in the workforce and your activity in some cases requires arriving at high or low places, for example, recording or stocking stock at a store.


  • Simple folding in order to store
  • Easy handling
  • Produced using quality, strong items
  • Lightweight
  • Moderate cost
  • Suction cup for better hold



If you find that you continually strain when bowing or lifting your hands to get things, a reach and grab tool may simply be what you need. Aside from well-being reasons, these assistive gadgets are valuable in numerous different circumstances. Match the highlights of the features that coordinate your needs to get the correct model. For example, a telescopic long reacher grabber would be acceptable in the event that you need something that will get objects at different distances. Furthermore, in the event that you are securing one for clinical reasons, it is ideal to look for a suggestion from your doctor.


  • What is a grabber?

Ans. A scope extender, grabber’s arm, or assistance is a handheld mechanical instrument used to expand the range of an individual’s gain while picking up items. It has applications in sorting out waste, assistive innovation, planting, and outdoor activities, and now and again as a youngsters’ toy.

  • Does hoe do litter picker work?

Ans. The traditional litter picker contains two versatile clips for getting bits or pieces of junk spread about on the ground; it is a helpful instrument to dispose of the litter on the ground. Be that as it may, the traditional litter picker is inclined to put a strain on the hand of a client.

  • How do you attach a grabber to a walker?

Ans. Connect Velcro tape to the walker on the top sidebar. Place the Velcro tape to the reacher on the end with the grabber part, on a similar side as the Velcro on the handle end. Stick the handle with the Velcro against the Velcro tape on the top sidebar on the walker as shown in area B.

  • What are grabber’s nails?

Ans. Grabbers offer an extended variety of nails ranging from drywall, to roof, and framing nails.